Summer 2021 Book Bingo!

Yes indeed – the Book Bingo cards are LIVE and ready to go! Many thanks to all of you who offered up suggestions for the categories and special thanks to Carole for her feedback and testing. If you click on “Summer 2021 Book Bingo” (on the header menu) you’ll get whisked to a page that includes a link to the card generator and all the “rules”. We are getting back to our Summer Bingo roots this year. Books you finish between the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day count for a square. We don’t get to start until … Continue reading Summer 2021 Book Bingo!

Choose | April 2021.

Hello friends and hello to the April update for my OLW Choose. Last month I wrote  about all the choices that post-vaccination life was going to present. Much of my family and many friends are now fully vaccinated. I’ve watched them navigate those complicated choices and arrive at different decisions, some I’m comfortable with and some I’m not. Thankfully, I am seeing a lot of that “grace & space” attitude, which helps. Of course the choices and decision frameworks (and risk tolerance) will continue to evolve. It’s helpful for me to see the word Choose every morning with my coffee to … Continue reading Choose | April 2021.

TGIF | Still April.

Yep, it’s still April. Mother Nature is doing her thing and Spring is for sure coming … sooner for some of us than others. We did have freezing temperatures the last two mornings (thankfully I hadn’t yet washed my jacket or my mittens!) and then the sunshine warmed things up nicely. I’m even wearing flip flops for Holly’s afternoon walks. And since it’s Friday, I’m sharing a quick look into my world through the lens of: Thinking about … “Real Life”. My Friday morning small group is studying Brené Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection. Today we talked about Guidepost #5 … Continue reading TGIF | Still April.

Weird Weekending.

Thank you all for your well wishes on our second shots. I am beyond grateful they’re behind us (with a lingering rash – me – and a slight headache – Marc, which might also be allergies) and now I can look forward without any anxiety to mid-May when our whole family will be past that 14-day post-vaccine window. But it was a weird weekend. The power went out JUST as we were leaving for our vaccine appointments. Long story short – some transformer malfunction and it was supposed to be fixed by 8:45 … and ended up being fixed sometime … Continue reading Weird Weekending.

TGIF | T-2 hours.

… until Marc and I get our second shots. I haven’t knitted a stitch today (so far), nor have I even thought about getting a hand knit near a dryer. Instead, I’ve been reading and planning more reading, and browsing Instagram for half-square-triangle quilt ideas. Depending on how long it takes me to post this, I also might try for a nap. …so yeah, today does feel a little weird 😉 and hopefully a solid TGIF post will right things! Thinking about … a potential new volunteer opportunity. With my four-year term leading our church’s Women’s Ministry coming to an … Continue reading TGIF | T-2 hours.

Finding Joy in the Little Things.

One of my intentions this year is “more joy”. This morning, I was reflecting on a handful of delightful things that had happened over the last 24 hours … and I was reminded that the simple act of paying attention and naming the delight was an easy way to bring “more joy” into my life. I started a list. At 5:40am I had six things and I decided to challenge myself to come up with (at least) four more to blog about this afternoon. Here goes: I joined the back and the two fronts on Long Love and the pattern … Continue reading Finding Joy in the Little Things.

TGIF | All Good Stuff.

Sara and I went to Trader Joe’s last Friday and brought home a bunch of orange tulips. I put them in a blue & white pitcher on the corner of my desk and totally enjoyed watching them open up as the week progressed. I was even inspired to make a Waterlogue. This view is from Wednesday. The blossoms were all spent by this morning and my view is now … a lot less colorful … which inspired me to celebrate the Good Stuff this Friday! Thinking about … another summer of Book Bingo. Patty says Yes. and I say Why … Continue reading TGIF | All Good Stuff.

Reading Better | March.

I added another 17 books to my Read shelf (Goodreads link) last month. It was a great month for quantity and quality – four 5-star, four 4-1/2-star, eight 4-star, and one 3-star. Close readers might note that the “4-1/2 star” category is a new one. Five stars is a really tough grading system. I rarely even finish something that doesn’t merit at least three …  so most of my books are gonna land in four star territory. I still want a way to differentiate between “I loved it” and “I REALLY loved it, but it wasn’t as AMAZING as …”, … Continue reading Reading Better | March.

Looking Back | March.

“…every year, you’re all, ‘March! This is going to be great! Start of spring!’ But it’s definitely not, right? Because there will be a weird, freak snowstorm, and it’s like winter’s started all over. Unexpected things happen in March.” ~ Kate Clayborn, Love Lettering Of course here in Georgia, March is the start of spring … and this year it also included Third Winter and ushered in a Fourth (which actually began overnight on the 31st to welcome in near record breaking lows for April). Weather aside, we got our first vaccine shots; and I felted a sweater (totally on … Continue reading Looking Back | March.

TGIF | Hello April.

Looking back at last month’s Hello post, I’m almost gob-smacked by the difference that JUST four weeks can make. almost. because I still remember the difference that four weeks made last spring. and that four weeks (four hours … four minutes … four seconds) can cause a seismic shift in any of our lives. I snapped those photos yesterday morning. Dark early. Sara’s flight had just left Heathrow (on time!). and seeing that sunstar shining through the faces of two my favorite people. well. gratitude comes easy. Sara’s flight was actually almost an hour early (we were home about 30 … Continue reading TGIF | Hello April.