Choose | June 2021.

Another month has flown by and once again it’s time to check in with my OLW. This month I’m revisiting gratitude. I’ve written about gratitude before (a LOT!) It was my OLW in 2008 and that year I made a little book and started filling one page a week with short, almost daily entries. The pages are filled with mostly little things about work, family (Katie was in college, Sara was in high school, and Marc traveled a lot), friends (including family who are friends), and crafting. I traveled a bit, too – mostly for work, and sometimes to see … Continue reading Choose | June 2021.

Savoring Life along with Transcendent Kingdom.

I finished Transcendent Kingdom this morning. I loved it (just like everyone told me I would) and I’m glad I took it slowly, savoring the writing and the story. I was incredibly invested in a good outcome for Gifty and I think she got that, so I was pleased with the ending. I was almost angry enough with the “theology” she encountered to throw the book across the room. gah! It’s so real, and so harmful … gah! I also really appreciate Gyasi’s range as an author – and she’s only on book #2! There are certainly some common themes … Continue reading Savoring Life along with Transcendent Kingdom.

How to Savor a Book.

I mentioned in my last Reading Better post that I had been devouring books, reading many of them in a day or two. and I continued that pace into this month. The combination of good books, bad weather, still staying home more than not … I’ve been reading more than just about anything else. Saturday was a perfect case in point. I finished a book on Friday afternoon and had mostly caught up on podcasts by that morning. Marc was playing golf (Sara was in New York!) and I planned to spend some alone time on the porch with Unsettled … Continue reading How to Savor a Book.

FO Friday | Dune.

Around our retired house, Fridays are always somewhat of a holiday (the weekend starts on Friday, right?!), and today I’m proud to celebrate this Friday as a holiday for our country. Happy Juneteenth (observed)! This is a relatively “new” holiday for me and I’m looking forward to finding ways to celebrate it in a meaningful way. more meaningful, for sure, than simply responding to Instagram posts and stories. Next year, I hope! Honestly, I feel a little weird celebrating a knitting finish today … still, it’s a celebration. with smiles to prove it! The idea for this sweater started back … Continue reading FO Friday | Dune.

Beginner’s Enthusiasm.

Remember this from Friday? As y’all confirmed, Juliann’s suggestion was just the thing to get me started. Saturday morning, I ironed (and didn’t even mind it) and cut eight 4-1/2″ (ish) squares from each of those fat eighths. Then Saturday afternoon I sewed and ironed some more – for way longer than this little spread might indicate. I spent more time matching up the fabrics, penciling the stitching lines, sewing, and ironing on Tuesday and Wednesday. After yesterday’s session, I realized I’d somehow added one more piece of light and dark, but had forgotten one of my original darks … … Continue reading Beginner’s Enthusiasm.

Book Bingo | Mid-June.

I know it’s Monday evening – which probably doesn’t count for “weekend” even if you’re retired – but turns out getting my thoughts together around what I wanted to share about books and reading took longer than I expected. Also, I spent several hours with that pretty fabric, more than that with a few books, and I played tennis (yes, it was a most delightful weekend!) I have no photos to share from all that other delightful stuff, but here’s what my desk looked like yesterday morning.That pile of books to the left is library books I’ve read this month. … Continue reading Book Bingo | Mid-June.

TGIF | One Without Books.

That’s right y’all … I’m writing a post without any reference to books because I have a book-filled update to share this weekend 🙂 Thinking about … finally starting that half-square triangle quilt … it will be my first attempt at a quilt (well, at one I actually think I might finish!) Grateful to … Juliann for the encouragement and advice. She suggested Red Pepper Quilts’ Retro Half Square Triangle Quilt pattern to begin. It is a very beginner-friendly pattern with lots of photos and techniques. I purchased this fat-eighth bundle (birds! flowers! those colors!) from Fat Quarter Shop back in April … Continue reading TGIF | One Without Books.

Reading Better | May.

I added another 15 books to my Read shelf last month, bringing my YTD total to 69 (Goodreads link) – whoa! I felt like I devoured many of these titles – with the exception of Gifts of Imperfection, which I savored over months – finishing most in one, two, or three days. The pace of summer reading started a little early for me, I guess. Here are a few more stats from May’s book journal summary page: two-thirds (10/15) were words on a page. nearly two-thirds – 60% (9/15) – were borrowed, one I owned, and five were purchased (three … Continue reading Reading Better | May.

Hello June.

I’ve been dithering these last few days about how to greet June here at mere-et-filles. In past years I’ve riffed the TGIF format, crafted a summer bucket list, said a simple “hello”, and some years, said a lot more. Last June’s post is a time capsule moment for sure (I do love when former me writes something that current me looks back on and feels … good about). We have no plans to travel and I’m good with that. I expect there will be some fantastic stay-cation options as things open up (and we get more comfortable being part of them). and … Continue reading Hello June.

Looking Back | May.

“So new to the city, I remember wanting to photograph everything in sight. It was during my first few months that I began to sharpen my eye and appreciate the extraordinary findings in life’s everyday moments. In many ways, I was like a photograph myself, coming into focus, developing not just my art, but my life.” ~ RenĂ©e Rosen, Park Avenue Summer Ah May … what a treat it was to look out and see people (unmasked), along with plenty of blue skies and early summer blooms … and books. so many books! Every single one of those everyday moments … Continue reading Looking Back | May.