TGIF | Hello October.

TGIF and Happy October! The morning walks continue to provide plenty of inspiration to simply pause, gaze, and snap a photo. I’m sure I could find a whole TGIF in that one moment, captured later than usual this morning, thanks to an early meeting at church. But it’s the first Friday of this new month, and I’ve been looking forward to greeting it like I used to.

Thinking about … spending 2022 reading Louise Erdrich. Her backlog is extensive and full of complex, thought-provoking work. She’s also known for weaving the same characters into multiple stories. I’ve read four of her stand-alone novels – Shadow Tag, The Round House, LaRose, and The Night Watchman – and laughed/cried/enjoyed/loved/puzzled at some point for all four. She’s published 17 adult novels and no. 18 comes out in November. There’s also the five-book Birchbark House series which is geared to a younger audience. This might be more than a one-year project! If you have any interest in reading along, or any suggestions about how to tackle such a project, please let me know. At this point, I plan to read no. 18 this year and TBD what comes next.

Grateful for … a month with five weekends and birthdays for three of my favorite guys (Marc on the 20th, Sam on the 25th, and Rob on the 27th).

Inspired by … coffee this afternoon with a friend to keep holding all the things loosely – y’all, I’m not even going to make an October list (not that I’m going completely off-brand…I will be making an October TBR list!) – and to up my coffee game. I have espresso beans and some potential pumpkin syrup makings out on the counter.

Looking forward to finishing … one more black sweater. This one is a linen/cotton blend, so it’s perfect for Atlanta fall. I bound off the neckline this afternoon and tried it on for length. The body will be slightly cropped, so it needs about two more inches; and the sleeves need to be a smidge longer (I like them just below my elbows). It’s close!

What are you looking forward to this month?

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  1. Love that sweater and I see some leaves changing in that first photo! I’m looking forward to October as the first real fall month with real fall weather, and Ryan’s birthday, celebrated here with family. Just looking forward to that is making the whole month a joyous one!

  2. Love the black sweater and sounds like a fun birthday month. I am looking forward to a month of paying attention, to capturing little bits of joy, a list of books that I am excited about, and some more time with needles, threads, and yarn.

  3. I’m looking forward to the cooler weather and the beginning of soup season. I have read some of Louise Erdrich’s work but not all. She is an excellent writer. She also has a couple of non-fiction titles, The Blue Jay’s Dance, about being a parent, and Books and Islands in Ojibwe Country. I particularly liked Books and Islands but some have found it not as well structured or organized. Personally, I think that is part of her Native American voice. This project sounds interesting. I love a deep dive into an author.

  4. Oh your sweater is looking great! I’ve not heard of Louise Erdrich, thank you for introducing me to a new author. I’m looking forward to cooler breezes and fall flowers, enjoying my time on the patio with coffee and knitting too.

  5. Well you know I’m on board for an Erdrich deep dive next year. I hope we have some other folks to join us. I am looking forward to wearing wool socks and sweaters this month. We’ve had some absolutely gorgeous weather the past week, but rain is coming starting tomorrow, which means more time inside, so I’m looking forward to making soup (I need to replenish the chicken soup in the freezer), curling up with a good book and a cup of tea, and working on larger projects that sit in my lap.

  6. I’m looking forward to a LONG October, I want to enjoy the low humidity and warm days while they last because I know we’ll be having the first fire of the season very soon.

  7. Your sweater is looking like it will be a winner! Summer weather (hot & humid) doesn’t seem to want to leave the midwest! I am yearning for some cool, crisp, sunny days!
    I’ve read four books by Louise Erdrich: The Round House, La Rose, The Master Butcher’s Singing Club, and The Nightwatchman. I enjoyed all four books and look forward to reading her newest one. I’m interested in joining you for a deep dive into her work next year…sound like fun!

  8. October is one of my favorite months, and I’m looking forward to savoring it — hopefully outside — as much as possible! I’ve read most of Louise Erdrich’s books (she was one of my early favorite authors, and I’ve followed her work for a long time). You’ll not be disappointed with your Erdrich deep dive, Mary! Enjoy.

  9. love the photo of your sweater in progress and your hair pulled back, lovely. I have finally got into reading more in my days AND the knitting has returned as well, PHEW~!

  10. I’m looking forward to October 15th and to possibly seeing you this Sunday. I am also one wishing for a long lovely October…so far, so good!

  11. We have winter weather here now! I’m a little disappointed that October isn’t the warm month I’ve grown used to. There is snow 1/3 of the way down our mountain! We might have a bit of reprieve next week. I ordered Louise Erdrich’s new book from her bookstore (Birchbark Books) and it will come signed! I almost ordered from my local bookstore, but then remembered Erdrich’s. Why not give them the order because the book is about a haunted bookstore! I’m looking forward to our 2022 exploration of her canon! 

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