TGIF | Burying the Lede.

Fun and Inspired … and not at all the lede!

Fun fact – I wasn’t quite sure what “burying the lede” meant unto about five minutes ago when I finally looked it up and decided it was indeed what I intended to do with the photos I had 🙂  Also, I love that I can tag one of my mostly-regular TGIF posts with a title that doesn’t reference time.  (and yup, burying that lede even more!)

Happy Friday y’all! and welcome to TGIF in this little corner of the internet.

Thinking about … how to balance stillness and connection as things start to re-open. When I wrote this year’s intentions, I was imagining a world that looked like most of 2020 … and it now seems like 2021 could be much different. I am wanting to be slow about saying “yes” (and “no”). I got used to the space that this last year allowed me and I’m not ready to  give it up. Stillness and connection aren’t always standing off – sometimes they are at opposite ends – and yet when they intersect (centering prayer circle, FaceTimes with friends) I know I am where I need to be.

Grateful for … Marc and I have our first vaccine appointments next Friday. Georgia is opening up availability to age 55+ on Monday.  I am especially grateful to my sister for letting me know Wednesday night that Publix was opening appointments at 7am on Thursday. I was there at 6:58 and had both appointments booked by 7:40 (the waiting is the hardest part).

Inspired by … the weather – yep, again! – to quickly finish this sweater so I might be able to wear it once! I just started the last color block on the body … and still two sleeves to go. I think this sweater could be the perfect top for 60-ish degrees … TBD if I can finish the body (30 rounds plus ribbing) and TWO sleeves by next weekend. actually, as I type that I realize yeah, not likely. still. we knitters are hopeful folks.

Fun! … I snapped the photo above at the end of our match yesterday. y’all we WON 6-3, 6-3. we were the only line to WIN without a tie-break. It was SOMUCHFUN! I stayed after our match to watch the two remaining matches and it was … almost like before times. except that I didn’t DO tennis in before times. We were outside, seated away from each other, sharing thoughts about the matches, and our coaches, and the other team, and it was fun! I didn’t even have to try hard to NOT complain (which was also fun).

and on that note – I sure hope you’ve found some TGI & F in your life this past week. I would love for you to share about any one of those things!

Also, wishing you the best weekend available to you! and love. – M.

10 thoughts on “TGIF | Burying the Lede.

  1. The excitement mounts! I’m glad for your tennis win, and of course your sweater, but the best part is your vaccine appointments! That is huge, and I’m very glad for you. I’m holding Joe’s assurances about July 4th in my heart. I tend to be pessimistic and don’t quite believe that date, but I sure want to!

  2. I never knew what that phrase meant either. Love your opening photo and your list. You know that I am with you on thinking carefully about re-entry. My grateful and fun were digging in the garden. Such a lovely thing to be doing in mid-March.

  3. I’m so happy you have your first vaccine lined up! I’m getting my first shot on Monday! Congrats on your tennis win, it’s wonderful that you are enjoying this so much.

  4. Is the puppy butt part of the lede you were burying?

    Congrats on the tennis win and on getting a vaccine appointment! Teachers at kiddo’s school have started getting vaccinated this week, which is very exciting, and I’m hopeful that my employer will be getting a supply soon (though whether I’ll be eligible remains to be seen). It’s good to know that at least while I have to wait for my turn, my parents will be home by the end of the month and we’ll be able to see them in person again.

  5. Coming here fills me with joy and hope! Little Holly, so sweet. And, vaccine appointments! That is the best news. I have hope that Pres. Biden is right and we will (mostly) be safe out in the world. Like you, I will be changing things slowly. I’ve grown used to my new routine and the quiet in my world.

  6. how exciting to get the vaccine, yay!!! I really feel like things are getting better finally. congrats on the win and look at your beautiful spring time photos! so delightful.

  7. I have my first vaccine shot tomorrow. We’re still waiting for an appointment for Tom, but I’m sure it will be (fairly) soon. Congratulations on your tennis victory! So fun! And . . . it’s going to be interesting to watch how we all choose to integrate back into “real life,” that’s for sure. Now that the CDC recommendations for vaccinated/unvaccinated households have come out, we were able to have my dad over for dinner yesterday. A nice change for all of us.

  8. Oh, that’s a tennis thing/photo!! It took me a minute…

    I’m awaiting news of a possible vaccination appointment here… it’s not coming soon enough!! 😉

  9. Delighted to hear you will be getting your vaccine so soon! I think the US – or at least some states – are whizzing past the UK in getting people vaccinated. We have to wait 12 weeks for our second one, and I am hoping that there won’t be any supply problems by then. Delighted to hear you’ve had so much enjoyment with your tennis playing and congratulations on your win! Good way to start the season :).

  10. I’m way low on the vaccine totem pole, but at least now I know that I’ll be on my own for getting it when I’m eligible. Go you on the win-such a great feeling!

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