TGIF | Still March.


Here’s a quick look into my world right now, though the lens of:

Thinking about … time. I just read (in my ears, with kudos to Ethan Hawke’s fantastic narration) Slaughterhouse-Five. I’ve somehow managed to miss reading this classic and I’m grateful to Novel Pairings podcast for putting it in my path right now. There’s a lot going on in this short novel, and much of it is dark and depressing. but the idea that time isn’t linear – that’s a limitation of our three-dimensional minds – has always fascinated me. I encountered this in a spiritual sense a few years ago through one of Krista Tippett’s On Being podcasts (maybe this one?) when the discussion touched on God’s time as being different from ours. I did a good bit of googling to try to understand what the book was about. One site I found (link) talked about how humans are pessimists, always recalling the the worst about their lives. Folks who live in four dimensions enjoy life more because they know that life goes on. Big questions. lots to think about!

Grateful for … another weekend. making it through another week. afternoon naps. dark early quiet. the promise of a new season.

Inspired by … a great month of reading to spend some time with my book journal. I haven’t updated it since March 8 and I count ELEVEN titles in those cute little covers that I need to write about!

FUN … Sara flies back April 1! hopefully with a much easier trip than she had in December. This time, she’ll be taking a taxi from Bristol to Heathrow on March 31st so she can catch an early morning flight on April 1 without the hassle (worry) of the train. She starts her new job April 6 … and that means we have a few days to play (and adjust) and have fun!

Wishing y’all a happy Friday … and the best weekend available!

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  1. Perhaps I’ll give Slaughterhouse Five another try—based on your enthusiasm for it. this time I’ll try the audio version…I know you must be counting the minutes…wishing Sarah a safe and swift journey HOME! Enjoy the weekend

  2. I read Slaughter House Five in high school (and not too enthusiastically if I recall) Maybe I need to revisit an audio version! Thank you for the tip!

    Also… Sarah has a new job? How exciting! Have a great weekend!

  3. Enjoy your last few days with Sara. I have a couple of books I am diving into about Worship. Read a little at a time so I can absorb the content. Will listen to Obama’s book. Have not listened to a book in years. This allows me to use travel and gym time in a constructive way. Take care. 🙂

  4. You have piqued my interest in Slaughterhouse Five! My memories are the same as Kat’s – I read it in high school, and I think I may have resorted to Cliff Notes. Maybe I should try it as a grown-up and without notes?

    Safe travels to Sara, enjoy your days with her before her new job starts, and I know you’ll really having her on this side of the pond!

  5. Your little book covers are so enticing. The idea of seeing at a glace what you’ve read this month/year would be exciting. I am thinking I’ll read Gilead for a third (fourth?) time. It’s truly one of my favorites. I love the whole Gilead series.

  6. Your journal is going to be such a treasure when you look back at it in several years. Did you see that Anne Bogel’s new book is a reading journal? I’m tempted to order it and start keeping a physical journal. I still love the little book covers, but mine wouldn’t be as interesting with only a black and white printer.

    I’m so excited that Sara will be home by this time next week! Do you think she might join us for Zoom one of these weeks? I’d love to “meet” her!

  7. I went through a HUGE Kurt Vonnegut stage in high school and read everything of his I could get my hands on, which was a lot since I worked at the public library, LOL. Does Sara have to pack up and ship a lot of things back to the US? That must be challenging.

  8. Tom was a huge Kurt Vonnegut fan when we first started going out (he still is. . . ), so I read All The Vonnegut back in the day. Always interesting, that’s for sure! And . . .where will Sara be working (city?). I’m so glad she’s coming back! I’m sure her time in England was a bit tainted by Covid, but I’m hoping her experience was a good one. XO

  9. Waving hands in the air for Sara’s arrival! I’ll have to consider Slaughterhouse Five…maybe for book bingo if it’s a thing! And that book journal really brings me a lot of joy…could be #1 retirement project!

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