TGIF | Still April.

Yep, it’s still April. Mother Nature is doing her thing and Spring is for sure coming … sooner for some of us than others. We did have freezing temperatures the last two mornings (thankfully I hadn’t yet washed my jacket or my mittens!) and then the sunshine warmed things up nicely. I’m even wearing flip flops for Holly’s afternoon walks.

And since it’s Friday, I’m sharing a quick look into my world through the lens of:

Thinking about … “Real Life”. My Friday morning small group is studying Brené Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection. Today we talked about Guidepost #5 – Cultivating Intuition and Trusting Faith: Letting Go of the Need for Certainty. None of us felt like we lacked in intuition, or faith, but many of us – ME!! – felt like we were struggling with uncertainty. and (at least for me) it’s mostly uncertainty related to what life is gonna look like … after all this. I’ve made and nurtured some amazing relationships online this last year. I shared about my reservations and someone pointed out that I used the phrase “In Real Life” three times. I said thank you. and then reflected that I need to re-frame “real life”. Real Life can’t mean simply “sharing close physical space”. This Friday morning group has seen a lot more of each other’s real lives (we’ve shared the insides of our homes! and our totally unmade faces) on Zoom than we ever would’ve seen meeting in a room, in a building, across tables. I’m thinking I need a brand new way to think about rejoining … and that seems BIG. and exciting.

Grateful for … Holly in my lap. She seems to be doing OK right now and maybe that’s all I get to wish for and be thankful for. When we went to the vet last weekend, the doctor told me that we’d be cycling through ups and downs. We had an awesome up this week. and today started a down. … and we didn’t get a lot of sleep. and … I’m grateful she’s resting comfortably… in my lap.

Inspired by … all my fabulous friends on Instagram to visit my local independent bookstore TOMORROW. Yes, tomorrow is Independent Bookstore Day. I should make a list, but honestly, I just want to browse the aisles. stay tuned!

FUN … yesterday was the last day of the tennis season and my partner and I won! I even got her to take a photo with me

The summer season starts in June and I’m looking forward to it!

Looking at that last photo makes me realize how fun it is to simply SMILE! what’s the last thing that made you smile? wishing you something to smile about this weekend! and for sure, I hope it’s the best weekend available to you.

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  1. I think it is wonderful that you have people in your life who will point out what they are hearing you say. So many times I chatter on and don’t stop to reflect or listen to my own words.
    I was smiling this afternoon as I listened to a podcast. I have not done that for too long and the ideas being shared were really wonderful and gave me things to think and laugh about. That is a good thing.
    Happy Weekend

  2. I wish I had a group like your small group – and that I was brave enough to be vulnerable like that! I like your thoughts around reframing “real life,” especially given how we haven’t been able to be in close, physical space for so long. I’m wishing Holly all the best and am happy you had her warm comfort in your lap while writing yesterday.

    Congrats on the tennis win! You both look full of joy 🙂

  3. There were days in the past where there were “Internet friends” and real-life friends, but I think those lines have blurred a lot in the past year. There are some friends (like you!) who I’ve met online and talk with a lot more frequently than friends I know in “real” life. That has been one real blessing of these strange times!

  4. I’ve been thinking about what Annie Dillard says when I think about Real Life: “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” So for me, Real Life is whatever I am spending my time doing. I’m going to an open house tomorrow to check out a place for Ryan and I have an appointment for a haircut this week. But Real Life is also Zoom calls and “internet friends”. Hoping you figure out the Real Life that feels right to you!

  5. I like the idea of reframing “real life” and I also think I need to reframe what is normal life. I also like Bonny’s ideas about the Annie Dillard quote. Love the tennis partner smiles. I hope your weekend brought you joy.

  6. May I ask what Holly has been diagnosed with? I will be praying for her of course. I loved that book and need to read it once more because it was stuffed with good things.

  7. Real Life . . . I always have to remind myself that “real life” also includes the parts I don’t like so much. 🙂 Real Life doesn’t just mean “perfect life,” and I think that’s an important (but so difficult) thing for us to grasp. I love your thought process with this one, Mary!

    LOVE your tennis smiles. I’m so glad you re-discovered your love of tennis and the joy it can bring. And sending Holly the good juju. Poor little pup! XO

  8. Real life… oh boy. I have determined that I am not yet comfortable with 100% re-entry at this point. Michigan (where Heidi and two of the grands are) is having a really horrendous COVID spike… so even with return to some form of normal – it is not normal everywhere yet. Like Kym says… real life and perfect life are not the same thing at all… and I think uncertainty is part of daily life… at least it is for me most days! 🙂

    I am happy to see your smiling faces though! And I hope all is well with Holly.

  9. Sending Holly happy thoughts-no fun when fur-babies are not themselves. Yea on the win and upcoming summer season! I did have a big smile after [successfully] riding Steve’s motorcycle around Northpoint Mall’s parking lot. This was a huge deal.

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