Looking Back | May.

“So new to the city, I remember wanting to photograph everything in sight. It was during my first few months that I began to sharpen my eye and appreciate the extraordinary findings in life’s everyday moments. In many ways, I was like a photograph myself, coming into focus, developing not just my art, but my life.”
~ Renée Rosen, Park Avenue Summer

Ah May … what a treat it was to look out and see people (unmasked), along with plenty of blue skies and early summer blooms … and books. so many books! Every single one of those everyday moments did indeed feel extraordinary.

A Gratitude List: family who live close enough to see often. celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom and both my girls. the library. in-person church on Sunday mornings.

Life Giving: magnolia scented morning runs. porch time.

Life Draining: more sleepless nights with Holly.

A (short) Happy List:

  • Matching my manicure to a current read is still making me happy (and I’m trying to figure out the best day to do my nails … thankfully, Olive&June wears well and if I’m a day or two past a week it’s ok).
  • Long Love, finally finished!
  • Summer Book Bingo officially underway and I already have two squares (yep, finished another book yesterday … updates coming).
  • Spindrift back in stock at Costco!
  • On-line and in-person bookclubs.

…and two quick stories I haven’t shared. First, we hosted Charlie for a sleepover last Thursday (Wednesday was his last day of school). It was a whirlwind 24 hours and we all had a lot of fun.

Yesterday, I went to the lake to see the family (my mom has rented the Huge House again … I’m not staying over, just going up for a few day trips) – the pool is a big highlight, especially for the boys.

That’s Sam’s snacking face and “cool rainbow shades” on the left. and on the right is me … poolside … with a new sock!

What everyday moments are you finding extraordinary these days?

10 thoughts on “Looking Back | May.

  1. Your photos have a lovely summer-holiday feel to them … and what a great supply of Lego (?)! Renting a big house where everyone can just come and go sounds wonderful. I always associate sock-knitting with cooler weather but it makes sense to get ahead :).

  2. I can’t believe how grown up both boys are, Mary!!! (And especially Sam. . . ) How wonderful that you can see them so often. Such a gift. XO
    And you GO with two Bingo squares already! Off to a great start, Mary.

  3. Sitting on the balcony with your mom at Happy Hour Last night and coffee early this morning brought back many fond memories of our times together talking. Also, I’m enjoying the sounds and sights of Nature. Will be good to see you. 🙂

  4. I am excited to live near my sister and write about family being close by! We are decluttering still but we are almost done. Goodness me, we have saved too much junk. Loved your review and the photos!

  5. I almost didn’t recognize Charlie in one of those photos — those boys are changing so much so quickly! I am sorry to hear that you’ve had some more bad nights with Holly, poor thing. I hope there are better nights ahead.

    I, too, have filled two bingo squares (and am hoping to fill a third today, provided work is calm and I have extra time to read). Seeing family and friends has been a big source of joy recently.

  6. What an amazing month you had! (I don’t think our weather was as sunny as yours!) I have two finished squares too! 🙂 Yay Book Bingo! The boys are getting so very big! Gah, that just happens too fast!

    I hope that things settle with poor Holly.

  7. It’s wonderful to see all those smiling and unmasked faces, and how did Charlie and Sam get so big so fast?! Our family isn’t able to get together until the end of June but the fact that it’s happening is wonderful. You’re off to a great start with Bingo and I look forward to seeing lots more filled squares!

  8. A (short) happy list is always such a good thing, isn’t it? I’ve always been a fan of celebrating the ordinary–but I’m feeling it tenfold these days…! For us, it was kids being able to swim in the pool over Memorial Day weekend. It brought them GREAT joy–and I got extra reading time with a very intriguing book! Win-win.
    (I am sorry to hear about tough nights with Holly, though. Sleep really sets the tone for me; I hope it gets better for you.)

  9. I feel like all the ordinary moments are special now that we don’t have to wear masks in public in Massachusetts! I just walked through Town Hall without one and I felt like such a rebel!

  10. I hope to have two squares by the weekend! Though I haven’t decided which of two cards I’m going to use. Sprindrift! 🙂 I’m a daily grapefruit drinker. Love seeing all of those smiling faces and fingers crossed that Holly is feeling better soon.

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