New Views.

Hello friends, and Happy Tuesday.

I talked in my last post about embracing the season’s transition. I was thinking about summer turning to fall (and honestly looking forward to days getting cooler); being at peace with another season passing with COVID still not behind us (I heard on a few podcasts this week that it will likely never be “behind us” and that was a paradigm shift I wasn’t quite ready for); and figuring out what “active me” might look like without running. It’s all complicated mix of joy, hope, and sorrow.

In the very back of my mind, I’m also grieving a second summer spent totally at home. Y’all, I haven’t left the state of Georgia in almost two years. and I’ve spent only one night away from my own bed since last February. I know I’m incredibly privileged to even be thinking that’s something to feel sad about. but I am. and I desperately need a change of scenery. some “new views” if you will.

First up, completely as a result of my knee injury (needing a really comfortable chair with an ottoman), I needed a new chair in my study. Thankfully, we had that chair … in a  different place in the house. Sunday morning, Marc helped me move things around and now I have a comfortable place to sit … and two new views!

Here’s the new layout from the door to my study

and the view from that favorite chair in the corner … early morning (I love how bright it is with just the lamp – this photo isn’t touched up at all)

and here’s a view without the book (different time of day, obviously). I love seeing out the windows, and so does Holly.

The view from my desk is very different. When we first arranged this room, the desk faced the opposite way (out the door and into the dining room). When we painted in December, we moved the desk to face that right-hand window. We also hung the pictures based on that layout. Sitting at the desk, this is now my viewWhen I first saw it yesterday morning, I thought WHOA, blank wall. and then I thought, space.

Yesterday morning, I switched up my “routine” to pause on my walk at a new-to-me bench for 10 minutes of centering prayer.I had to venture a bit off my normal path to find this bench, but it was at my new turnaround point and I was willing to sit on the ground to experience my practice in that spot. Imagine my surprise to find a bench, perfectly positioned for another new view.

My final new (for now) view is a new sweater. I’ve actually been thinking about this one for a while because it’s going to fill a hole in my fall/winter closet. yep, it’s black. and I can only hope the “good light” in that new chair – and the still-light days help. I feel really good about my swatch, so as long as I can see the stitches as I’m knitting, I think I’ll be fine.

I can’t imagine I’m the only one craving some new views – what ones are you seeking out?

and in closing, here’s the reality of what I’m seeing from my desk as I type this post 🙂 the bigger chair might be attracting a bigger mess?!

16 thoughts on “New Views.

  1. My 7 year old was looking over my shoulder as I read your post and he said, “aren’t those rooms so fancy?” My thoughts exactly! How wonderful that you were able to shuffle around the furniture you already had to meet your current needs. I like the blank wall – you’re so right: space. A moment to breathe!

    And what new views am I seeking? I think it’s what you just found in your study: space. I’m craving clear floors and half-filled shelves. I just did a big clear out of the bookshelf in my bedroom and donated 3/4 of my books. It feels good to see space opening up.

    I’m excited to see that sweater grow – black seems so hard to knit! And Holly is adorable in that chair.

  2. I love that bench and the view for your centering prayer. And what does that repositioned chair say about your knee? I have been looking at my garden space with new eyes the last few weeks. And thinking about moving my desk and reading chair around for a new view from that space too. So many options.

  3. I have some serious space envy going here! While I have a chair I love to sit in to craft, it’s in the corner of my bedroom and doubles as my “office” chair — and I don’t have an ottoman to put my feet up on or a sweet pup curled up next to me!

    I hope that your knee does allow you to get back to running, but if it doesn’t, I’ll just throw out there that I’ve found walking has filled that space nicely for me. It may not be as vigorous a workout, but I still work up a good sweat and, as a bonus, don’t usually deal with achy joints afterwards.

  4. I love your shot of your creative corner 🙂 That is what it looks like when I am doing things on the loveseat. My studio is dark and doesn’t get a lot of natural light, I haven’t been shopping yet to fix the problem – I need a standing lamp and twinkle lights at the very least.

  5. It’s always a good idea to shake things up a little, finding new views in the process. (And especially . . . now.) As a former runner whose knee just wouldn’t cooperate any longer, there are “new views” when it comes to fitness, too. And I’ll bet you can find them! 🙂

  6. Sigh. There is so much hiding in this post and I want you to know I see it and I am sending you hugs and a shoulder for you.

    My heart hurts for the pain you hint at here… and I am hopeful that you will find an active path forward even if you can’t run.

    My heart hurts at the anguish that the responsible members of this society are feeling that this darned virus just won’t quit. And your words here sum that up so perfectly. Yes it might be privileged, but that makes it no less frustrating. Not having a “break” is just so not fun.

    I do love your new desk view… that open space is so inviting… thank you for sharing!

  7. I find a “new vista” shakes up my brain and also, recalibrates a few habits < need to think some more on that thought. And yeah, I know what you mean about wanting to "go someplace…" For starters, I'd like to just take an AM walk…
    Thanks for sharing your new space and thoughts, thereof…and ENJOY!

  8. Your room is lovely and makes me thinking of change things around a bit here. It looks like you have a lovely place to walk, and that bench looks like a perfect place for prayer & meditation. I am a five minute walk from campus where I have my choice of several routes to walk on their Panther Trail paths that criss-cross the campus. I hadn’t thought of stopping along the way for a few minutes of prayer, I might make that part of my daily walk. I hope you have some improvement with your knee pain!

  9. Your room looks very cozy and warm, bright and light. The space on the wall is waiting for your touch, something that makes your heart sing. Blank space is nice, but it’s a great opportunity, too. Your new walk and the bench is a perfect place to be introspective and contemplitive. I love finding that spot in nature where you feel at peace. As for “the mess”–to me I see creativity in action! Everything you need at your fingertips and that means more time to read, knit, and look at the new views!

  10. It’s so great when you can find the exact right thing right under your own roof! It looks so comfy.

    My sister Sharon would always say that your eye needs a place to rest. Years ago, she knit me a pretty busy sweater with fruit motifs scattered all over and left at least one out altogether… and I can still hear her voice.

    This is the time of year when my view makes me start to feel claustrophobic… everything is so green and big and feels like it’s closing in! I love my very private backyard, but I look forward to the “reset” every year.

    Also, I am NOT feeling a seasonal shift here yet. It is HOT and STICKY and WET and it feels like our whole summer has been that way (not great).

  11. What a lovely chair to knit and read from, I bet it is Good for naps too. New views are good . I like to go up High somewhere, helps me bring my problems into perspective.

  12. Recently finished espace tricot’s Cirrus. Looking forward to cooler weather in which to wear it. Love the pattern you chose!

  13. Sweet Holly looks tiny in the ‘new’ chair! Shifting space always brings me a lift (if temporarily). And I’m not so sure I was ready to read _it will likely never be “behind us”_ (but I suppose that’s more discouraging than shocking). Wishing you ease–and happier knees.

  14. Very sad to read about your knee problem and the possible end of running :(. Is it affecting your tennis too? Hoping the pain is reducing, and that your lovely new seating arrangment is continuing to give you pleasure. New views are so welcome in times of confinement, aren’t they. I wish I could find my copy of ‘Little Women’; I’m sure there’s a quote in there about it … That high-necked sweater looks very cosy for the winter (which seems to be fast approaching here and by-passing autum!).

  15. I just found your blog from another one I follow and so happy I did. What a lovely room and that chair is perfect for reading, and knitting too!

    1. Thank you, Tina! I can confirm that the chair is perfect for pretty much ALL the things I enjoy doing when I’m not moving around! (including napping 🙂

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