TGIF | Hello July.

our butterfly bush is still attracting only bees … but I spied a butterfly on this afternoon’s walk with Holly!

Last month I greeted June and this new season with a few intentions. All of that (with the exception of porch time!) is still a work in progress. I published my first set of minutes for the women’s ministry this morning and yikes, I’m rusty!  I’ve played three tennis matches with three new faces; I haven’t made any new friends, but I am learning more names. Also in the not-started category is the recipes – I haven’t tried a single new recipe in weeks. But a few weeks ago (to use up some bread that was going stale), I resurrected a favorite Caesar salad from years back. It’s been in regular rotation along with grilled pork or Costco roasted chicken. It’s mostly amazing croutons, a dressing that I need Sara to show me how to make, and anchovies (which are totally optional). My goal for this month is to share that salad with y’all … and at least one cocktail. Hold me to it!

Thinking about … needing in-person time with a few key folks … Katie, my sister, my sister-in-law, knitting friends. I got really good at Zoom and FaceTime and it’s flexing some under-used muscles to meet in person. I realize, too, that I need to make that same effort with the two folks I’m living with. Just because we share space doesn’t necessarily mean we are spending time together.

Grateful for … a month with five Fridays AND five Saturdays. Y’all know I love my weekends!

Inspired by … everyone who’s sharing about Book Bingo to share more about mine! Spoiler alert – next week’s update on my June reading will not include a finished card and if July plays out like June did, my July update won’t either.

Fun … two of the Patreon communities I’m part of (Fiction Matters and Novel Pairings) host channels on Discord. Months ago, I created an account, logged in a few times, and then just didn’t make the time for it. Katie’s been great about keeping me informed and I knew I wasn’t missing anything. Now, though, I’m starting to want to make connections on my own. I’m learning names and faces thanks to Zoom meetups and Instagram and I want to participate more. So – I’m sure it’s gonna be fun and I’m going to dive into Discord this month!

This list didn’t seem so big when I wrote about it in my journal! I’m glad I have five Fridays to work on it!

Are you planning to try something new this month? I’d love to cheer you on!

9 thoughts on “TGIF | Hello July.

  1. I’m more than happy to hold you to a new cocktail recipe! THAT, I can do 🙂 (And I’m a big Caesar fan…with rotisserie chicken and a glass of crisp white, it’s a lovely and easy dinner, right?!)

    Hm…new this month. On my list of Summer Dreams is ‘explore at least one NY state hiking trail.’ But I think it’ll be two! One near Niagara Falls and one in the gorges of Ithaca. So I’m pretty excited about that.

    Happy July to you!

  2. I love the TGIF posts along with the butterfly. I can’t say that I am planning anything brand new this month. I would like to do a little sewing, make a photo book for my grandson (he wants a sequel to the first one!) and work on my spinning. When I finish the two bumps of fiber I’m working on, I may try to spin a gradient. That would be new for sure. It may take me through September to get through my list! I am never bored and easily entertained.

  3. I need/want to complete one sewing project-I haven’t sat at my sewing machine in months. Just too many distractions!

  4. Yes, please, to cocktail recipes! I want to finally get around to trying to make some sort of pastry this month, and I want to fill up my first bingo card.

  5. Looking forward to the salad recipe. I’ve managed to cook 2-3 new recipes almost every week since the middle of the pandemic. We’ve got a long list of new recipes we love, and a never-ending list of new ones too try. Nothing this week as we’re with my daughter and her family who have less adventuresoome tastes.

  6. Hello, July! Your butterfly bush is lovely. We just planted one this year spring and it has one cone of flowers on it, which excited me to no end. I can’t wait until it’s as beautiful as yours! So glad you caught the butterfly visiting 🙂

    I love anchovies and would love to see that recipe. I keep buying salads from Panera and would love to make more at home.

  7. Very good things all! My “new” thing is doing a bit of drawing this summer. (or perhaps should I say revisit… I used to draw quite a bit!)

    I resurrected a Martinez cocktail this weekend (because gin!) and it was such a nice change for our usual happy hour cocktails!

  8. That is a lot of weekending! I got some chai syrup and have been thinking about making a cocktail. And about the Discord groups – so much going on there but I am dipping my toe in.

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