Noten (finished).

Yep, done! and it turned out beautifully. the colorblocks and subtle colorwork. the shaping – those pleats just below the high bust might not work for everyone but they do for me! and the yarn … it’s next-to-skin soft.

Sadly, though, this knitter made a big mistake and put it into the dryer. and felted it. I have zero excuses and cannot even put myself back in that Friday afternoon place when I thought it might be a good idea to put very wet merino wool into the dryer. even on a low setting. even for “just” 30 minutes. but I did!

Happily, I have a petite friend who recently moved to Santa Fe … and is looking forward to some sweater mail next week.

I really do love the design – especially now that I can see it finished (subtle colorwork is sometimes hard to appreciate pre-blocking, you know? and those pleats …) – and think it would be a great addition to my wardrobe. So I’m making plans to knit it again for next year. and I’m going to be sure the second attempt fits ME!

First – the felted sweater was small, but not that small – maybe I should’ve knit a smaller size? I took some measurements against a sweater that fits great (of course I don’t have any with those pleats, so it’s kind of a guess):The big difference is the depth of the armhole … and a little bit the upper bust. With the pleats, the body of the sweater fits, but I think the idea is that it should be a bit more A-line. I’m not sure what I think about the length … the sleeves are gonna be fine, but I’m wondering if I’d want a slightly longer body to balance out that swingier fit? what do you think?

Second – I’m knitting a big swatch with the leftovers. This is Joji’s 3-Color Cashmere Cowl, modified to work with the yarn I had left. It’s the same gauge as the sweater, so I think it’ll be a perfect test. It’s also the perfect palate cleanser!

I’m past the halfway point on this cowl now, and thinking about another sweater. thinking anyway…


and y’all, thinking about knitting and messing up knitting and yarn is the best thing I have to think about right now. I can’t even get my head around another shooting. I am, however, grateful that my US Representative is Lucy McBath. She lost her son to gun violence and that’s what prompted her to get into politics and run for Congress. That’s not the only reason I voted for her, but it’s a big one. and I’m proud of what she’s done and what she’s doing. It’s got to stop. and now is the time. may it be so.

15 thoughts on “Noten (finished).

  1. Okay, I almost had a heart attack when I read you put the wet sweater in the dryer. Seriously! I think the sweater is cute, but I do think a little length in the body would be a good balance for the a-line shape.

    The shootings though… my heart hurts. It just has to stop (and NO ONE should have to fear going to do something that is a necessary thing… like grocery shopping.)

  2. Love the sweater ! Sorry you “felted” it. Live and Learn. Glad you have a recipient who will welcome and happily wear . Looking forward to the next version … same color scheme? Reeling too with this latest mass shooting.

  3. Thank you Mary, you are very thoughtful and generous to give me your beautiful and lovingly made sweater 🤗 Often I think of you, greatly missing our conversations discusssing books and life, and will feel especially close to you when I wear it 💗 And I can’t wait until you come to visit!

  4. I squeaked a bit when you mentioned the dryer and I’m so glad it turned out okay! I’m not sure pleats at the high bust would be the best feature for me — and yet, our bodies are all so different! And it’s a cute idea! I can’t believe you knitted a whole sweater and will now just give it away – how generous.

    The cowl looks delicious. Enjoy that one! I can’t wait to see what you’re making next. I think I’m going to start a new Spark cardigan soon!!

    I was going to respond about Lucy McBath in your email from yesterday, but I’ll go ahead and do it here since you mentioned her. I think she’s a hero and I’ve enjoyed watching her work. I am amazed that someone who has been through such a tragedy can manage to speak about gun violence in such a strong and steady way. I’d be a puddle forever, I think. I’m glad you can call her your Representative.

  5. Oh Mary, this is so sad! But it’s also the kind of mistake that I think has happened to all of us. I’m glad that at least you’ve found a recipient for it so it’s not a complete waste, though I’m sure the loss of all the time you put into it stung quite a bit. I remember a favorite sweater (store bought) getting felted into doll size by my father when I was in middle or high school, long before I was a serious knitter, and as a result I’ve always defaulted to hand washing anything knit, even if it’s superwash or not even wool.

    I do have to say I am intrigued by the above-bust pleats, especially now that I’m much less well endowed than I used to be!

  6. You added that tragic sentence fairly calmly! It doesn’t sound like you to put wet merini into the dryer, so maybe you were thinking of Lauren subconsciously? I’m glad you have someone who will happily wear it. And we all love to knit, so this is a second chance to maybe knit a bit better.

    Boulder is close and that grocery store chain is where Ryan shops, so now he’s fearful of even grocery shopping. When we were talking about it, I just didn’t have the heart to tell him that gun violence is always close and any of us could encounter it at any time, whether we are Black, Asian, food shopping, or simply children at school. It does have to stop, and I wish I had the answers.

  7. Oh, no! I’m so sorry about your sweater-in-the-dryer mishap, but glad you’ve found a happy recipient. (It’s an interesting design, with those pleats. . .) And this week certainly does call for “comfort knitting.” Joji’s cowl really fits the bills. XO

  8. I’m so sorry about the sweater felting in the dryer, that’s heartbreaking! But it sounds like you’ve made lemonade out of those particular lemons and that’s a good thing. My nephew lives in Boulder and that’s the grocery store where he shops frequently. We are all so grateful he wasn’t there that day.

  9. Oh my goodness, I put my hand to my mouth when I read you’d felted it :(. Yikes! Because it suited you so beautifully … Yes, I think if there are pleats above the bust, then a longer length would give it greater swing. The recent shootings are heart-breaking. I have never understood the right of every citizen to bear arms myself. (We don’t have it in this country).

  10. Sorry your beautiful sweater was felted, but so fortunate you have a recipient in mind! This endless, mindless horror that is going on in the US is just unbelievable. I, so glad my brother and family (who live in Boulder) are all safe, but one of the victims was an acquaintance/friend of my SIL. Just SAD.

  11. The upside is that cowl (beautiful!) and that you can knit the sweater a second time and you’ll know what to do to make it fit YOU. Should an A-line fit have ribbing? At least you’ll have time to think over the way to make this lovely sweater your own.

  12. Oh dear. I did a double take when I read that you put that sweater in the dryer. You are fairly calm about it all and it is nice you found a recipient for it. The cowl is lovely. The shootings just make me ill and so very sad.

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