Savoring Life along with Transcendent Kingdom.

I finished Transcendent Kingdom this morning. I loved it (just like everyone told me I would) and I’m glad I took it slowly, savoring the writing and the story. I was incredibly invested in a good outcome for Gifty and I think she got that, so I was pleased with the ending. I was almost angry enough with the “theology” she encountered to throw the book across the room. gah! It’s so real, and so harmful … gah! I also really appreciate Gyasi’s range as an author – and she’s only on book #2! There are certainly some common themes with Homegoing, but this is a brand new story, told on a much more intimate scale.

So yeah, it took me a week to read those 246 pages, which means I had lots of time to savor other things along the way!

One of those things was a few more books and three of them were audiobooks

here’s the shelf on Goodreads

… I walked, I drove a few places, and I knitted!Notice is certainly benefiting from all the attention – I have about four rounds left before the body ribbing.

One of the places I drove was to Starbucks, for a coffee and knitting date with Deena  – our first since last February?It felt like we hadn’t missed a beat in spite of months and months of Zoom.

Another place was a tennis match about an hour away … happily we won – my first win of the season! … and I was really glad to have Bess Kalb playing for that drive.

But probably the biggest highlight of the last week was a sleepover with Sam. He arrived about 8:30 Friday morning and left at 10am on Saturday. We had great weather and it was the perfect amount of time for him to be here all by himself.

I shared a series of videos on Instagram yesterday (link) from our time at the pool on Friday afternoon. (can you tell we’re having fun?!)

We also went to the playground, looked for rocks, painted rocks, played Monopoly (Sam won, and I think that might be HIS favorite highlight), ate chicken fingers, french fries, and hot dogs (he got to choose the menu), and watched LucaThere wasn’t much time for reading! (or much else … such a reminder about how much has changed since last summer when we had both boys here every week … wow!)

I loved reading all your thoughts about reading slowly and appreciated having a few new authors to track down. Thank you!

I’ll be back tomorrow with an update on my OLW.

Happy Monday!


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  1. I’m so relieved you loved Transcendent Kingdom! It’s my favorite on the shortlist so far (with just Unsettled Ground left to finish). And it’s such a good book to savor – Gifty’s story is rich and complex and worth every second of reading. Confession: I still haven’t read Homegoing. I started it AFTER I finished Transcendent Kingdom and decided to wait a while longer before trying to finish it because the two are so different… I love TK for the deep dive with Gifty — and Homegoing is almost the polar opposite (despite similar themes).

    Congrats on the tennis win, the knitting date, and a night with Sam! His menu is perfect for a Friday night dinner 🙂

  2. I’m thinking I’ll reread TK – as Katie @ CozyBurrow sez —Homegoing is so different and I’m reading, albeit very s-l-o-w-l-y. TK was/is just magnificent…a sad tale, predictable somewhat but so engrossing. Glad you liked as we knew you would.
    Sam is sooo grown…he looks so comfy with his little getaway. Thnx for sharing your overnight.
    Back to GC…

  3. I am not surprised that you loved Transcendent Kingdom… it is just a beautiful little book. Gyaasi is one incredibly talented writer… she brings words to life on the pages! It looks like you are having a glorious start to the summer… just exactly as it should be! 🙂

  4. I am happy you like the book too. I know that is one I think I read to fast so I may need to re-read. And an outdoor, coffee and knitting date sounds lovely. As soon as the weather cools just a bit I might need to organize one of those.

  5. I’m so glad you enjoyed Transcendent Kingdom, Yaa Gyasi is an amazing writer.
    I’ve been thinking about your post about savoring books and discussed it with my sister when we were on vacation last week. We both are naturally fast readers, especially if we really enjoy a book. We talked about ways to slow down and savor. Although I read three books last week, I didn’t feel rushed at all and felt really immersed in the books. I think it is easier to savor a book when reading in a beautiful, relaxing place with no set schedule.

  6. Both Transcendent Kingdom and Homegoing were favorite books of mine last year. Different, but both were so well-written and I was drawn into both narratives. I read steadily, but rarely quickly. I average 4-6 books a month which is just about right for me. I rarely listen to books unless I’m walking or driving on a road trip. Listening at home would certainly increase the number of books I get through. I LOVE that photo of you and Sam—also love your hat! 🙂

  7. A coffee date sounds delicious. A good friend and I are finally going to meet at a coffee shop on Friday and sit outside together and in person. We have seen each other via our book group zooms though this will be a celebration. Sam has grown. It looks like you had a fun sleepover.

  8. Sam looks so happy and so do you! Your day is a look at the perfect summer day. I find it easier to slowly savor a book when I’m reading. If listening, I tend to read faster and end up not listening with intent like I should. I liked TK more than Homegoing but they are both excellent and together they show the depth of Yaa Gyasi as a writer.

  9. I bet there were some tired adults and a little guy! Yea for in person knitting meet ups too-feels a little normal.

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