Third Winter.

I’m sure y’all have seen versions of this meme where you live. For many of you, Mud Season replaces The Pollening* and gosh, shouldn’t the welcome of Actual Spring be something good?! Actually proud of myself for the version you see up top because I couldn’t find anyone shouting out Third Winter! so I had to edit another image. The weather forecast I shared with y’all on Friday turned out to be pretty right. We had a glorious weekend – sunny and 70! Then yesterday it was 60. today it was 48 and it rained. and when I took Holly out for her walk this afternoon I saw yellow in all the puddles. The Pollening approaches (Marc already has our porch furniture wrapped – and the cushions are resting up in the basement) likely by the beginning of next week 🙂 So while I have Third Winter to enjoy, I’m knitting from my favorite chair, on that wool sweaterThat’s the first sleeve … I’ve since finished that color block and have one last block of gray plus the ribbing – and another sleeve! – to finish. plus ends. and blocking. Saturday I am gathering outside with my mom, sister, and SIL to commemorate The Year and my goal is to be wearing this sweater. We’ll see.

I did capture a few photos from Spring of Deception on my Sunday morning walk and I saved them up to share with y’all:

These are the cherry trees outside our neighborhood entrance. Just starting to leaf out. (and perhaps causing a bit of pink & green obsession that is gonna be a topic for another post)

Forsythia. always a spring favorite.

Magnolia Jane(? link) This bloom was sitting at the perfect height for a close up photo … and gosh, more pink and green!

I know many of y’all are entering one of the spring seasons … I have so enjoyed seeing crocus, snowdrops, daffodils, and tulips on your blogs!

My question is what makes you know that Actual Spring is here. my answer is that we feel like we can open up the porch (with furniture. and cushions) … hopefully by late April.

*for those of you with mud AND pollen … whoa. I am lifting you up!

14 thoughts on “Third Winter.

  1. Gosh it is just so nice to see things blooming! I only have wee little snowdrops braving the topsy turvy weather! For such fragile looking things they are certainly hearty! We have had several mornings in the 20’s still. I hope The Pollening is over quickly for all of our sakes! lol

  2. You are so much farther ahead in the spring series than we are, but at least we all know it’s coming. It always does, but it’s nice to see some real signs. For me, actual speing is usually around May 15th – Justin’s birthday and our last frost date!

  3. Your blooms look delicious…or luscious…or something! We have crocus and daffodils are budded, but not open yet. But there is mud…on the trails and in the yard and I’ve seen signs of The Pollening (yuck) and am sneezing more (again). Today we had sleet in the afternoon! But next week we are supposed to be back in the 60’s for the week. Looking forward to that and walking again.

  4. I am good with a pink and green obsession. Here in Nebraska, we still have one leg in winter. I know it is Spring when the iris and lilacs bloom. The gray and white sweater is beautiful. Here’s hoping you can finish it for your gathering. If not, it will be lovely when it is finished.

  5. Mud and pollening seasons usually collide here. My weather app has a Pollen alert most of the week. Lots of tree pollen right now. Our forsythia and cherry trees are not quite ready to bloom but the daffodils and tulips are starting and today I saw a beautiful rhododendron with pink buds!
    Hmmm, actual spring? Probably when I can go for a walk without a woolly hat and gloves.
    Can’t wait to see your sweater!

  6. How lovely to see such blossoming! Your graphic made me smile – I think if I were to do one for our micro-climate up here at 1000 feet, it would have a few more winters in :). You’re making great progress with your sweater – what a nice celebratory occasion for wearing it you have planned. Our Spring is always a mixture, and we can sway from sunshine and warmth to grey skies and hail within the space of a day – it doesn’t get any more reliable than that!

  7. March is one of my least favorite months, although this year has been better than most. We’ve had a lot less snow, but we’re still alternating between very cold temps in the low 20’s with swing days in the 50’s. Our poor daffodils don’t know quite what to make of it! I’ll be buying daffodils at the grocery store for a few more weeks for sure—it’s the only sign of true spring we have. Your photos are gorgeous, and bring hope!

  8. I guess I know spring is finally here when my allergies start acting up — if it’s warm enough for pollen, it’s official! I have been keeping an eye on the spring flowers that have been coming up every day on my walk. The snowdrops and crocus (crocuses? croci?) have been blooming, and in the past couple of days I’ve seen some daffodil buds.

  9. We’re entering 3rd winter tomorrow with a prediction of 1-3 inches of snow overnight. I am NOT happy about it but at least it won’t last long this time of year. I’ve got lots of crocus and one tiny patch of snow drops and a whole bunch of daffodil shoots. I know it’s really spring when I hear peepers at night.

  10. thank you for the blossom sharing! so nice to spring! we have snow drops and crocuses blooming right now and when I see them I’m in heaven 🙂

  11. Still pretty winter-y here, although we do get a little warm-up (40s) now and again — and we had one joyous day in the 60s last week. But it’s a long time until real spring arrives here — it’ll be mid-May before we’re (usually) frost-free. At least most of the snow has melted . . .

  12. That list made me laugh. So true! But down in south GA I think we are slightly ahead of you guys–we are deep into The Pollening right now. Horrible.

  13. LOVE the pink and green. Look forward to seeing the sweater IRL-I might have on a new one or at least a new accessory! I know spring is actually here when I can open the sun room windows. I do appreciate the recent rains to help with the pollen.

  14. Real spring is making inroads, as I see jonquils across the way in a sunny planter box, Usually fake spring snow crushes them at least twice. I would say May, which is beginning of the pollening, is when we feel like we can unwrap the patio furniture. If we didn’t overlap with the pollening season we’d have too little time outdoors!

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