Hello June.

I’ve been dithering these last few days about how to greet June here at mere-et-filles. In past years I’ve riffed the TGIF format, crafted a summer bucket list, said a simple “hello”, and some years, said a lot more. Last June’s post is a time capsule moment for sure (I do love when former me writes something that current me looks back on and feels … good about).

We have no plans to travel and I’m good with that. I expect there will be some fantastic stay-cation options as things open up (and we get more comfortable being part of them). and still … this June feels special. this summer feels special. so maybe it’s a good time to try something new. grounded in my OLW (Choose) and Intentions,

Hello June. Hello Summer.

Hello figuring out where to reconnect. I volunteered to finish up the remaining year of our Women’s Ministry’s Secretary (she and her husband are moving to Florida this month) two-year term; and I also resumed leadership of our church’s Prayer Shawl Ministry.

Hello new daily devotion and journaling practice. My small group is starting Henri Nouwen’s The Inner Voice of Love. We always read slowly, but this is going to be a new record! our plan is to read one devotion each day and journal a response. and then on Friday mornings, we’ll share questions and insights.

Hello porch time.

Hello trying new recipes, and maybe a new cocktail or two.

Hello making new friends. I joined a Thursday evening league for summer tennis, and I don’t know most of the team!

Hello saying No when I mean it (Courage and Joy).

Yikes, that’s a lot of New! I’m glad it’s a season (and not just a month). Also glad that Porch Time is an easy choice!

What are you saying Hello to this month? this season?

11 thoughts on “Hello June.

  1. Hello June! I love the intentions shared in this post. I especially like the idea of doing a devotional with a community and sharing your insights – I’ve been doing a lot of devotionals lately and it would be nice to share that with people – I’ll have to ask some of my church friends.

  2. Thankfully our roofing project is almost over (they should finish up on Monday), and we just got the new porch table and chairs we’d ordered, so I am very much hoping to say hello to more time outside. I also hope to say hello to spending time with more friends now that almost everyone is vaccinated. We had dinner with some friends last weekend and it was so nice — it felt like things were normal even more so than getting together with family (because we still saw some family even before vaccinations). I’m really hoping my mahjongg group meets again soon!

  3. Sounds like you have a fun summer coming up. I am saying hello to three knitting projects; getting organized with my reading for Modern Mrs. Darcy (help appreciated) as well as Summer Book Bingo; and I’m also saying hello to two rfa’s (ablations) on my hips and getting back into PT to strengthen my leg muscles in preparation for knee replacement. Love your blog. It always inspires.

  4. Such a thoughtful way to begin the month … your intentions sound as if you will be well nourished in many ways :). I like your apricot plant (a favour colour of mine) – I couldn’t work out if it was a begonia, a little rose or something else entirely! Porch time sounds just lovely, especially in fine weather … Here, I’m saying hello to Slow in lots of ways.

  5. Hello June is a lovely way to start the month! My “new list” is pretty darned short…and that makes me so happy. I am not jumping back into anything and spending time picking and choosing selectively and that feels perfect!

  6. What a neat way to greet the season, Mary. It sounds like a beautiful, reflective, engaging June ahead!! Good and rich!! I guess you could say I’m saying Hello to taking things one step at a time. As is. Allowing for shift and flex. It’s shown up in some really good ways, like impromptu patio happy hours, time to slow down + rest, discovering a spectacular waterfall (plan B) when plan A (not nearly as spectacular!) fell through. There was a time when I was so attached to my expectations that I couldn’t absorb things like that so well…i.e., things not going as planned… Well, I’ve expereience a significnant shift in that department this year–I might call it ‘Hello to Non-attachment’. It’s been a gift. Enjoy the month ahead!

  7. I think we’re going to appreciate this summer in so many ways. I’ll be saying “hello” to many co workers I haven’t seen in over a year. Still not sure how that’s gonna be, so we’ll see!

  8. What lovely flowers you’ve photographed for this post! June is the beginning of a busy summer full of work for me, but hopefully it will all be worth it by the time fall arrives. My lists are long, but it’s just one day at a time.

  9. Our June is packing up a house – it’s going to be crazy the closer we get to the end of the month so I’m pacing myself. I keep trying to show up for my journaling, knitting and blogging knowing that it’s going to be more challenging the closer I get to moving day.

  10. I’m saying hello to more porch time for sure and to more reading vs. listening. That requires discipline but I’m trying! Your church is so lucky to have you Mary!

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