FO Friday | Summer JiJi.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember the post I shared when I started this Summer JiJi way back on July 1. Here’s the pretty photoand the caption I made a plan to finish the sweater by the end of the month, and I sewed on the buttons this morning (yay!) But there is no fun FO photo shoot. because this is the weather here today I did try it on and take a few selfies in my closet … just to be sure it really fits (it does) For now, though, my dress form is the better … Continue reading FO Friday | Summer JiJi.

Choose | July 2021.

This month’s check-in with my OLW might seem like a bit of a sharp turn from previous months. (it did to me at first.) I honestly didn’t even see the connection with Choose when I listened to the first season of this podcast last October. but Season 2 started this month and the connection seems clear … in an unexpected way. Here’s the “jacket copy” for the podcast: “How do we transform and transcend our biases? From judgments made unconsciously to complacency in systemic evil, we must learn how to see if we are to learn how to transform. Center … Continue reading Choose | July 2021.

Cheers | Mint Berry Spritzer.

I know at least a few of y’all recall that I promised* a new cocktail this month. My sister, my cocktail muse, came over Tuesday evening – maybe you saw us on Instagram?and very close readers might’ve noticed that bright pink drink to the left of my laptop in the lower left? Yep, that was the first draft of the Berry Spritzer! Frozen berries (from Costco – a blend of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries) are a staple in our freezer and they are awesome for cocktails because they get really juicy when they thaw. I figured I’d muddle a few … Continue reading Cheers | Mint Berry Spritzer.

Needing a Boost.

Thank y’all for being such a lovely boost for my spirits about my knee (and other stuff) … every single comment and email was a most-welcome balm for me feeling like these poor daisies , rained on for days, (photos from this morning’s walk) and then of course feeling bad about feeling beat down with a little injury when there are so many other things that are So Good … (thank you And). After this morning’s walk I caught up on a few blogs – much more boosting of the spirit there, thank you connections through the internet! and gosh, … Continue reading Needing a Boost.

Five on Friday | Silver Linings.

Way back before TGIF became my Friday thing, I used to share a list of five things … and wow, the last one I posted was in March, 2020 (whoa, time machine!). That last time, I wasn’t feeling very TGIF-like … and today I was thinking about silver linings and wanting to change things up a bit. Thanks to a tennis ball hit hard on my left knee during Tuesday’s practice, I’ve spent much of the last three days with my knee resting, iced, compressed, and elevated. It seems to be improving (for sure the swelling is down), so I’m … Continue reading Five on Friday | Silver Linings.

Reading Better | Mid-year Reflection.

I spent some quality time with my book journal this afternoon and wrote entries for the last seven books I finished. July has been an outstanding month for reading so far (three of those books were 5-stars for me!). It seemed fitting to pause here, having just finished Girl, Woman, Other – for sure a favorite in a year that’s turning out to be one of my best reading years ever. Girl, Woman, Other was the 100th book I finished this year. Reflecting on what’s making this year “one of the best reading years ever”, I noted a few things: … Continue reading Reading Better | Mid-year Reflection.

TGIF | A Stormy One.

I’m typing this looking out my study window (at the rain) with Holly in my lap. The lightning and thunder started about an hour ago. Radar says it’s nearly past us, but there are lingering rumbles. Holly-in-my-lap isn’t shaking any more and I am grateful. Still, it’s gloomy, wet, and, now that the stormy part has mostly passed, surprisingly quiet. I mostly hear the whirr of the fan blades overhead and my laptop keys. the birds just started singing again and now I know for sure the storm has passed. I suppose a smarter version of me could’ve made that … Continue reading TGIF | A Stormy One.

Reading Better | June.

I added another 24 books to my Read shelf last month, bringing my YTD total to 93 (Goodreads link) – whoa – I think I hit the trifecta of the pace of summer reading, a nice balance of ears and eyes, and some compulsively readable books! Here are a few more stats from June’s book journal summary page: nearly two-thirds (15/24) were words on a page. 80%(!!!! 19/24)) – were borrowed, one I owned, and four were purchased (three of them “new”, and one of them “used”). 20% were non-fiction – and three of those were memoir. My Reading Intentions … Continue reading Reading Better | June.


As a kid, I loved the 4th of July. potluck cookouts and sparklers. running through the grass in bare feet, and maybe the sprinkler if it was warm enough (many of my childhood memories are from the early 1970’s when we lived in Wyoming … y’all I think it snowed once on July 4th). Later, I loved making plans to watch the fireworks. One summer (early 1990’s), Marc & I took the girls for an overnight to a fancy hotel in town that had great views of the fireworks at Lenox Mall. Two years ago, we had a great time … Continue reading America.

TGIF | Hello July.

Last month I greeted June and this new season with a few intentions. All of that (with the exception of porch time!) is still a work in progress. I published my first set of minutes for the women’s ministry this morning and yikes, I’m rusty!  I’ve played three tennis matches with three new faces; I haven’t made any new friends, but I am learning more names. Also in the not-started category is the recipes – I haven’t tried a single new recipe in weeks. But a few weeks ago (to use up some bread that was going stale), I resurrected … Continue reading TGIF | Hello July.