TGIF | Hello November.

from Monday’s morning walk

TGIF and Hello November! It’s my birthday and anniversary month, two reasons to celebrate! It’s also a month that reminds me to say thank you, and start thinking about the new year … and maybe, if I’m feeling really together, about the holidays next month!

Thinking about … plans and menus for Thanksgiving. Things look really different this year. Sara is here!! and Katie and her family are going to be away with Rob’s family (far enough away enough that we won’t be seeing them until December). Turns out Sara’s not so much a fan of turkey sandwiches and Marc wasn’t wild about our suggestion for a steak dinner. We’ll see!

Grateful for … many, many things. and the opportunity to explore four of them in more detail each Thursday this month. I shared my first post yesterday – about my dark-early-quiet-time – and your comments have been a joy. Thank you.

Inspired by … the response to my Erdrich read-along! We’re still making plans, but it looks like we’ll be reading six books with Zoom discussions for each. Based on the response so far, it will be a mix of re-reads and first-reads for our group. There’s certainly no need to feel shy if you’re an Erdrich newbie; and it’s not too late to join in – just let me know in the comments.

Looking forward to finishing … SHIFTY! oh y’all … these sleeves are gonna take more time than the body! Thank goodness they won’t be full-length … I knew having the sweater in my lap this week that it’s plenty warm and I think a little room for my wrists to breathe will be good. I finished the last decrease round this afternoon in time to snap a few photos (I think I need just one more stripe before the ribbing and phew – the stripes match!) to share. That last stripe is going to be purple and I plan to make the sleeve ribbing match the body.  so another week? two? (please, not three!)

🙂 maybe you noticed there isn’t much in this post at all about Next Month. I’m obviously not feeling that together about it. How about you? are you making plans for December? please share!

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  1. I would love to participate in the Erdirch ReadaLong! I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up, but I’d like to join in–in the capacity I’m able. (I’m halfway through Round House and loving the listen. One big thing for me is how she jumps RIGHT IN to the meat of the story.) I’m brand new to her and this would be a REAL TREAT.
    Re: Thanksgiving…I’m not much of a turkey fan. This year, I want to try individual Cornish game hens; I’ve always loved the idea of that. My brother and niece will be here, and he wasn’t nearly as excited as I was! While 7 would be a lot of hens to prepare, it could be lovely for a smaller table.
    And–your December question–not the specifics, but the concept, is what I’m noodling for a post on Monday. Stay tuned!
    Happy week-ending to you.

  2. In the UK we have just had Guy Fawkes night, then it’s a clear run to Christmas. Now is the time for serious planning. I live the look of your jumper, really smart, and cosy.

  3. We were discussing the Thanksgiving menu with Hannah and Mikey last night and the only thing we resolved was pie! hahaha! I haven’t given any thought at all to December yet, I’m staying present right here in November.

  4. I am predicting that you will be done with your Shifty in no time. I really need to get back to mine.

    Last night at Friday night dinner with my family, we planned out who is making what for Thanksgiving. I’m so looking forward to all of us being together again (last year my parents were in Florida, and my brother and sister-in-law shared cooking duties with us, though we ate on our own). Kiddo and I will be making millions (or so it seems) of pumpkin cranberry muffins again as well as roasted Brussels sprouts and green bean casserole.

    I haven’t really thought about December, other than our trip to Florida, but I am starting to freak out about Chanukah a bit because it starts in three weeks and I’ve hardly even thought about shopping!

  5. The sweater is just lovely Mary! We are still on the fence about Thanksgiving – we’ve got elderly and at least one unvaccinated family member along with a fair amount of breakthrough cases around here. Sadly it seems easier to safely invite the elderly folks and leave it at that. And I’m in on the Erdrich read along – not sure I’ll get all 6 in but I’ll try! Thanks for that Mary!

  6. Shifty is lovely! I’ve pretty well planned Thanksgiving, but I am a big fan of the traditional leftovers, and need the traditional meal to have leftovers. The females in our family (plus Ryan) are gathering in early December for Cookie Day, so we’re planning what type of cookies we’re each making and what we’ll bring for lunch. We’ve learned that we need to eat more than just cookies!

  7. I am with Carole… I am staying right in November and not even considering December at this point. There is too much to savor in November!! (We got a small turkey breast to make… it gives us some leftovers but not the endless stream of turkey… lol)

    Your idea for Erdrich sounds intrigueing… I have read a number of her books (but no where near 18! Wow!)

  8. My brother nearly disowned me several years ago when we had lasagna for Thanksgiving!

    But it’s my house, my holiday, and we’re having LASAGNA again this year! I’m especially excited to make it using my own Roasted Tomato Sauce.

    Will you have both girls at home for Christmas? Sounds like Kate will make it here, but it’ll be a while yet for Maddy.

  9. Shifty looks amazing! I am interested in learning more about the Erdich read-along. Maybe you can tell me more about it Wednesday. Happy November!

  10. That sweater is beautiful. I can’t wait to see the photo shoot with the finished sweater. My sister and I are making Thanksgiving plans. We will be at her home in Omaha – a nice 50 – 60 minute drive – with her family which now includes two toddlers. I still have the email regarding the Erdrich read along. I’ll reply shortly.

  11. Well. I’m glad my Thanksgivings (the menu, the schedule) stay pretty consistent from year to year . . . because it does make the planning easier. (Especially because I have really good records/archives on Evernote.) I’m eager to have Brian and Lauren (and my dad) back around my REAL table this year, instead of delivering meals on front porches! December plans are beginning to creep in around the edges, but nothing firm yet . . .

    Your Shifty is looking good, Mary. I’m sure that second sleeve will be finished before you know it (and perhaps already, as I’m commenting late) and you’ll be wearing the sweater in no time!

    The Erdrich read-along sounds interesting, but not something I can manage right now. I’ll be starting her new one soon (after I finish a hefty read I’m nearing the end of now), and can’t wait. Happy reading to you!

  12. Shifty looks great! I love your color because they are autumn-y. I am excited about our Erdrich year and can’t wait for her new one to arrive on my doorstep. We’re still on the fence about having friends over for T-day (no turkey) and going to another friends house for our tradtional T-day. (She does all the cooking and it’s GREAT!) I’d like to be in two places at once. December is too far in the future to think about! LOL

  13. Your Shifty looks so great. I think I’ve decided to rip mine all of the way out and start again but with lots more colors. It’s back to the drawing board (again)!

    One year we had pulled pork for Thanksgiving, which was a lot of fun. Maybe Marc would want to smoke something? We’ve been smoking our turkey for the last few years and it has turned out amazing every time. Good luck deciding!!

    I’ll be following the Erdrich read along from afar. I doubt I’ll be able to join in on any of the Zoom sessions, but I’ll look forward to conversations in blog posts and in the comments!

    No December plans! We live moment to moment around here, ha!

  14. You are on a roll and almost there! Congrats on the Shifty. Thaksgiving is up in rhe air… celebrating Elias’ 4th birthday (it’s the Sat after) in the plan but that’s tentative at this writing…as for December: Yep, plan to document the month – I usually do- but have absolutely no ideas about what’s on the agenda, otherwise… Time will tell.
    To be continued…

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