Five on Friday | Silver Linings.

Way back before TGIF became my Friday thing, I used to share a list of five things … and wow, the last one I posted was in March, 2020 (whoa, time machine!). That last time, I wasn’t feeling very TGIF-like … and today I was thinking about silver linings and wanting to change things up a bit.

Thanks to a tennis ball hit hard on my left knee during Tuesday’s practice, I’ve spent much of the last three days with my knee resting, iced, compressed, and elevated. It seems to be improving (for sure the swelling is down), so I’m hopeful I’ll be back to my usual active self next week. and that bit of hope probably makes it easier to spend time right now on the good things this unplanned, and somewhat forced, downtime has allowed:

  1. Lots of time with Holly. Marc commented this morning that she was living her best life this week, and I’d agree. Yesterday she began the 4th month of her new drug routine and last night marked 32 nights in a row she slept. There is just something about a resting dog by your side that brings comfort.
  2. (Finally) progress on my JiJi Cardigan. I was stalled on the yoke last week … my knitting notes were “almost ready to split the sleeves” three days in a row. I finally did that on Monday. and I’m halfway through the body now.
  3. Reading. I finished House of Mirth yesterday and The Tiger’s Wife this morning. I mostly listened to House of Mirth (JiJi progress!) but read a bit in the evening and the last few chapters yesterday afternoon. I’ve shared here before that Edith Wharton writes the best sad endings, and they don’t get any easier, or happier, on the re-read. Honestly, this time, I think I felt Lily Bart’s pain even more. I’m looking forward to Sara and Chelsey’s take on next Tuesday’s Novel Pairings podcast. I read Tiger’s Wife on the page and was entranced from the beginning. This is Fiction Matters’ bookclub pick for July and – again! – I can’t wait to discuss.
  4. Instagram and Discord. One of my goals for this month was to connect more in those online spaces and I’m doing that! (and now I’m going to be challenged to figure out some balance … gosh it’s easy to get sucked back into mindless scrolling.)
  5. An opportunity to re-assess what I’m doing. and why. So far, I haven’t had to cancel any plans other than 7am walks with Sara. Beginning Sunday, though, I might need to.  I’m really hoping to be back to tennis on Tuesday … and I’d love to be back walking before then! But not if that means I have to miss out on both of those things for weeks if I start back too soon. and (honestly) maybe having a “good” excuse to say “I’m sorry I can’t” to a few in-person things would be ok, too. and realizing that I could say “no” is maybe the best silver lining of all.

I am still taking Holly out a few times each day and I took this photo on one of our walks yesterday. The crepe myrtle blooms seemed late this year, but – as always – they’re worth the wait. Yesterday was also the first day in weeks(?) that it hasn’t rained here (today might be the 2nd) and I was grateful for #blueskyblooms. I know many of y’all are seeing too many blue skies … or worse – smoky skies. I’m sorry. I surely wish I could share this view with everyone for real … but sharing it virtually seems like a lovely way to say “Hello Weekend – please have the best one available!”

…and I’d love to know what silver linings you’ve found this week – please share!


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  1. It has cooled off here and the silver lining is how lovely it is to have a knitting project in my lap! And finding the Classics group has been a definite silver lining. Take care.

  2. I’m sorry about your injury and I encourage you to rest as long as it takes to get back to normal. It sounds like you’re doing a great job finding silver linings this week, too.

  3. I’m so glad to hear that Miss Holly has been feeling better lately, although I’m sorry your knee injury has been the source of more time with her. I hope that heals quickly and you’re back to your normal physical activities soon. It sounds, though, like this bit of rest has been really good for your reading and crafting time.

    My silver linings here has been all the rain we’ve been having lately. It’s been good for the plants, but it’s also forced me to get up and moving earlier in the day, which tends to make me a bit more efficient in my time later in the day. It’s also a really good feeling when you hit your daily step goal before lunch!

  4. Yikes! Good job taking care of that knee and I hope you’ll be back to normal soon. And even if you are, you can still say “no” to a few things if you want to!

    I started The House of Mirth on Friday night thanks to your enthusiasm for the Novel Pairings podcast. I listened to a few older episodes and then listened to the newest, so I think I might try to attack that podcast from both ends! My plan is to try to stay caught up with their book selection going forward. We’ll see! And I’m still contemplating their Patreon… the tab has been open on my browser for days!

    So glad Holly has been sleeping well – what a relief for you! AND I can’t wait to see Jiji’s progress. (I sent you a Ravelry friend request yesterday… I was trying to see what sweater you were working on and realized we weren’t friends there yet!!)

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. I am so sorry about your knee injury! I am nodding in agreement that a slow reentry is smartest! I am glad that sweet Holly is benefitting by this though… and I am so happy to hear she is doing better!

    Gosh, I am just realizing I have not done a lick of knitting this weekend! Gah! I need to remedy that ASAP! (yes, I am going to cast on my second “test sweater” today!)

    One final thought… it is a sad thing that it sometimes takes an injury to say no to an over full schedule. Thank you for this reminder to think long before just saying “okay”.

  6. Be sure to take it easy with the knee! Better to miss out on a few things this week, and have no lasting problems. I can sympathize. We were hiking in Cuyahoga Valley National Park on Wednesday when I slipped on a wet rock and went down hard. Ugly bruised on my shin and ankle. The shin is particularly painful, but my silver lining is that nothing was broken, and I hiked right out of the park!

  7. Holly has been on my daily prayer list and I’m glad my prayers have worked 🙂 Frodo is adjusting to the new life slowly, I was surprised that he is taking longer but then he’s a dog. Holly the cat is doing swimmingly!! I hope your knee is better in no time!

  8. By the time you read this, I’m hoping your knee has improved and you’re back to the activities you crave. I’m so glad you focused on the healing last week (and – good thing you have “sitting activities” to keep you well occupied while recouperating). XO

  9. So sorry about your knee! I’ve been dealing with a strained muscle or two in my hip, so… I can relate. (Thankfully on the mend.) I’m very happy to hear that Holly is doing so well!! Yay!

  10. I am glad you’ve had extra time to spend with Holly and hope your knee is feeling better by now. Silver lining – we waited to go back to in-person church until we felt comfortable. Two Sunday’s ago, we went as it was the first time the choir was back. Not hearing the choir in the beautiful old sanctuary for so many months made their music much sweeter.

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