Weird Weekending.

post-vaccination, waiting for the OK to leave the pharmacy (can you tell we’re smiling?)

Thank you all for your well wishes on our second shots. I am beyond grateful they’re behind us (with a lingering rash – me – and a slight headache – Marc, which might also be allergies) and now I can look forward without any anxiety to mid-May when our whole family will be past that 14-day post-vaccine window.

But it was a weird weekend. The power went out JUST as we were leaving for our vaccine appointments. Long story short – some transformer malfunction and it was supposed to be fixed by 8:45 … and ended up being fixed sometime after midnight. It did get us to bed early and that was probably a very good thing.

I took TWO photos this weekend #dailyphotosFTW

Saturday evening on the left and Sunday on the right

yeah, I don’t see much difference either. and honestly, there wasn’t a lot of difference (maybe 4-6 rows?). I have since added about 15 rows and this is going to be the first month since ???!?? that I won’t finish a sweater.

Sara and I walked to the lake on Saturday afternoon (in hindsight, not something I’d recommend less than 24 hours post-vaccine, but wow, the sun felt wonderful) and then we spent six hours on Sunday checking out places to live in-town. We had a great time and maybe made some progress in her house-hunting. I hope to have an update to share with y’all soon.

Then it was Monday … and Marc cleaned/re-opened our porch. Today after lunch, I enjoyed 30 minutes outside with my latest book

…and it was just what I needed to shake off that weekend weirdness.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much. and fresh air always seems to help.

What helps you?!

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  1. Deck time for reading has been a daily for me but I see the rain is returning. Hoping Sara finds a place soon. Your world is definitely recentering.

  2. Years ago Julia Alvarez spoke at Arts & Lectures about “In the Time of the Butterflies.” She brought slides showing sights and scenes from the book and spoke about the history behind the book. I remember driving to an independent book store on the way home and buying a copy of the book which I still have. I’ve never forgotten the presentation or the book. Sadly, Arts & Lectures is no more, and the book store closed years and years ago.

  3. I agree – fresh air and sunshine goes a long way. So glad your porch is back in use – it seems like a lovely place to be. Good luck finding a place for Sara!

    Congratulations on getting your second dose – I hope knowing you’re vaccinated will help bring some lightness into your day.

  4. Congratulations on being fully vaccinated! I’m two weeks after my second dose today, and have yet to change my behavior or actions. I’ll be making a hair appt. for next week, and then maybe dinner with two vaccinated friends in a few weeks, but it will be a slow adjustment for me. Good luck with Sara’s house-hunting and fresh air is often the answer to many things!

  5. Fresh air does it every time for me! Especially when combined with some sort of movement to get the blood flowing. So happy your vaccines are behind you, that the sun is shining, and that Sara is finding some new-home possibilities. 🙂

  6. Fresh air always does me good. It’s a big reason why I have made myself go for a walk every day while we’ve been home, even when it’s raining or freezing or snowing. Lately warm sunshine has helped, too.

    How is Miss Holly doing?

  7. why doesn’t the power go out when it is convenient for us??? So glad you are well and done with the vaccines. May is looking mighty good 🙂

  8. Yes, I COULD tell that you were both smiling! Fresh air and sunshine, for sure. Sometimes a little nap to re-set. And I find that a ‘quick clean’ of my house (with some music on) (if there’s power, of course!) is a helpful reboot. QUICK being the operative word there. Not an all-weekend clean 🙂 Good luck with Sara’s house hunting! Exciting!

  9. I need a nap on Sunday and an early bed time to finally feel re-set post 2nd shot. Can’t wait to hear of news where Sara “lands”. Our power went out a couple weeks ago on a week day morning for a short bit due to probably the same thing. Luckily it was after the coffee was brewed!

  10. An open porch sounds perfect. It was 63 here this a.m., but the temp has dropped and it is not in the low 40’s or high 30’s. Yikes!! Thought we were done with turning the heat on! Congrats on being fully vaccinated. We got our second jabs yesterday. Sore arms, but nothing else, so I think we got off easy. Looking forward to hearing where Sara lands and what is her new job???

  11. A walk outdoors and and knitting revives my spirits. And a hot bath doesn’t hurt either. In The Time of Butterflies – wow – it has been a long time since we read that book in our bookgroup. I may have to revisit it. You know another category for book bingo might be a reread?

  12. Oh I am so glad that your side effects were minimal! And yes to fresh air! (for me a huge pick me up is an hour or two in my garden… there is nothing like it!)

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