FO Friday | Summer JiJi.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember the post I shared when I started this Summer JiJi way back on July 1. Here’s the pretty photoand the caption

I made a plan to finish the sweater by the end of the month, and I sewed on the buttons this morning (yay!) But there is no fun FO photo shoot. because this is the weather here today

I did try it on and take a few selfies in my closet … just to be sure it really fits (it does)

For now, though, my dress form is the better model. She never minds the weather

details on Ravelry here

and I can get the up-close detail shots I love!

My next sweater is going to be a winter one. I ordered the yarn yesterday and hope to cast on next week. not that I’m wishing for winter … but a cool fall breeze would be really welcome right now!

And that’s a wrap for this month here on the blog … not quite for the month of July, though. I don’t have big plans for the one remaining day beyond a book and some journaling … and some much-needed time catching up with y’all. I’ll see you back here next month!

12 thoughts on “FO Friday | Summer JiJi.

  1. Such a pretty color. Hopefully you will be able to wear is soon – maybe to ward off the air conditioning at church! Happy Friday

  2. That is a lovely sweater, a pretty color, and a perfect fit. I hope you get to wear it outside of your closet soon!

  3. It’s perfect! I knew you would finish with no problems! Once the weather cooperates a bit more, I know you’ll get a ton of wear out of it, too.

  4. That color reminds me of the zinnias blooming in my garden right now and it screams summer – I love it! We’ve got delightful weather here right now, no humidity and in the mid 60s. It’s a nice break from the excessive rain and high humidity we’ve had all month.

  5. Temps here today were just glorious here in Pittsburgh! (But I think we are welcoming back those 90+ degree days next week… sigh) The sweater is gorgeous! Carole is right, it does scream summer! Well done!

  6. What a stunning cardigan. If we are going to an air-conditioned facility, I often take a lightweight cardigan. I wore one to church this morning. You knit such beautiful well-fitting sweaters and this one is no exception.

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