Choose | August 2021.

It’s the last Tuesday of August and time for this month’s OLW update. The month started off on a high note when Holly visited the groomer and the vet on the 5th and the vet joked with me that he hoped he wouldn’t see us again this year. My knee was feeling better (it still is), and I started playing a little tennis and walking in the mornings with Marc. and then things just stopped being ok. Maybe it’s an August thing for me because it felt a lot like last year (except for questioning my Enneagram type 😉 )  Thankfully, … Continue reading Choose | August 2021.

TGIF | Still August.

I so wanted to title this post “Almost September” and (but?) as much as I’d like to wish this month into the past, it’s not there yet. And (no buts this time) I’m reminded to pause in this moment, still August for four more days, and be present. It helped to put my toes in the warm grass and point my camera at the vinca. Yes, I did succumb to “almost September” for my last pedicure two weeks ago (it’s OPI Malaga Wine and one of my favorite fall colors), but the vinca tell such a great summer story. They … Continue reading TGIF | Still August.

Same Old Stuff.

Wow. It’s Tuesday. again. funny how that happens every single week, isn’t it? you’d think that posting just twice a week would give me plenty of stuff to write about. sometimes it does … and sometimes, all I’ve got is the same old stuff. Since I last shared my knitting, I’ve made noticeable progress on The Classic (ravelry link)The body is slightly cropped, so I’m about 2/3 through … with a lot more twisted rib – this time knit flat – to finish. (and then sleeves – you can get some idea of how much knitting is left by how … Continue reading Same Old Stuff.


Hello friends and happy Friday. It’s been another week hasn’t it. There was a point yesterday, and even early this morning, when I thought I might be able to craft a TGIF post that felt relevant … and then I lost the thread. Instead, I have this. I first heard the prayer last night, opening and closing our Women’s Ministry meeting. I love that it speaks to the God I know, and I think it could also speak for anyone who sees the tragedies, grieves them, and seeks a way forward. A Prayer for a Hurting World this is an … Continue reading Praying.

Currents | August 2021.

Hello friends, it’s been a stormy day outside (thanks to Tropical Storm Fred) … which means plenty of quiet alone (with Holly) time inside. And a perfect day to capture a Currents list. Embracing masks. again. I know. Katie was wearing one from Lizzie Fortunato when I saw her Friday. It might be time to up my game to pearls! Laughing About honestly not as much as I’d like. Things seem so much more than fraught right now. but really little things, like how reliably Holly runs to the kitchen when the cutting board hits the counter, still make me/us smile. Wearing OPI’s Malaga … Continue reading Currents | August 2021.

Five on Friday | Distractions.

First up, thank y’all for your kind comments about my new views. I am really enjoying the study – the new layout seems to make room bigger (which also seems to give all my creative “stuff” more room to spread out) and I think I’m pretty committed to looking up at a blank wall – and the new bench. I also cast on The Classic yesterday and am almost halfway through 4″ of twisted rib on size 5 16″ needles. I knew this beginning wasn’t going to be the fun part of the project, still … I’m gonna power through it … Continue reading Five on Friday | Distractions.

New Views.

Hello friends, and Happy Tuesday. I talked in my last post about embracing the season’s transition. I was thinking about summer turning to fall (and honestly looking forward to days getting cooler); being at peace with another season passing with COVID still not behind us (I heard on a few podcasts this week that it will likely never be “behind us” and that was a paradigm shift I wasn’t quite ready for); and figuring out what “active me” might look like without running. It’s all complicated mix of joy, hope, and sorrow. In the very back of my mind, I’m … Continue reading New Views.

TGIF | Hello August.

I love greeting my day from this spot … smiles from my favorite family (and those boys are not so little any more – Charlie started first grade yesterday and Sam is in Pre-K!), the warm, softly scented, glow of a candle, a cup of coffee, and my journal. off to the left, Holly is curled up in our white chair. overhead, the fan is whirring. and way off in the background, Marc is watching the final round(s) of the women’s Olympic golf match. Hello to August from an early Friday morning (which somehow became a late afternoon). Thinking about … Continue reading TGIF | Hello August.

Reading Better | July.

I added another 20 books to my Read shelf last month, bringing my YTD total to 113 (Goodreads link) – and a whopping seven of those (almost one third!) were 5-star reads for me. Here are a few more stats from July’s book journal summary page: nearly two-thirds – just like last month – (14/20) were words on a page – and unlike any month in recent history, none were e-books. 75% (15/20) were borrowed, two I owned, and three were purchased (two “new”, and one “used”). all were fiction – another “unlike any month in recent history” (which I’m … Continue reading Reading Better | July.

Looking Back | July.

“Just, it’s kinda fraught and I’m not up for frought.” ~Stacey Swann, Olympus Texas I snorted when I read that line a few weeks ago. Fraught is just such a great word, isn’t it? (especially when paired with “y’all” … which would’ve been inserted before that “I’m” if I’d been the one speaking 😉 ) and it seems so perfect to describe this month … starting to get out a bit more and then BAM! Delta variant … and for me, knee injury, and for others, a host of different things. and then … I look back at these photos. … Continue reading Looking Back | July.