Needing a Boost.

Thank y’all for being such a lovely boost for my spirits about my knee (and other stuff) … every single comment and email was a most-welcome balm for me feeling like these poor daisies , rained on for days,

(photos from this morning’s walk)

and then of course feeling bad about feeling beat down with a little injury when there are so many other things that are So Good … (thank you And).

After this morning’s walk I caught up on a few blogs – much more boosting of the spirit there, thank you connections through the internet! and gosh, I’m sorry Kym to be sharing these sad daisies following your daisy love story 🙂

The final boost for today’s post came from Sarah who blogged about wanting to finish a shawl this month. which made me wonder if I could finish my current knitting project (Ravelry link) by the end of July … and then made me think Why Not?! and that whole thought process (along with a new audio book) made me feel more like myself than I have since last Monday.

It’s eleven days … surely I can finish a body, two sleeves, a few seams, and a few edges?

Hah! even typing all that felt good!

Unlike Sarah, I am NOT going to ask if you think I can do it (hah! I haven’t knit a single stitch so far today!) Instead I’m going to ask what audiobook you’d recommend I pick up when I’m (still) stuck on sleeve island and The Other Black Girl is done.

Happy Tuesday! (and p.s. the sun just came out … could be a sign!)

12 thoughts on “Needing a Boost.

  1. Well! I missed your Fri post and am bummed about your knee! So sorry ; I was comforted in reading that you’re getting better. And that the rain’s subsided a bit. Also good to read that Holly is doing better. Continue to take care of the knee …

  2. I just finished Opal and Nev and the cast reading was so good! I am currently listening to Somebody’s Daughter and I have Home Fire in my queue too. We had some very unexpected rain today. Probably not enough to help the firefighters but it was nice to clear the air a bit. Happy sweater knitting.

  3. That sweater looks lovely. Of course – you can do it. I’m headed over to Sarah’s blog to see what she wrote about finishing a shawl. I have a shawl to finish and could use a little motivation.

  4. So glad you got a little boost! Of course you can finish Jiji this month — it will be lovely to enjoy it before the weather turns cooler and you need something with a bit more heft.

    As for audiobook suggestions, it’s so hard to find something that you HAVEN’T read! But right now I’m listening to Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet – it’s about two Asian American children (one is Chinese-American and the other is Japanese-American) post-Pearl Harbor. I’ve read nothing about the Asian American experience during WWII and it’s been eye opening for me. I’ll definitely be looking for more of those perspectives! Another recent one I listened to and loved was Lost Roses by Martha Hall Kelly – the second book in the Lilac Girls series.

    Good luck finding something perfect to get you off of sleeve island. There are so many amazing books and so little time!!

  5. Silly Mary, if anyone can finish a sweater in a short period of time, it’s you! I don’t have any audiobook suggestions, but thanks to Juliann’s comment I just put Opal and Nev on hold (I just happen to have an audiobook with multiple narrators on my second bingo card). I don’t know how you feel about sports, but I personally love watching the Olympics, even sports I usually don’t care a bit for, so I plan to get a lot of knitting done while watching this weekend.

  6. I am nodding at Sarah’s comment! Out of all the bloggers I visit, you are first on the list for finishes! I hope your knee is doing much much better as each day passes.

    I do have a listening recommendation… but it is not a book. I suggest that if you have not, you should absolutely listen to Dr. Ibram X. Kendi’s new podcast… it is must listen conversations!

  7. Every morning I have the best of intentions (which is why I like morning’s hopefulness) of what I will do and then am disappointed in what I didn’t do…Today is all about focusing on good things and lots of resting.

  8. Oh, of course you can finish, Mary. (If you want to, that is. Maybe if the weather improves and your knee heals up, you’ll have other options. You never know???) As far as listening . . . have you read/listened to Rachel Cusk’s “Faye trilogy” yet? (Outline, Transit, and Kudos)

  9. I’m hoping that you going for a walk means that your knee is a bit better. And, of course you can knit that sweater in the time frame you proposed!

  10. I’m *certain* you can finish in 11 days. The bigger question is…can you ALSO come up with that new cocktail?! Just teasing 🙂
    I’ve been listening to Olympus, Texas, which Sarah mentioned recently. Have you already read it? It’s been good ‘story listening’ while working through a few projects here. WIshes for getting back to 100%…soon!

  11. There is no doubt in my mind you can finish your sweater. I’m so happy to hear your knee if improving. Having an injury is hard on the active person. You’ll heal quickly and, by now (I’m always a day or so late) you must be getting back into action. Take care and be gentle.
    PS. We had a LOT of rain last night!

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