TGIF | Hello April.

oh my … this month’s calendar photo is one of my all-time favorites!

Looking back at last month’s Hello post, I’m almost gob-smacked by the difference that JUST four weeks can make. almost. because I still remember the difference that four weeks made last spring. and that four weeks (four hours … four minutes … four seconds) can cause a seismic shift in any of our lives.

I snapped those photos yesterday morning. Dark early. Sara’s flight had just left Heathrow (on time!). and seeing that sunstar shining through the faces of two my favorite people. well. gratitude comes easy.

Thao Nguyen’s Lowbrow Cowl in Knitpicks City Tweed

Sara’s flight was actually almost an hour early (we were home about 30 minutes after her flight was originally scheduled to land). She’s unpacked a little bit and is doing all the things to adjust to the time change before she starts her new job on Tuesday (I haven’t asked what time that will be). Today she got her first COVID shot and then we ran some errands. (I forgot how much fun it is to run errands … or even drive my car … with someone else.) Back home, she started a new knitting project. She chose the pattern and the yarn (I chose the color … and oops, it might be a little dark for a second project?!) … and she still remembered how to cast on. Good thing. it’s 206 stitches!

So yes, gratitude comes easy. and heading into a new month, I’m glad for that solid ground.

Trying hard … to really live in this season. to let go of “comfortable habits” and make space for new things. experiences. relationships. maybe even new (better?!) habits and routines.

Grateful for … having Sara here. and everything that means.

Inspired … to keep reading all the things. March was maybe my biggest reading month ever and it made me so excited to read more! also, my reading journal is a pure delight. I can’t wait to share what I read and loved in March … and to have another awesome reading month in April.

Fun … Sara wants to play tennis. Counting me, my sister, and sometimes Katie, we have a sometimes regular foursome. My sister thinks she can find us a for-sure foursome. I’ve had a totally delightful time playing just-for-fun tennis with the “old ladies” on Tuesday mornings and thinking that I could make that a regular Saturday afternoon thing fills me with joy. So. Tennis Foursome. for fun!

My April holds much promise … and I hope yours does as well! I especially hope you have something FUN planned and would love for you to share!

Wishing you the best weekend available.

12 thoughts on “TGIF | Hello April.

  1. Thank you so much Mary. Love reading of your adventures and life happenings. So happy that Sarah is back stateside. My older daughter lived in Budapest for 4 years. Missed her so much, but she’s been back for several years. Love the reading and the tennis and of course the knitting!

  2. I’m full of gratitude knowing Sara is under your roof again. I think you’ll have an extra happy Easter tomorrow!

  3. So many good things in this post! Isn’t it amazing how simple things can bring such joy? Happy Easter!

  4. I can only imagine the feeling of relief you must’ve had with Sara back under your roof, knowing she doesn’t have to fly back across the ocean! It feels like everyone is where they’re supposed to be. I hope you have an extra-happy Easter with the whole family tomorrow!

  5. Sara home! Just the best for all of you. And that tennis foursome is pretty exciting too. We’re heading to CO on the 14th arriving on Dan’s 30th birthday. That alone will make April top notch! Here’s to a great month ahead Mary!

  6. I am doing all the things that are ‘not me’ and trying to be ‘present’ and thankful and aware. Makes for a more relaxing day and for more joy in my life. I am thankful your daughter arrived safe and sound. Soak up all that love!!

  7. I am happy that your daughter arrived safely and that you are finding joy and gratitude in life. Spring has arrived and with it hope.

  8. April always seems to be the month for new things or freshening up what’s been dormant-maybe it’s the weather and all the pretty flowers. Yea for an early/safe flight and a new job-so exciting!

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