Fully Vaccinated Weekending.

Marc and I passed the 14-day mark on Friday (coincident with Sara’s second shot) … I knew this weekend was gonna be different, but in so many ways it was just the same as the last how-many-has-it-been?!Friday night dinner – now cheers with three instead of two (which hit its one-month anniversary on Friday!), a fabulous sunset (so long April), two early morning walks to the lake (this weekend’s weather was amazing) … and one Hello May journaling session.

and in between all of that, there was thisSaturday morning pedicure

then time with my sister, in person, at her house!

Sunday morning church … this was the one thing I hadn’t at all planned, but there was an email on Wednesday that the 11am service was “full” and they opened up a 9am service. I made my reservation (and ordered some new masks). I thought that worship six feet apart, wearing a mask, without hymns wasn’t for me. and I was wrong. I even managed NOT to spill the communion wine, packaged in a very cute little cup, on my white pants. and after the service, I visited with a few ladies I’ve been Zooming with these past 14 months … and we made some tentative plans to see each without masks soon.

Today. lunch with my mom, in person, at her house! her NEW house since I last was able to be this close. Monday lunch is going to be our new thing. I thought we might be doing take-out, or even venturing to a restaurant patio, but on Friday our governor relaxed rules for restaurants. At least for now, my mom and I will be dining in our own homes, with food we’ve prepared ourselves (perhaps with the help of Whole Foods? we had their florentine quiche today and it was excellent).

Some of life looks different now. I’ve already made my reservation for church on Sunday. and my mom might be getting a pedicure next Monday, with lunch following at my house (she hasn’t seen the new paint!)

and most of life doesn’t. and yet, the mix feels remarkably different. I guess that’s the lazy genius way (name what matters and start small)!

While I was writing this post, my niece texted that she got her 2nd shot (that’s the last shot for the whole family!). Three months ago (yikes, two months ago!?) I never could’ve imagined that our family would be fully vaccinated in May. I am grateful beyond … words. and looking forward to being together with this whole crew for Memorial Day.

I’m pretty sure anyone who reads this blog has plans to get vaccinated as soon as they can (and if not, please don’t tell me). What did you do/are you planning to do to mark that point?

Finally – I am really loving all the positive feedback on this year’s Summer Bingo – thank you!

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  1. YAY and Congratulations to all for being fully- or near – vaccinated! You had a busy and fulfilling weekend… thanks for sharing. A pedicure is definitely on my A-list. Someday.


  2. Hip Hip Hooray! I agree some things in life have changed and others have not. I am glad your family can be together Memorial Day. We haven’t braved the in-person church just yet. I imagine being with your Mom is just fabulous. The positivity rate is down here – about 5% which makes going out on errands lots less stressful. I am not ready for restaurants but I do need to shop for Capris and a pair of slacks. Pants are the one thing I think is hard to order online. One of my smallish women’s groups is planning to get together in June. We have all been vaccinated so feel safe gathering in person. It’s a whole new world.

  3. I’m so glad your family can finally be together, up close and in person! I’ve gotten my hair cut, braved one open house and three showings with masked real estate agents, but have declined to shake hands and have also declined several restaurant invitations. Not quite yet for me, but maybe sometime this summer. My SiL, a physician who is fully immunized, is planning a flight this weekend, and she and I just had a long conversation about variants. She is scared and double-masking, so that gives me pause, too.

  4. Hooray to stepping back into some time with your most precious people. I am looking forward to a Mother’s Day hike with the girls followed by outdoor coffee at a local shop.

  5. I’m so happy to see these photos of you gathering with your sister and your mom! What a great thing! I agree with your assessment, everything feels different but not that much has actually changed in terms of what we are doing. I did go to Home Goods on Saturday for the first time since probably December 2019. I think mostly I just feel less anxious about the threat of catching the virus everywhere.

  6. It’s amazing to me how quickly vaccinations have ramped up. I remember during our March (I think?) synagogue board meeting, we were discussing when to reopen the building and I spoke up to remind the mostly older board that some of us younger folks wouldn’t be eligible to get vaccinated for quite some time, and another member (who runs a health care center) told me that it likely wouldn’t be as long as I thought because things would really start to speed up soon. And here we are just a little more than a month later, and all the immediate family (minus kids who aren’t yet eligible) is fully vaccinated and we are able to get together in person without fear again. I know we still have a long way to go and that there is still terrible suffering in other places in the world — not to mention a significant number of people here who are being stupid about it — but it feels so good to have some small sense of normalcy.

  7. Looks like I’ll be involved with a compliance audit so there will be more time in the office where the files are actually located?! Luckily the interviews and so forth will be remote, and tI won’t have a lot of interaction with too many folks at the office. I am looking forward to my first fencing tournament in a couple weeks that has super strict COVID requirements, and of course seeing everyone later in May.

  8. So many great things here Mary! Especially your Mom. We’ve braved a retirement party, a plane and one out to eat. I can’t deny I’m just waiting for the shoe to drop though…I feel like those variants are going to be a real concern soon. 😦

  9. Amazing to read of how many things you can now do over there! Delighted you’ve been able to spend time with your Mum and family and friends and go out and about. It must make life feel richer and more varied. How lovely to get to church too … We have to wait twelve weeks between doses, and the under 40s have yet to be offered the vaccine, so I feel we are really behind now. Full opening up isn’t happening until June (if we are lucky) – I am wary of the variants and fear they are going to become news in the next few months.

  10. Hurray!!! I am so happy for you! Those photos are just awesome!! We are dipping our toes in slowly… outside dining on a day and time when we know it will be less likely to be “full” and I am contemplating how to ease back in to church (surprisingly, tho they say masks are manditory, that is not being enforced… and so, for now, I am okay with virtual worship) It is an awkward time – for sure.

  11. things are looking up! How exciting to be fully vaccinated. I am my husband is on his way and we are thrilled. Things have been ultra busy here but I’m looking forward to a 48 hour rest starting hopefully tomorrow 🙂

  12. Such great news about your vaccinations and that you can finally gather! I am delighted to have enjoyed a couple of meals out in a restaurant in recent weeks… all carefully chosen (and so delicious).

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