Today’s blog post is brought to you by an overflowing email inbox and 64 degrees.

The inbox is the thing I’m avoiding and the temperature is the thing that’s making me think about warmer weather knits. Today’s mail brought the four additional balls of pink Lindy Chain I ordered to knit a spring-y JiJi. and instead of simply adding those balls to the other three and then getting on with the email, I decided to pull all the spring/summer sweater quantities off the shelves and … make some plans. Of course sharing those plans with y’all is a rather clever form of procrastination, don’t you think?!

I don’t buy a sweater quantity of yarn unless I have a project in mind, so all of that yarn was, at one point, destined to become a specific something. Sometimes, though, I change my mind about the something between the time I buy the yarn and when I actually get around to knitting it. Case in point, the pink Lindy Chain (3. in the photo) – I purchased the original three balls last March intending to knit a scarf. the red Cattail Silk (6.) was also going to be a scarf- and fun fact – those skeins are the oldest ones, from my last trip to NYC (and to Purl Soho) in June 2019. The white Modern Cotton DK (5.) was my fall-back for Heidi Kirrmaier’s Purl Strings test last May; I did end up getting my first choice yarn in time, so I didn’t use the white. The most recent acquisition is the yarn for Noten (1. KnitPicks Gloss Fingering) … I had the gray – bought on sale last summer/fall – and the deep blue (leftover from Stonecrop) … I bought the contrasting colors dark early on December 23 as I was texting/traveling with Sara when she flew here for Christmas. And the rest of the yarn … I bought in very early March 2020 (does anyone other than me remember that one of my goals for last year was to re-think and re-make my wardrobe?! yep, I’d made “progress”), thinking I had my 2020 makes “planned” … and obviously having NO idea how the year would play out. The Holst Coast + Gloss Lace (7.) was for a No Frills Cardigan that I thought would be perfect for our planned trip to England last summer.

procrasti-queuing can be bittersweet.

and still. knowing that I have SEVEN sweaters just waiting to be knit … well. that brings me joy. (and much gratitude for last year me who bought yarn with “plans”)

So – here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Noten. Gloss Fingering is a merino/silk blend and with these colors might be a lovey winter/spring transition piece. if I can start/finish soon.
  2. Elorie. gah, y’all. I am heart-broken about what Quince has become, but I bought this yarn before I knew (kind of like I have Harry Potter on my shelves and won’t read any more Robert Galbraith) still. Elizabeth’s design is amazing. and … I have the yarn!
  3. JiJi.
  4. ? I bought the yarn to make a twin-set Notice … and after making Great Love … I think I might repurpose this for Long Love . I am loving the long cardigans!
  5. ? A sweater quantity of white cotton DK. I have NO idea. except that I have enough to make sleeves. long sleeves even.
  6. Sayer. I love the one I have – and think I would wear another one, especially in a color! a lot.
  7. No Frills Cardigan. still. except as a perfect layering piece for fall … we’ll see!

Thank you for helping me avoid my inbox!

and if you have any suggestions about white DK cotton sweaters, please share. and of course if you have any other thoughts, I’d welcome those too. (email procrastination ends tomorrow. I will reply to all your comments. tomorrow!)

12 thoughts on “Procrasti-queuing.

  1. I know nothing about knitting or yarn. But, at times, procrastination can be good. You come up with better ideas sometimes. 🙂

  2. I think your time procrastinating has yielded a great list of matched yarn and pattern. And oh my goodness – 64 degrees sounds like the impossible dream here. Today’s high was 7 degrees. And do tell, what has happened to Quince?

  3. Hoping you are well through your email backlog by now and resting on your laurels :). Lovely plans and knits – I like the Jiji and Elorie especially. A cardigan is so useful (it’s part of my uniform winter and summer) and thast swing back is very youthful. Seven sweaters should see you through to autumn?

  4. Congratulations on a new and productive way to procrastinate! I’m longing for 64 degrees (or really anything above freezing). The No Frill Cardigan is a lovely pattern and you have chosen beautiful yarn. I hope you get to knit that soon and I hope you get the possibility of travel very soon!

  5. Okay. First of all, I’m really relieved to find out that I’m not the only one who changes their mind AFTER buying yarn for a specific project. (Seriously.) (I do this often. . . ) I’m also no help on lighter-weight sweater knitting. I just don’t do it much. But I will be back to check on suggestions for long-sleeved DK sweater options. (Having just reorganized my stash, I find a lot of those projects I changed my mind on after purchasing the yarn? DK. . . ) XO
    (And . . . I am ALL ABOUT procrati-anythinging to avoid my inbox.) (Also cleaning bathrooms. But that’s another story altogether.)

  6. It’s so fun to procrastinate and plan! I have a new SQ of Woolen Rabbit Piper sport weight alpaca/merino/silk that I’m hoping to find the perfect design for. I hope your morning is relaxing and your emails are disappearing left and right!

  7. Ooof, that’s a lot of emails to get through. I really try to have inbox zero every morning when I start the day. I think your sweater plans sound wonderful. And I’m very jealous of your 64° day!

  8. I love the new word you coined. I have some sweater’s worth quantities but as you know I usually end up buying more yarn because of a different weight needed ….or color….or type. It never ends 🙂

  9. I am curious if a lot of those emails are from mail lists and newsletters because those are killing me these days. I subscribe and unsubscribe and just can quite get the balance of being in the know and being overwhelmed. No ideas about how to use the yarns and puzzled about the whole Quince and Co thing (have have a bunch of those yarns in my stash).

  10. Pulling out all of that yummy yarn looks like a GREAT way to spend an afternoon – procrastination or not!

    And I’m also out of the loop on Quince and my googling is fruitless. But my interest is certainly piqued!

  11. Some great projects in the wings! I’m finally feeling like I’m making progress in using my sweater’s quantities; hopefully before warm weather gets here so I can shift my focus.

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