TGIF | A Stormy One.

I’m typing this looking out my study window (at the rain) with Holly in my lap. The lightning and thunder started about an hour ago. Radar says it’s nearly past us, but there are lingering rumbles. Holly-in-my-lap isn’t shaking any more and I am grateful. Still, it’s gloomy, wet, and, now that the stormy part has mostly passed, surprisingly quiet. I mostly hear the whirr of the fan blades overhead and my laptop keys. the birds just started singing again and now I know for sure the storm has passed.

I suppose a smarter version of me could’ve made that whole opening bit a full blog post.

But I’m in the middle of Girl, Woman, Other … and I need a break. Truly – for y’all who have read the book I am in LaTisha’s story and I’m hoping that if I set the book aside for a bit, she will find a good person to love her – and her three?!? kids … somehow, though, I suspect Evaristo has more in common with Edith Wharton than Jane Austen. So TGIF it is!
Thinking about… all the things. too many things. (you read that introduction, right?!)

Grateful for … a little bit of getting back out again. On Wednesday afternoon, my mom, my sister-in-law, and I were in a theater, watching a film about the Met’s latest Music Director, Yannick Nézet-Séguin.
We loved learning about his backstory (the film included photos and video of him as a baby, kid, and teenager), but mostly loved seeing the peek into his direction of the operas we love. The film included in-depth looks at La Traviata and Dialogues des Carmelites, two of his first operas as Music Director for the Met. We saw both of those Live in HD … and I know I’m going to be grateful for more Live in HD in the coming months!

Inspired by … all the comments y’all left on my last Reading Better post … new books to read and new things to think about as I’m reading. thank you!

Fun … my sister came for lunch on Monday. The last time she came for lunch was the day we saw Emma (last March!!) … it was her first time seeing the new paint! We snacked on the birthday party leftovers, knitted, and enjoyed a glass of frosé. This is not the “new” cocktail I promised y’all, but it is a slight twist on a recipe I found on-line. Enjoy!

Frosé – serves 2
(inspired by Eating Bird Food)

half a bottle of rosé (not expensive, I bought a bottle at Costco)
3 C frozen strawberries (again, from Costo – the berries are huge, and maybe 2 C would be plenty if they were smaller)
one lime, juiced

blend until smooth. and that’s it!

The recipe I shared three years ago was a lot more complicated. and honestly, this one is better.

As always, I’d love to know if you decide to make a cocktail – or pick up a book – because of me. and I hope you’ll hear me saying “have the best weekend available to you!” in your head.

xo – M.

p.s. the rain has stopped, the sun might even be breaking through, and it’s time to take Holly for a walk!

8 thoughts on “TGIF | A Stormy One.

  1. We had a big storm here this afternoon and guess who got caught in it on her afternoon walk? T’was a delight to see Holly – she looks so little and I hope she’s doing fine. And your sister looks great! I plan try the Frosé – I can manage that. We’ve not heard if the movie theater’s back to streaming the Met…I hope so.
    Have a great weekend…


  2. Oh yes, that book had a few places where I worried about the characters. I hope I remember enough about the story to chat about it soon. I wonder if I put any notes in my journal? Sorry about the storm. Seems there is a lot of rain happening east of us.

  3. Love this photo of Miss Holly! We’ve had some pretty crazy thunderstorms here, too, lately, and I wouldn’t have minded a small dog in my lap to snuggle!

    I can remember Girl, Woman, Other being kind of intense, not just because of the stories but because the lack of end punctuation makes it feel like one long breath. But I think you’ll really like it when you’re finished.

    Love seeing your lunch with your sister and your Met movie outing with your mom and sister-in-law!

    1. So much happiness in this post, Mary–I can feel it! And your smile! I’ve always been a big promoter of ‘the gift of an ordinary day.’ I think we are feeling this in spades right about now. And, really, when we pay attentioned, the ordinary is nothing less than extraordinary.
      Hope you’re enjoying a lovely Sunday morning there!

  4. Tropical Storm Elsa pushed her way through here on Friday but luckily it was mostly a steady rain. Thanks for the frose recipe, I’m going to try it!

  5. It looks like you nearly had the theater to yourself – awesome! Watching operas at the movie theater always seemed like a fun thing to do. And that snack tray – I love it!

    We’ve also been getting a lot of rain — so much more than last summer! I would imagine that GA gets more thunderstorms than NH – maybe you could just send your next thunderstorm up to me? I’ll gladly take it off your hands 🙂

    I hope you’ve been able to sort through some of your thoughts. Rainy days can (sometimes) make me feel antsy, which is when my thinking goes into overdrive. I hope you get to enjoy some sunshine this week!

  6. We had some of those rain storms over the weekend as well, but it was welcome because it allowed me to finish my test knit! lol

    I hope your weekend was as perfect as this post (and without thunderstorms!)

  7. What a fun lunch with your sister! The tray of snacks looks delicious. Lots of rain in the Eastern part of the country. We too had quite a thunderstorm in the wee hours of Saturday. I hope your weekend was a nice one.

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