Choose | March 2021.

ah, the power of these One Little Words. As I prepared to write this post, I kept thinking about how I realized just about this time last year that AND (my 2020 OLW) was the perfect framework for navigating a pandemic. This year, it seems CHOOSE is ready-made for how I might navigate a (mostly) post-vaccination world, which is what my immediate family will be in by mid-May (yep, even Sara – she gets her first shot on Friday morning!) It seems choices abound! My neighborhood bookclub did meet in-person and inside last week; I chose to stay home. My … Continue reading Choose | March 2021.

TGIF | Still March.

Here’s a quick look into my world right now, though the lens of: Thinking about … time. I just read (in my ears, with kudos to Ethan Hawke’s fantastic narration) Slaughterhouse-Five. I’ve somehow managed to miss reading this classic and I’m grateful to Novel Pairings podcast for putting it in my path right now. There’s a lot going on in this short novel, and much of it is dark and depressing. but the idea that time isn’t linear – that’s a limitation of our three-dimensional minds – has always fascinated me. I encountered this in a spiritual sense a few … Continue reading TGIF | Still March.

Noten (finished).

Yep, done! and it turned out beautifully. the colorblocks and subtle colorwork. the shaping – those pleats just below the high bust might not work for everyone but they do for me! and the yarn … it’s next-to-skin soft. Sadly, though, this knitter made a big mistake and put it into the dryer. and felted it. I have zero excuses and cannot even put myself back in that Friday afternoon place when I thought it might be a good idea to put very wet merino wool into the dryer. even on a low setting. even for “just” 30 minutes. but … Continue reading Noten (finished).

TGIF | Mid-March.

Hello friends, and TGIF. It’s been a sad, weird, stormy, somewhat productive, and at times, even joyful week in our house. Like all of you, I was devastated to learn about the mass shootings that took place in Atlanta Tuesday night. At times, Georgia can be the best of us … and at other times, the worst. In the north/northeastern suburbs where I live, the AAPI community is huge. I left my neighborhood for the first time this morning (Holly had a grooming appointment) and was sad/glad to see flags at City Hall and at the lake flying at half … Continue reading TGIF | Mid-March.

Third Winter.

I’m sure y’all have seen versions of this meme where you live. For many of you, Mud Season replaces The Pollening* and gosh, shouldn’t the welcome of Actual Spring be something good?! Actually proud of myself for the version you see up top because I couldn’t find anyone shouting out Third Winter! so I had to edit another image. The weather forecast I shared with y’all on Friday turned out to be pretty right. We had a glorious weekend – sunny and 70! Then yesterday it was 60. today it was 48 and it rained. and when I took Holly … Continue reading Third Winter.

TGIF | Burying the Lede.

Fun fact – I wasn’t quite sure what “burying the lede” meant unto about five minutes ago when I finally looked it up and decided it was indeed what I intended to do with the photos I had 🙂  Also, I love that I can tag one of my mostly-regular TGIF posts with a title that doesn’t reference time.  (and yup, burying that lede even more!) Happy Friday y’all! and welcome to TGIF in this little corner of the internet. Thinking about … how to balance stillness and connection as things start to re-open. When I wrote this year’s intentions, … Continue reading TGIF | Burying the Lede.

10 on the 10th | March.

March 10, 2020 has been on my mind a lot lately. It was the last somewhat-normal day …my sister Karen took the day off to see Emma with me at the theater. We brought clorox wipes to clean our seats (I remember that the theater was pretty empty for a 2 o’clock show and no one else looked remotely concerned about needing to clorox anything). We loved the movie (I also remember listening to the first ever Novel Pairings podcast on the treadmill that morning; Chelsey and Sara talked about Emma!) … and afterwards shared a glass of wine at … Continue reading 10 on the 10th | March.

TGIF | Hello March.

I was so happy to see these daffodils on my walk this morning, turning their faces to warm in the sun … it felt nice to turn my face toward it, too. and that feels like the perfect metaphor to say Hello to March! Trying hard … to stay focused. which mostly means having the courage to simply say “no” to most of the new things that come across my path. practically Giddy … that I dropped off our tax information with the accountant this afternoon. also Glad the pile of papers came together in much less time than I thought … Continue reading TGIF | Hello March.

Reading Better | February.

I added a whopping 13 books to my Read shelf (Goodreads link) last month! one 5-star, ten 4-star, and two 3-star. 2021 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for reading better! A few stats from February’s book journal summary page: nearly 75% (10/13) were words on a page – I’m finding that COVID life and all the podcasts doesn’t allow much time for listening to books. 38% (5/13) were borrowed and the rest were purchased – a definite improvement over January and probably about where I can hope to be given my library, the various book groups I … Continue reading Reading Better | February.

Looking Back | February.

This month makes 12 – a full year – COVID-19 looking back posts. February 2020 was the last one I wrote pre-COVID and I thought it would look a lot different than this year. The cherry trees and daffodils bloomed earlier last year, but the amaryllis didn’t. There’s plenty of knitting and books. and then I saw that group photo – my mom, SIL, sister, me, and Holly on Sunday the 16th. We had gathered at my mom’s for our second “cookbook club”. and that was the last time we did that – both cookbook club and that kind of get-together. Fortunately … Continue reading Looking Back | February.