TGIF | Still August.

I so wanted to title this post “Almost September” and (but?) as much as I’d like to wish this month into the past, it’s not there yet. And (no buts this time) I’m reminded to pause in this moment, still August for four more days, and be present. It helped to put my toes in the warm grass and point my camera at the vinca. Yes, I did succumb to “almost September” for my last pedicure two weeks ago (it’s OPI Malaga Wine and one of my favorite fall colors), but the vinca tell such a great summer story. They are all volunteers from previous summers and they thrive on the heat and humidity (thank goodness something does, right?!) We feel a little sheepish leaving these beds empty when we plant in April, but without fail, come late June, there are little green stems, and by July the beds are full … and lucky us, in late August, they’re still showing off.

With that in mind –

Thinking about … another whole week before Labor Day to celebrate summer. I’m going to find a few light-hearted ways to honor the season … reading, cocktails (I froze watermelon cubes this morning), and for sure, a few walks.

Grateful for … the opportunity to share in this next chapter of Sara’s life. Yesterday was the “pre-drywall-walkthrough” for her townhome. The floor plan is perfect for her (and for the furniture she’s started to order) …  and this view from her rooftop “patio” is a gratitude all on its own.

Inspired byKym to be curious this weekend … about Sweetness of Water. and maybe a new-to-me red wine 😉

Fun … I leave you with a four-fold dose of Holly. a Photo Booth in very slow motion.The timestamps on these four photos say it was only a minute … it sure felt longer.

Wishing you a weekend! and if there’s something about August you want to celebrate, I’d love to join in!

13 thoughts on “TGIF | Still August.

  1. Frozen watermelon cubes – brilliant! I am adding that to my list for margaritas. So exciting for Sara – that will make a wonderful place for mother-daughter time.

  2. That walk-through must’ve been really exciting! I hope things move quickly and easily from this point; having watched my parents go through this process just a few years ago, I remember the annoyance when things didn’t happen on schedule.

    The lateness of Labor Day, combined with the earliness (is that a word?) of the High Holy Days, is making it hard for me to keep track of what day or season it is, and I am very thankful for electronic devices that keep track for me. It still feels like the height of summer even though school starts next week. I see we’re going to get a break in the heat in a few days, and I am ready for it!

  3. Lovely thoughts to close out August. I am equally fascinated with watermelon cubes and I hope that you share what you do with them!

  4. I’m celebrating that H-O-T August is on its way OUT! Wahoo! And that September, my favorite month of all, arrives in 5 days! Love the photos of Holly and Sarah’s rooftop view is great…I’d seldom be there – afraid of heights!
    Enjoy the rest of this weekend.

  5. Holly looks great! Nice to see her again. And count me as another who hopes you share what you do with frozen watermelon cubes. Yum!

  6. I would be very happy to see our hot-and-humid weather fade into the distance, but I also wouldn’t mind a bit more of the best parts of summer. (Or . . . a lingering fall would also be nice!) Sara’s townhouse sounds ideal! How fun for you to be able to watch it all unfold along with her! XO

  7. Frodo never looks directly at me when I try to photo him….Camera Shy?? Love the view from the rooftop and now she’s SO CLOSE!!

  8. The view from your daughter’s rooftop is superb. How nice for her to be closer to you. I’m another one who is curious about watermelon cubes. I just made a note about Vinca in my gardening journal. I’m always looking for something that survives heat and humidity. Your post reminds me to enjoy the last full week of summer instead of wishing it away.

  9. I’ve never heard of a “pre-drywall-walkthrough” , so I’m not sure what that involves, but the views are lovely! How wonderful to have your daughter near you … Freezing watermelon cubes is new to me, but I might give it a try – probably next year before we get any hot weather now as autumn is fast approaching. Holly’s looking very patient, and am glad to know she is recovering.

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