TGIF | Hello March.

from this morning’s walk

I was so happy to see these daffodils on my walk this morning, turning their faces to warm in the sun … it felt nice to turn my face toward it, too. and that feels like the perfect metaphor to say Hello to March!

Trying hard … to stay focused. which mostly means having the courage to simply say “no” to most of the new things that come across my path.

practically Giddy … that I dropped off our tax information with the accountant this afternoon. also Glad the pile of papers came together in much less time than I thought it would. and now I need to be careful that the space that’s opened up in my brain and on my calendar doesn’t fill up with more stuff …trying hard

Imagining … when it might be our turn for the vaccine, and what life might look like after that. Pantsuit Politics‘ weekly newsletter included this really great metaphor from a listener:

In March of 2020, because of the virus, we all found ourselves forced into boats on the sea. My family is in our own little boat floating along this sea. We can see others in their boats around us and we all seem to be going in the same direction, but because of this virus, we’re all in our own boats.

Currently, some of the boats have seen the land on the horizon and are readying the anchors with the advent of that first vaccine shot. Others, like my parents who are fully vaccinated, not only have their anchors down, they’re on the shore now. How amazing!

But at this point, for my own family, we cannot see the land. We’re in the doldrums where the sun comes up and then goes down, but still no land in sight. We’re going the same direction as the other boats were, and we have hope that we’ll get there soon, but we’re just not there yet.

I feel like we are starting to glimpses of land. and of course our boat has been tethered with Katie’s so it hasn’t been just me and Marc. We both know lots of folks who have now received both shots. My neighborhood bookclub is planning an in-person meeting this month … and the plan for if the weather’s bad is to just move indoors (and I’m not sure how “socially distanced” they’ll be even if they are outside). I think my church might be opening in a very limited way in May. and we are just not there. I’m not sure that even if we were both vaccinated we’d be there. This whole transition is going to be weird. and hard. and require every bit of imagination we can muster. (and also plenty of grace.)

looking Forward … to Sara moving back to Atlanta! April 1! She’s starting a new job (working remotely for the foreseeable future) and has decided to make Atlanta home again. Honestly, looking forward is an understatement. I am positively giddy!

Wishing you the best weekend available … and sunshine – even the metaphorical kind! – to warm your face.




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  1. Wonderful news about Sarah! WOW! You must be walking on the moon! Thx for sharing the metaphor re: COVID; deep sigh, we’re getting there. Love the daffys – we just see stalks but hey, that’s a great sign Spring’s ‘roun the corner!


  2. So excited that Sara will be returning so soon! And I agree about the re-entry. I think we all need to be very intentional about how we will begin to re-engage with the world. Dropped our taxes (and dad’s) off this week too. Why do I let that elephant sit on my gut so long? Happy weekend

  3. I like the analogy about the boats. I read something at one point about how we are not all in the same boat because some people are in canoes and others are in yachts but we are all floating. Dale has had his first dose and gets his second at the end of the month. Hannah became eligible this week as a teacher and I was just able to score appointments for her. When will you be eligible in GA? I’m not yet at this point here. And the news about Sara is wonderful!!! Will she be moving in with y’all? Or getting her own place? So excited for you that she will be close again!

  4. I am giddy on your behalf about Sara moving back home! That’s wonderful news!

    I have very similar thoughts about getting back to “normal.” Even once we all get vaccinated, there’s still no way to know who has and hasn’t gotten the shot. I really hope I can keep working from home for the foreseeable future, and not just because it’s been so much better for my family. I’ve always hated being in an office environment during cold and flu season. I’m just hoping that things stay as flexible as they have been, especially given that my team has been able to manage just fine working remotely.

  5. I’m so glad for all of you that Sara will be moving back, and in less than a month! Working far from family and expanding your horizons is all well and good, but a pandemic drastically changes things. This is great news!

    I’ve thought a lot about what normal will look like, and I’m not sure we’ll ever return to the way things were. Only 9% of people that live in NJ have received both doses, so we’ve got a looong way to go. I’ll feel safer traveling if/when I can ever get the vaccine, but won’t stop wearing a mask, and I don’t want to forget about the people still in their boats, floating in the doldrums (like both of my kids). And then there are the variants … (but enough negativity). We’ve got snow showers this morning and no daffodils, so thanks for sharing yours. I’m doing taxes, and only have DE and NJ returns to complete; then I’ll be giddy, too!

  6. How wonderful that Sarah will be moving back to Georgia! You have every reason to be giddy! We’ll both have our second shots by this time next week. Like you, I’m not rushing to change much—our church has no plans to reopen yet, and I’m definitely not ready for restaurants, gyms, or airplanes. We are, however, going to make two road trips–one to Wisconsin to see Sarah (we’ll stay quarantined until then since they are not vaccinated), and then a week at the beach in a condo where we can keep to ourselves but enjoy some warm weather. Your daffodils are beautiful. I have a bouquet on my kitchen table. The tag said they came from England—certainly not here!

  7. I so resonate with the the uncertainty of what we can do even if vaccinated (and we both are!). I’ve held the door so tightly closed that I am unsure how to open it or how far. It feels like a Pandora’s box to me.

  8. Wonderful news about your daughter moving back to Atlanta. I bet you and the rest of your family are thrilled. The daffodils are beautiful. I do think this transition period is going to be challenging.

  9. How exciting to hear that Sara is coming back and won’t be far away – so thrilled for you, and it’s not long now! I like the metaphor … over here, we have to wait three months for the second vaccination and we’re still all locked down at present – hoping that the rate doesn’t rise now that schools are back this week and our staged ‘landing’ isn’t further delayed. I think from the 17 April, shops and libraries and swimming pools are opening again, but at present it’s not until mid-May before we will be allowed to have two households under one roof. Your daffodils are indeed very cheering – ours are just peeping above the soil, but we’re hopeful!

  10. Love the daffodils which will be part of my fall gardening plans this year. I’m just wondering at what point I’ll be in the office on a regular basis since more than 1/2 of the folks will be vaccinated and I’m pretty well isolated where I sit. Life here isn’t much different than it was 365 days when I first started telecommuting. I dropped my jaw a bit when I journaled that this morning!

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