In Process.

This marks the almost-end of the first month in a very long time that I didn’t make a list of things I wanted to accomplish. I did have weekly to-do lists to be sure the must-do’s got done, but that was about it. So I have things in Process now. A healthy stack of books (plus one on my Kindle – Goodreads link here)I never intended to finish Middlemarch this month (that won’t come til January), but I thought I might finish the other three. Of course the one on my Kindle (Peter Swanson’s Eight Perfect Murders) wasn’t even on … Continue reading In Process.

Choose | October 2021.

Hello friends! The calendar tells me October is nearly over and it’s time for another OLW update. Way back on October 4, I chose to focus on hope this month. One of my favorite Instagram follows @sharonsaysso posted a series of slides about hope that resonated. Hope was my OLW back in 2019. 2021 me is proud of the work I did back then and it felt good to revisit some of those lessons (2021 me is also really in awe of the frequency with which 2019 me posted!) One of the biggest was that Hope is a muscle – it needs to … Continue reading Choose | October 2021.

TGIF | Late October.

Hello friends and Happy Friday! I spent an hour on the porch this afternoon watching a replay of Modern Mrs Darcy’s Fall Book Preview and knitting. Shifty. of course. Thinking about … feeling stuck. and how holding things loosely also means letting things go. hoping I can get my head (and heart) around all that enough to write about next week for October’s OLW link-up. Grateful for … a fun knitting project. It’s been a long time since I’ve been monogamous to a project. That probably says as much about what I’m doing these days as it does the knitting. … Continue reading TGIF | Late October.

Smitten with Autumn Colors.

Happy Tuesday friends! We’ve had some gorgeous weather this past week – blue skies, chilly nights, and sunny days warming to the 70’s. The colors and textures are stunning. And … my Shifty Pullover (Ravelry link) is finally showing progress … more colors and texture! I’m smitten! When I chose the colors for this sweater, I really didn’t have “autumn” in mind at all … but these are certainly colors I’m seeing outside. and now I’m wishing I had a brighter blue, and maybe a pink?! …maybe next year! Continue reading Smitten with Autumn Colors.

FO Friday | Donner.

Happy Friday, friends! I’m delighted to be wearing that second black sweater I cast on in a flurry of optimism after finishing Classic Black last month … for the second time! It debuted on Monday, just in time for a “Katie photoshoot” (she and the boys came over for lunch). Her finished photos are still my favorite … she gets photos and knitting! Black is really hard to “get right”, and you’ll see in the photos that it goes from very dark (like above) to almost a washed out grayIt’s all the same sweater, and it’s a true black in real … Continue reading FO Friday | Donner.

Reading Better | September.

I added 18 books to my Read shelf last month, bringing my YTD total to 155 (Goodreads link). Here are a few more stats from September’s book journal summary page: over three-fourths (14/18) – were words on a page. nearly two-thirds (11/18) were borrowed, two I owned, and five were purchased (four “new”, and one “used”). only two were non-fiction … likely because I was reading from the Booker and NBA fiction lists. My Reading Intentions continued to be pretty balanced, except that Connection is still lagging. I can only hope that number picks up as more folks read – … Continue reading Reading Better | September.

Looking Back | September.

“Life has a way of talking to the future. It’s called memory.” ~Richard Powers, The Overstory I love looking back through the lens of these daily photos … this practice of capturing one memory for each day, then combining them with a few words … it’s the story of my life, one month at a time. Morning walks, the first boy birthday of the season, knitting (one sweater finished, one started, and one baby dress … that will be finished this month), books (so many books – more on that story later this week), way more sunshine than I recall, … Continue reading Looking Back | September.

Friday Already?

Hello friends and happy Friday – oh boy, this week has made me extra happy that there are FIVE Fridays in October! and thanks to my daily photos I do have some idea what happened in this week that feels like a minute and a month (I’m sure you know what I mean 😉 ) I haven’t walked to the lake since Saturday.  I’m wondering if these trees are now showing signs of fall … I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s walk to see. I had a good hair day on Monday 🙂 and a final try-on for Donner. It’s now … Continue reading Friday Already?

TGIF | Hello October.

TGIF and Happy October! The morning walks continue to provide plenty of inspiration to simply pause, gaze, and snap a photo. I’m sure I could find a whole TGIF in that one moment, captured later than usual this morning, thanks to an early meeting at church. But it’s the first Friday of this new month, and I’ve been looking forward to greeting it like I used to. Thinking about … spending 2022 reading Louise Erdrich. Her backlog is extensive and full of complex, thought-provoking work. She’s also known for weaving the same characters into multiple stories. I’ve read four of … Continue reading TGIF | Hello October.