FO Friday | Long Love.

Long Love at Long Last is finished! I’m honestly not sure why it took me nearly two months to finish (I started on March 30 and finished May 19) … it was a good bit of knitting, but I think I knit a good bit! In any event, it’s done. I love it. I even have photos to share.

First up, two I took myself. actually this is one photo; the image on the right is zoomed in to show the pretty lace detail.

you can see my project notes here (ravelry link)

The construction of this cardigan is similar to Great Love (thankfully, without the pockets – ), which I finished in January (ravelry link), so that was familiar. and the lace/yarn is similar to Whippet, which I finished in 2019 (ravelry link), so that was familiar too. I have to say, it’s a lovely pairing of the two designs!

Ankestrick is one of my favorite designers because I like her aesthetic and her patterns are delightful. Great Love wins for cold weather, and Long Love is a winner for warmer days. The only modifications I made to the pattern was to knit the body about 2″ shorter and the sleeves about an inch shorter. Also, because I plan to layer this over sleeveless and short sleeves, and I don’t need anything to wrap around myself to be cozy, I went down a size. The fit is great.

Here are some full length shots (thanks to Marc) so you can see the length. I’m 5’6″ … I wouldn’t want this to be any longer.

Marc’s been doing a lovely job with our back garden. That tree just to my left is in front of the office window where Sara’s working. I’m so happy she has a pretty view!

Ankestrick has a great photo on the pattern page showing off the lace (ravelry link). Here’s our best effort.

also, can you believe how long my hair is?! fully-vaccinated haircut scheduled for June 4!

and of course, because I love y’all and want to leave you with smiles on a Friday afternoon, there are out-takes.Marc really is a trooper to put up with all of this. I only wish my facial expressions and body language matched the feelings in my heart.

Wishing y’all the best weekend available 🙂

12 thoughts on “FO Friday | Long Love.

  1. OMG! That sweater is the bomb!! I love it! Your back garden looks lovely and tell Marc that I appreciate his photography skills (especially the outtakes)! Happy Friday!

  2. It is beautiful on you — that color compliments your hair so well! I think Marc did an excellent job on the photography, certainly much better than my husband would do (mine doesn’t understand that I want good photos of the knitwear rather than of me).

  3. Love it …. this colour is fabulous on you! I recently made Little Love cardi which is another great Ankestrick design in the same pattern family. Your lighter colour shows off the lace; my dark purple colour not so much. Enjoy wearing the new addition to your wardrobe!

  4. Wonderful knitting and such a super colour and texture – really suits you. You are brave with your out-takes! Great to have colour in the garden, and I am sure Sara is very appreciative of such a lovely view – much nicer than the average office. Looking forward to seeing a post-haircut photo :).

  5. Woo! What a gorgeous sweater, Mary! I love the fit! I really love the color… it is like blue summer skies! (and I love the out-takes! haha!)

  6. Such a pretty sweater, Mary! And it fits you to a “T” — both in style and the actual fit. Such a lovely addition to your wardrobe. And those outtakes! I just love them. XO

  7. That is a perfect sweater on you. And thanks for the smiles. I have long wanted to knit Whippet. I think I even bought the pattern. I need to look at the yarn requirements. Maybe Coast would work? As I say, I need to look at the pattern again. Congratulations on a beautiful finish and a beautiful yard.

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