Staying Warm.

Same as y’all, it’s cold here today. Unlike many of y’all, though, this “Georgia cold” is not single or minus degrees. and thankfully, it didn’t come with snow. My standing Tuesday morning tennis match was cancelled yesterday morning; I’ve only ventured outside for about 15 minutes – two times, in my Uggs, to walk Holly. We’ve spent the rest of the day in this spacewith me alternating between the chair (for knitting and/or reading) and the desk (for getting some ToDo’s done).

I finished two books yesterday, and two more today. and just a bit ago finished binding off the body on Jingle.

I’m grateful to have a cozy space – brightened up with roses! – and hobbies that work well in all the seasons. Last week’s 60+ degrees and thoughts of warmer weather knitting seem far away today. I wonder if I should plan another wooly knit?!

What’s keeping you cozy today?

14 thoughts on “Staying Warm.

  1. Cold here too, but E and I went out for walk this afternoon. Felt really good to walk outside. Snow on it’s way late this afternoon through tommorrow. Yeah!!!!!
    Your flowers looke beautiful!

  2. I heard there was some crazy weather happening along the southern part of the country. Our road is now clear and the temps are going up to 40 degrees this week so we should be able to see those daffodils again.

  3. all my creativity keeps me cosy and like you they can all be done during any season. I’m loving this cold weater and yet I feel a slight tug towards spring 🙂

  4. I suffer from cabin fever if I don’t get outside for at least a little bit. Starting out with a nice wool hat, cowl and gloves feels surprisingly good for a walk in the bracing cold air. What’s keeping me cozy is wool socks, good slippers, and knitting a wool and cashmere cowl!

  5. I would love some Georgia cold right now — it’s warmed up to a balmy 16F here! The sun is out, but I don’t know how much of a difference it’ll make. Thank goodness for wool (and for a power system that knows how to handle winter weather — I feel so terrible for those folks down in Texas!).

  6. The heater under my work desk keeps me quite cozy! But so doesn’t my comfy chair and a good book and my knitting. Life is good Mary!

  7. Doing some [yeast] baking here today, which I haven’t done in a long time…but with kids home due to a school water main break, it was just what we all needed, I think! Then, out for a brisk walk. Because there’s nothing cozier than walking into a warm house afterward!

  8. I hope you’re still cozy and warm and snow-free, Mary! I love getting outside for a walk every day — even when the temperature dips below 0. But, of course, I have the warm clothes to make that work! (And Uggs just don’t cut it up here for outside wear . . . ) 😉

  9. What a beautiful bouquet of roses. That space looks lovely. I am wearing wool, drinking hot beverages, and doing a little yoga to stay warm.

  10. I would love to get out for a walk, but all I can do is take the dog down the street and back because of all the snow.
    We got about a foot of snow, but the drifting has been terrible! High winds and temps. in the single digits and below have made it very difficult to keep the roads clear. I had 5 foot drifts across my driveway, front porch, and blocking my front door! I was so thankful for the crew that plowed and dug me out. The wind has died down today and I hope that milder weather will be here soon!

  11. That looks and sounds very cosy and comfy … And your roses must be very cheering to look at :). We’ve been getting out however cold and icy it is (determined to be hardy this year) and the house always seems extra warm when we return!

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