That’s More Like It!

Y’all … I think my sweater knitting mojo is BACK! Thanks to two mini-KAL’s, I have two sweaters in my “next up” queue that I am excited to knit … and that pushed me to finally make progress on Long Love.Yesterday I picked up stitches and started knitting a sleeve … and today I caught up on a few podcasts and finished that tubular bind-off for the body. I still have a ways to go, but the sleeves are short(er) because of that drop shoulder construction so I’m thinking maybe next week?! I do love that after all this time, I know the post-knitting finishing on this is gonna be a breeze (no seams, not many ends, a quick soak … and a lay flat to dry 😉 ) so that’s not even remotely a deterrent.

Of course those two next up sweaters are not ones I originally planned to knit this season, which sounds just like me, doesn’t it?! and honestly, the second one is more for fall …The one on the left is the one I’ll knit next. It’s Vellichor by Andrea Mowry (ravelry link). I don’t think I’d even seen it until yesterday when my friend Diane said she was thinking about knitting it next … and looked through the gallery and saw some great finishes using Holst Coast (that’s the yarn I’m using for Long Love) and Knit Picks Lindy Chain (another favorite summer yarn of mine). Turns out I have leftover Lindy Chain from last summer’s projects for the two contrast colors (navy and light gray) and just need four balls for the main color. Currently leaning toward Turmeric an “orange-yellow with warm brown undertones”, or maybe Linen a “a light tan with just a tiny bit of pink”. Thoughts welcome!

Later this summer, along with Sarah, I’m going to knit Shifty, another Andrea Mowry design. This one has been on my radar since I saw (on the right) Amber’s version on Instagram last spring (here’s a ravelry link so you can see the details). I love that she used solids, and I love the color palette she chose. I’m planning to use another Knit Picks yarn – Gloss Fingering – for mine. My palette won’t be quite the same, but I’m definitely aiming for a fall sweater (with shorter sleeves). It should be a lot of fun to KAL with Sarah who will be using handspun that looks a lot more like what Andrea envisioned (ravelry link).

So many of us lost, found, lost, found, lost ….  “mojo” around our usual activities this past year and I guess it was my time for this one. “Having plans” makes my daily gratitude list at least a few times a month. Plans like this are a double blessing because they make me feel more like myself. and yep, that’s more like it! …at least for this “sweater knitter” who has felt a bit adrift these past weeks!

I hope you’ve found yourself coming back to something that’s important to you and I would love for you to share!

11 thoughts on “That’s More Like It!

  1. Welcome back Mojo! If you have any to spare, send it this way, please. Looking forward to your knot along with Sarah.

  2. I think this was my first proper look at Long Love – whoa! It’s gorgeous!! And no wonder the finishing has been elusive – that looks like a lot of stitches!

    Your knit alongs look like so much fun. I can’t wait to follow along with you!

  3. Long Love is looking great and your next up sweaters are wonderful. Isn’t that buddy knit accountability great?

  4. my knitting mojo is very low but I have ‘things’ going on in life and lots of other stuff to attend to. When I do knit it has to be simple and pick up and go! I love your new knits to be.

  5. I’m not sure I really appreciated just how much knitting is in Long Love — I’m not surprised that your mojo waned after that loooong body! I’m excited for our KAL, too, because having someone else along for the ride is good motivation!

  6. Ooo! Long Love is going to be gorgeous, Mary! Wow! I love that sky blue color! I love also the idea of a mini-KAL to stay motivated! (although, I am not listening to any thoughts on autumnal knitting… lol)

  7. I have wanted to knit a Shifty since it first came out. . . but I don’t really like the snug-ness of it. I love the one you’ve linked to, though. Hmmmmm. . . now you’ve got me thinking . . .
    (Glad you’ve got your mojo back. It’s rough when it goes missing like that. . . )

  8. Your Long Love is lovely, both the pattern and that beautiful color. And knitting a sweater with Sarah will be wonderful! At first I thought you meant Sara your daughter, but forgot that she did not have an “h”. Congratulations on the return of your mojo!

  9. Such a beautiful blue … It’s going to look lovely on you with a pair of white (or blue) jeans! The autumn ones look lovely – I do like warm spice shades … Glad to hear you’re feeling a little surge of energy and interest again in your knitting; I do htink the trauma of the last fifteen months takes its toll on us all in different ways.

  10. The Long Love is gorgeous. I, of course, love the blue. Ride that wave of knitting mojo. Despite all my blessings, he pandemic has been a long slog for all of us. Very exciting knitting plans for you. Go.

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