Looking Back | April.

“Seeing is a form of pure being unlike watching or looking at. Seeing is why we’re here.” 
~ Anne Lamott, Dusk Night Dawn

I’m trying to be more intentional about this daily photo habit … so it tells a true story. Thinking about these photos capturing what I see, instead of what I’m just looking at has been helpful. I even managed to get pieces of myself into 13 of those photos! It helps that I’m taking weekly photos of my book/manicure pairings right now. and that also upped the book representation. Books show up eight times and knitting/crochet six (and only five of those were me – those are Sara’s hands on the 2nd). Given that I finished 14 books and one crochet project last month, I think the ratio is probably under-stated. anyway…

A Gratitude List: fully-vaccinated. Sara here (and making plans to stay close). Holly responding well to her new meds (y’all – as I write this post we’ve had seven days in a row of “Holly seems like her old self”).

Life Giving: hearing my alarm at 4:45am and realizing Holly and I have both slept through the night. talking with Sara about her plans. talking with Katie about books and reading. porch time. dark early morning quiet time. last week’s small group discussion about creativity and courage. and the week before’s discussion about “real life” being much more than people I share physical space with.

Life Draining: anti-vaxxers (still. ugh). folks who cancel tennis 4-some plans at the last minute. tough to-do’s that I keep putting off.

A (short) Happy List:

  • A fun foursome for “practice” tennis on Tuesday evenings. We had our first “match” last week (27th) and have reservations for next week.
  • 7am workouts with Sara. tennis on Thursdays and walks or runs to the lake two or three other days. I love that 7am start!
  • I ordered clothes – two pairs of shorts and three t-shirts – from Everlane. Everything fits. and I’m looking forward to venturing out a little bit more.
  • Dinner-time FaceTime with Sam & Charlie (also grateful to Katie for making this happen).
  • HGTV’s Home Town. Sara and I LOVE this show so much. I think it would be fun to visit Laurel, MS … Sara’s not so sure.
  • (and still) Manicure Mondays, thanks to Olive & June, and matching my nails to a book I’m reading. that column of Mondays 🙂

Have you had a moment of seeing (vs looking at) lately? I’d love to hear!


11 thoughts on “Looking Back | April.

  1. I am so glad to hear that Holly has been doing better! I have definitely been buoyed lately by the little things that have been made possible by vaccination — dinners with my parents, a get-together with knitting friends, and tonight I’ll get to squish my nephew finally! And the reading has been good lately. I hope that as the year goes on, we have more good things to bring us joy.

  2. I am so happy that Holly is doing better! And Home Town! YES!!! It is our favorite show as well – gosh I just love what they do!

    It looks like you had an amazing month!

  3. I’ve been too busy lately, so I’ve also been barely looking and hardly seeing. I do hope to remedy that this afternoon. I’d like to see things on a walk, but it will probably be raining, so maybe I’ll see my knitting instead. Hooray for your Gratitude List; those are all wonderful!

  4. so glad that Holly is on the mend, she is in my daily prayers ! I love that you have your family close by and that normalcy is coming back one day at a time.

  5. Pleased to hear the good news about Holly … though that’s a very early start! (What time do you go to bed?) It’s a great feeling getting exercise in early in the day, isn’t it? The body always feels better, not to mention the inner virtuous glow :). You’re way ahead on the clothing front; we had hail yesterday and are still having frosts at might with daytime temperatures peaking at 45F – I am only now beginning to think about putting the winter woollies away …

  6. So happy to hear about Holly! I have to find a minute to do my first Olive & June manicure… and make an appointment for a pedi!! 😉

  7. There is so much blooming in my yard right now that is very life giving and sitting outside soaking up the sun and fresh air. Of course, that means not much of what needs to get done inside is getting done! 4th manicure [I did Mom’s last week] /1 pedi in and I think I can do this Olive and June thing!

  8. I am so glad that Holly is having some regular days. Thank goodness for great vets. Your summary is life-giving – very honest and thoughtful. On to May.

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