A Short Joy List.

Last month I shared a list of ten (or eleven? 😉 ) little things that sparked joy. It was a delightful post to write and I loved reading all your joyful replies. In that same spirit of taking a moment to pause, pay attention, and name the delight, here’s my mid-May version:

Sunday morning’s run
  1. A new Sunday morning running routine (church at 9am means time for a short, early workout … a solo run to the lake and back is perfect).
  2. Porch time.

    Sunday after dinner … I did have to come inside and turn on a lamp to finish the book before bedtime
  3. Longer days (today’s sunrise was 6:32 am and sunset is 8:33 pm – we are officially past the 14 hour mark!)
  4. A full tank of gas (y’all COSTCO ran out of gas last week and I was stuck for almost a week with just enough gas for a few local errands and Sunday church – no tennis! – I was glad to fill up yesterday!)
  5. Lunch out with my mom. For both of us this was our first meal in 14 months that wasn’t prepared by us or a family member. It was delicious.
  6. and we have a photo!
  7. The weather has been breezy blue skies and warm enough for sleeveless without being HOT.
  8. I am finally seeing the end of Long Love … I left off sleeve #2 just before I started the ribbing to write this post. The photo above is what it looked like when I started the post. and the photo below is what it looked like after.

    ahem, I guess I’d best be getting back to my knitting!

Shared joy most definitely evokes more – let’s fill the comments with joy!

16 thoughts on “A Short Joy List.

  1. Two things jump to mind:
    Index cards
    Colorful flowers on the trail
    Both should be coming up on my blog soon
    Love the picture of you and your mom

  2. …the sweater’s lovely; the food looks delish; you and your mom, totally happy and I love seeing Miss Holly. Thanks for sharing all your moments of JOY with us.

  3. I am so happy you can enjoy time with your Mom. I miss mine but am happy for others.
    Joy List – Travel plans, iris blooms, potato plants poking up through the soil, walking in shirt sleeves, spring thunderstorms.

  4. Well my day is starting out with a bit of joy from seeing not one but TWO Holly photos! I expect by the time we Zoom on Sunday, that second sleeve will be done.

  5. Time with your mom! What a special joy after this year of isolation. The light in the early morning sky and the sound of the dawn chorus. May is proving over and over how special she is.

  6. Two photos of a happy, healthy Holly! The lovely picture of you and your Mom. I had a few rough days last week, but am feeling much better as of Tuesday. Joined The Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club and am looking forward to seeing their summer reading list. Yesterday was the first day in 15 months that I felt like I might be able to drive soon!!

  7. Yay! I love seeing that photo of you & your mom! I’ve had a couple of meals at restaurants/pubs and I can’t believe how incredibly delicious they are!! Haha!

  8. you and your mom photo is the best photo! Also nice to see tummy ache in the middle of the night Holly who has been on my daily prayer list. We had a lunch at panera and while it was nice to have something made by someone else both of us were quickly annoyed with people! It has been nice to not see so much people….

  9. Eating a meal someone else prepared is truly joyful! As is the arrival (finally!!) of warm weather! 🙂

  10. I love a joy post! Boy, that gas shortage must have felt a bit…uncomfortable. Sorry you had to miss tennis because of it! But looks like there was no shortage of joy to make up for it. For me, it’s 1. all the rain has made my garden happy! and 2. We had dinner with an old friend last night, and it was such a celebration of the ordinary–we laughed for 7 (7!!!) hours! It was worth turning into a pumpkin for it.

  11. Yay for a meal out with your mom and a healthy Holly! Joy for me…a shopping trip to the mall yesterday and new jeans and tonight dinner with cousins and an uncle. There should be some good laughs there!

  12. LOVE that picture of you and your Mom – that is the BEST!!!

    Joy = fresh garden produce (our salad on Saturday was only greens from the garden and I’m using some chard tonight in a pasta dish); time to stitch, knit, read, nap; Fletch grilling; seeing family.

    It’s ALL good!

  13. What a great joy list, Mary! I especially love seeing you and your mom out enjoying the day together! On my joy list this morning? Hearing all the bird joy out in my back yard, and getting together with a friend later this afternoon to knit together on her patio! Enjoy your day!

  14. I do love a joyfilled post :). It must have been wonderul for your Mum to be able to have a meal with you. We’re struggling with unseasonable cold and wet but enjoying having a full house now we are allowed to meet family indoors.

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