TGIF | Early February.

Most months I love to use this first Friday to welcome in the month … and right now, I find myself thinking more one day at a time. Here’s what TGIF looks like right now, on February 5.

Thinking about … spring/summer makes. Georgia, y’all! It’s 47 degrees, sunny, and very windy today. I saw a daffodil maybe getting close to popping open on our morning walk. and all the shades of gray in my closet, well. I ordered some pink yarn from Knitpicks to knit a spring-y JiJi. and I’m working up the courage to call Lakes Makerie to chat about fabric to make a tunic or two, and maybe a skirt.

Grateful for … our bubble and close-by family. These people are truly saving my life right now. This is last weekend. We had the boys for a sleepover Saturday night and then the “girls” met up for that birthday celebration on Sunday. The boys hadn’t been to our house since the summer. and now they have a dog at their house. Everything came together to make this one of the best sleepovers we’ve had. ever.

And the garage thing with the girls to celebrate my sister’s and Katie’s birthday is special too. I totally hope that next year’s birthdays are … different.

Inspired by … Amanda Gormon’s Time Cover … and her interview with Michelle Obama. (link) oh y’all. I haven’t bought a magazine off the rack in years. and I am planning a trip to buy this one!

(finally) Fun …The stitching has been a slow … long … start. and finally, I think I’m to the fun part. 94 more days to go and I wonder if I’ll actually be done with the piece by then?!

read the chart right to left, bottom to top …

Happy Weekend!

15 thoughts on “TGIF | Early February.

  1. So I clicked on the link and was listening to Amanda Gorman when Elsa (9) walked over, peeked over my shoulder, and said, “Oh! I know her! EVERYBODY knows her!” Oh, yes. THIS is how it should be. Thanks for all the good stuff to take into the weekend, Mary. (And beautiful stitching!!)

  2. Enjoy the family in your bubble. It makes me happy to see you all together. We are still dreaming about such things. The boys look like so much fun. Legos are just the best entertainment.

  3. Thank you Mary for including a link to the Time interview. I didn’t know about it and it was a beautiful inspiring read!

  4. I love your slippers because I have the same ones and they are the best ever! I think I’ve had mine close to 10 years and they are as warm and cozy as when they were new!
    Your cross stitch project is looking good! Have a great weekend!

  5. I’m sure it was fun (and tiring!) to have the boys back! The stitching looks great. But please tell us more about that interesting cake!

  6. Amanda Gorman is reading a new poem before the Super Bowl! This amazes and excites me and I hope poetry can continue to be a part of football (but I’m not placing any bets on that). Enjoy your bubble and those sweet boys.

  7. Very pretty cross-stitch – those colours are very delicious, and very summery. I see the boys are snuggled under a rug, and there’s one on the other sofa – you must be keeping warm! It’s 28F here today, and due to fall to 23F tonight. It’s lovely to see all those smiling happy faces together, and your cake is looking very scrummy. Hoping you had a good weekend too.

  8. That is the most happy cross stitch project ever! Just charming, Mary! Thanks for a great TGIF post — the little boys are growing so much!!!! (Strange how that happens, non?) So glad you are able to get together with your family. XO

  9. I love seeing your family together! My b-day is next week and I’m hoping to be able to stand outside with a couple of my friends and share a glass of wine…Mother Nature are you listening? 🙂 I’ve got the interview queued up for lunch – thank-you for the link. Wishing you a good week Mary!

  10. Despite the temp and gray skies the birthday celebration was a delight. Great food and company and yes, let’s hope next year won’t look quite the same. Love the stitching-probably one of the slowest hand-crafts but equally rewarding!

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