TGIF | T-2 hours.

… until Marc and I get our second shots. I haven’t knitted a stitch today (so far), nor have I even thought about getting a hand knit near a dryer. Instead, I’ve been reading and planning more reading, and browsing Instagram for half-square-triangle quilt ideas. Depending on how long it takes me to post this, I also might try for a nap. …so yeah, today does feel a little weird 😉 and hopefully a solid TGIF post will right things!

yesterday afternoon at the park behind City Hall

Thinking about … a potential new volunteer opportunity. With my four-year term leading our church’s Women’s Ministry coming to an end, I have some space. A friend texted me just a week after I shared about that upcoming end to ask if I might be willing to join The Encouragement Project. I said yes. Last week I talked with the Executive Director, and yesterday I met her and two of the board members (my friend is one) at the park. We talked, we shared ideas, we think I might be a fit … the next step is in my court.

Grateful for … this Spring. My first spring in Atlanta was 1980 – so this is what, #42? and it seems like the best ever. The weather, the colors, the blooms!, it’s all amazing. and I’m not the only one … my small group all agreed this morning that this one is special!

Inspired by … summer bookclub and read-along selections! Most of the little covers pictured above are for Modern Mrs. Darcy. Shuggie Bain is, of course, for Read with Us (I snagged the Audible Daily Deal last week), and The Duchess Deal is one a few Instagram friends have said I must read! You can be SURE that my Summer Bingo card will include squares for all of these titles!

Fun! A Real Red polish (Olive & June CV … I LOVE reds, and I’m honestly not sure why I just now decided to get this one – it’s the only “real red” in their collection) arrived in the mail this week. and now I have three more books bumping up to the top of my TBR pile. I already have two easier reads in progress/on tap for the weekend (both library books), so these three are a little ways out. Soon, though, soon.

How has your Spring compared to previous years?

Wishing you the best weekend available!

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  1. Sending you good wishes for minimal side effects, and that you at least feel like knitting and reading. Spring here (in NJ and MD) has been changeable. It’s been 80 degrees and I had to mow in MD last week, but here in NJ it’s 50 something, I have the heat one, and I’m huddled under a fleece blanket! I’ll be interested in your thoughts on Klara.

  2. Our spring is definitely one of the best in many years! Last night I looked at a garden calendar I started keeping last spring, and the magnolias, flowers and leafing of the trees are a month ahead of where we were last year. Admittedly, last spring was one of the worst in years! This week is a return to much cooler temperatures, but we are on our way south to the beach for a week. Good planning on our part.

  3. Close to a foot of snow at our friends in CO and getting lots of notes from home about the snow there. Yikes! It’s absolutely gorgeous though.

  4. Looks like spring in Georgia is a lot more reliable than spring here in Western Pennsylvania! On the first Thursday of the month, it snowed. On the second, it was 80F. On the third, it was cool and rainy.

    I hope you and Marc are both feeling okay today and are taking it easy. Naps and reading sound like a good plan!

  5. Despite the complaints about cold weather, rain, and even a little snow, we’re having a fairly typical spring. The rain and snow are very welcome because winter preciptitation was below normal. The next two weeks could be dryer and more spring like. We expect more blossoming trees over the next two weeks, which means the neighborhood will be gorgeous! I hope you and Marc are feeling well. Feeling off for a day is much better than the virus. How wonderful you’re fully vaccinated!

  6. Spring is Spring here in Wash DC…much like Sarah’s temps and up/down … matching nail color to book covers or vice versa is one unique way to choose what to read… brilliant! Enjoy! Your potential new volunteer opp looks quite interesting …


  7. Matching your nail polish to book covers is fun, I have to say! And The Encouragement Project…what a beautiful concept. Sounds like it could be very good timing to keep your well filled–and to help fill others’.

  8. I hope your second shot went well and you’re feeling good!! So much here: YES to quilting. Please. I can’t wait to see what you’re planning. I also bought Shuggie Bain when it was the Audible Daily Deal, but am not sure if I’ll actually listen to it… it seems a bit too heavy for me right now. I LOVE those little book covers – I get excited whenever you share them here 🙂 And that Colson Whitehead book was so good — I only read it a few weeks ago!

    Spring has been up and down here, but when I look at the temps/weather from my 5 year journal, I’m reminded how typical that is. We had 3″ of snow forecasted for Friday but luckily the snow mostly veered around us. We only had a few flakes while nearby towns were measuring up to a foot (maybe more?). I’m so glad all of our snowpack has melted!

  9. Isn’t it nice to be able to contemplate your next steps . . . and find just-the-right-thing to fill your (now available) space? I hope you and Marc are feeling fine and happy to be be vaccinated! XO

  10. The Encouragement Project looks like a great fit for you Mary! HSTs – I’m not sure I realized or knew that you quilted (as well as knit, sew, etc.). Hope you and Marc are feeling fine after your vaccinations. We have our second shots tomorrow!!

  11. I have an Olive & June kit headed my way! We’ve had better springs… but we’ve definitely had worse, too! Hope your vaccinations went OK!!

  12. By now, I hope you are past all side effects. It’s a nice feeling to release a little of the worry about Covid. You have some great reading ahead.

  13. I hope that your post-vaccination weekend was low on side effects! (and I hope you worked that nap in!)

    Catching up on all the missed posts might be the worst thing about vacation re-entry though! 🙂

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