Book Bingo Begins!

That’s right friends, yesterday marked the official beginning of Summer 2021 Book Bingo! I love reading all the time, but there is something about summer reading that feels particularly enjoyable. Carole posted last week about her love of reading, and she shared these words “to use a food analogy, books don’t all have to be filet mignon, sometimes you need a cheeseburger and fries.” l commented that I think of summer reading as ice cream and a special bottle of wine … books that are pure treats, and maybe ones I’ve been saving to really savor and enjoy. Summer reading … Continue reading Book Bingo Begins!

Choose | May 2021.

Today is the last Tuesday of May … time to check-in with my OLW. In our fully-vaccinated bubble, choices abound, as do opportunities for connection (as I wrote about last month). My Friday morning prayer group met in person (mostly – we did have one woman joining from Texas via Zoom … it worked great having her “there on the laptop”) last week. and last Saturday, our Atlanta family gathered at my brother’s house to celebrate May birthdays (my brother, my nephew, and my sister-in-law’s mom all celebrate this month). It was the most people I’ve seen indoors unmasked since last … Continue reading Choose | May 2021.

FO Friday | Long Love.

Long Love at Long Last is finished! I’m honestly not sure why it took me nearly two months to finish (I started on March 30 and finished May 19) … it was a good bit of knitting, but I think I knit a good bit! In any event, it’s done. I love it. I even have photos to share. First up, two I took myself. actually this is one photo; the image on the right is zoomed in to show the pretty lace detail. The construction of this cardigan is similar to Great Love (thankfully, without the pockets – ), … Continue reading FO Friday | Long Love.

A Short Joy List.

Last month I shared a list of ten (or eleven? 😉 ) little things that sparked joy. It was a delightful post to write and I loved reading all your joyful replies. In that same spirit of taking a moment to pause, pay attention, and name the delight, here’s my mid-May version: A new Sunday morning running routine (church at 9am means time for a short, early workout … a solo run to the lake and back is perfect). Porch time. Longer days (today’s sunrise was 6:32 am and sunset is 8:33 pm – we are officially past the 14 … Continue reading A Short Joy List.

TGIF | Mid-May.

Hello friends and Happy Friday! That view above is from yesterday, and today was just as pretty and even a few degrees warmer, which is welcome. I’m wearing jeans and a sweater and socks … which isn’t really all that typical for mid-May around here. Still, I’ll take blue skies with a scattering of puffy white clouds at just about any temperature! Thinking about … the CDC’s announcement yesterday about relaxed guidelines for fully-vaccinated folks. It feels like we turned this last corner super-quick (like my body has been slammed against the door, and I’m glad I’m wearing a seat … Continue reading TGIF | Mid-May.

That’s More Like It!

Y’all … I think my sweater knitting mojo is BACK! Thanks to two mini-KAL’s, I have two sweaters in my “next up” queue that I am excited to knit … and that pushed me to finally make progress on Long Love.Yesterday I picked up stitches and started knitting a sleeve … and today I caught up on a few podcasts and finished that tubular bind-off for the body. I still have a ways to go, but the sleeves are short(er) because of that drop shoulder construction so I’m thinking maybe next week?! I do love that after all this time, … Continue reading That’s More Like It!

TGIF | Hello May.

Hello friends and welcome to the first Friday post for May … this is the post where I like to look forward to a whole month through the helpful frame of TGIF. Thinking about … finding a new rhythm for my days. Needing to be regular with Holly’s schedule so she can be “regular”, adding in-person lunches with my mom and Sunday church (and one church meeting and more to come), working out with Sara at 7am, more tennis, more traffic (ugh. ugh. ugh!) … I sort of flew by the seat of my pants this week and I’m not … Continue reading TGIF | Hello May.

Reading Better | April.

Whoa, buck up friends, this is a LONG one … I don’t post all that often, and sometimes, the post I want to share is just … long! I added another 14 books to my Read shelf (Goodreads link) last month, bringing my YTD total to 54 (this is a pace I can’t imagine I’ll keep up … and yet?) It was another month of great quality – four 5-star, five 4-1/2-star, four 4-star, and one 3-star. Here are a few more stats from April’s book journal summary page: a little less than 60% (8/14) were words on a page. … Continue reading Reading Better | April.

Looking Back | April.

“Seeing is a form of pure being unlike watching or looking at. Seeing is why we’re here.”  ~ Anne Lamott, Dusk Night Dawn I’m trying to be more intentional about this daily photo habit … so it tells a true story. Thinking about these photos capturing what I see, instead of what I’m just looking at has been helpful. I even managed to get pieces of myself into 13 of those photos! It helps that I’m taking weekly photos of my book/manicure pairings right now. and that also upped the book representation. Books show up eight times and knitting/crochet six … Continue reading Looking Back | April.

Fully Vaccinated Weekending.

Marc and I passed the 14-day mark on Friday (coincident with Sara’s second shot) … I knew this weekend was gonna be different, but in so many ways it was just the same as the last how-many-has-it-been?!Friday night dinner – now cheers with three instead of two (which hit its one-month anniversary on Friday!), a fabulous sunset (so long April), two early morning walks to the lake (this weekend’s weather was amazing) … and one Hello May journaling session. and in between all of that, there was thisSaturday morning pedicure then time with my sister, in person, at her house! … Continue reading Fully Vaccinated Weekending.