Looking Back | September.

“Life has a way of talking to the future. It’s called memory.”
~Richard Powers, The Overstory

I love looking back through the lens of these daily photos … this practice of capturing one memory for each day, then combining them with a few words … it’s the story of my life, one month at a time. Morning walks, the first boy birthday of the season, knitting (one sweater finished, one started, and one baby dress … that will be finished this month), books (so many books – more on that story later this week), way more sunshine than I recall, a Saturday morning immersed in stories, family gatherings, a sleepover with the little boys, and a freshly groomed Holly.

The last weekend of the month was especially fun – Katie came over Friday afternoon and we had a “girls night in”, then the little boys (can I still call them that when they’re seven and almost five?) came Saturday afternoon for a sleepover. Friday night’s dinner was delicious. It’s been a while since we’ve had a kitchen full of cooks with wine on the counter. We made a meal of salads (inspired by Alison Roman) and enjoyed a fruit tart for dessert. Sara followed Claire’s recipe and it was just as delicious as it looks (maybe more so, because we had leftovers!) We stayed up late and watched You’ve Got Mail. Y’all, that movie came out in 1998!! and it was just as great as we remembered. No time for naps and the boys arrived. Charlie is all into little rubber bands that make chains. Sara taught them Limbo, which is pretty much the perfect way to use a really LONG rubber band chain (here’s the bigger version of the photo from the 25th).Sam wanted to paint his nails (well, really only eight of them). and they both wanted to sleep in the family room in sleeping bags. It all worked perfectly. and we all slept really well Sunday night.

A Gratitude List: cooler temperatures, another season of tennis, family who are friends and who live close, all the book clubs, health insurance.

Life Giving: family time, book talk, knitting on Zoom, coffee dates with a new friend, porch time.

Life Draining: not sleeping, the news (Texas, Afghanistan, Washington DC), endless rain.

A (short) Happy List:

  • Not-cable-TV for re-runs of The Great British Baking Show and the beginning of a new season, Come from Away, the first few episodes of Ted Lasso season 2, and Hacks! (yikes! not on my Happy List is what we’re gonna do when Sara moves to her new home!)
  • What Should I Read Next 300th Episode-aversary … so much fun!
  • Burning the last of the summer candles to make room for fall.

What made your Happy List last month?

10 thoughts on “Looking Back | September.

  1. I love seeing all these happy times with your loved ones — look at all those smiles! I see a lot of green and pink/red in the month of photos; it’ll be interesting to see the color changes in October.

    I think the highlight of September for me was celebrating with extended family. We had Rosh Hashanah, Labor Day, and my sister-in-law’s birthday all to celebrate on the same day, and I’m pretty sure it was the first time we’d had everyone in the extended family in one place since fall of 2019.

  2. So many books and blue skies! And how did those sweet boys get to be 5 and 7?! That fruit tart look so beautiful and I bet it was delicious, too.

  3. What a fun month, Mary! I love all the smiling faces!

    Those life-draining things tho… not sleeping just is the WORST! I hope that you find restful nights in October!

  4. Such a joyful September! And–the drain that comes with all that good energy… I think that’s going to be part of the pendulum doing its thing for me a while.
    One thing that’s made my Happy List the past month is all my fat backyard birds! There’s not much cuter, to me, than chunky feathered friends bulking up for the winter, at my feeders and birdbaths. It brings me inordinate pleasure.

  5. My happy list includes sunshine, zoom knitting, good books, and being able to get back to my work for The Roverchase Foundation. Happy Fall!

  6. I still get a kick out of referring to the kids as “big” or “little,” but dang, they’re all getting SO BIG!!

    Oooh, I need to catch up with The Great British Baking Show!

  7. What a great look back at September. Yes, of course, you can still call those grandsons, little boys. I love the eight red nails. Family is indeed life giving.

  8. Not sure I can get past the fruit tart to comment on anything else! The boys are SO big! Growing but grown. Hopefully, they’ll be truly “little” for awhile longer as you have so many good times ahead! Does that make sense?

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