Looking Back | January.

I know January felt like a very long month for most of y’all. Here, though, Sara didn’t fly back to England until the 13th. The first half of the month felt like “late-December”, so only the last half of the month was January. I’m pretty sure the secret to January is that it needs to be just two weeks long!I’ve been taking these daily photos pretty much forever; and still, every single month when I compile them into a single view, I am awed – and often delighted – by the story they tell. I see books and knitting (of course), but also connection, growth, stillness, joy, and love. It’s for sure too soon to tell, but I wonder how Choose will start to show up in these monthly collages?

Last year I started a more intentional Looking Back practice and this year I’m building on that with Emily P. Freeman’s The Next Right Thing Guided Journal. Expect to read more about it as I get more into it – there are seasonal, monthly, and weekly prompts. This month, I’m going easy with gratitude, energy, and happy!

A Gratitude List: Sara’s visit. tennis. puzzles! (I lost track of how many she worked while she was here, and Marc and I worked two after she left) blue skies. watching the amaryllis grow. my new mug. my new(ish) word. knitting (socks). signs of spring. longer days. …and a new iPhone!

Life Giving: connecting over FaceTime/Zoom to share celebrations (Jan 20!), that amaryllis (I swear it gets taller every day and it inspires me), Saturday snacks, Charlie & Sam In Real Life, getting outside, knitting (socks).

Life Draining: the news (I can’t imagine I will ever forget playing bananagrams with Sara on the afternoon of January 6 while we watched CNN). This is a new kind of list for me to make (I don’t like to focus on “negative stuff”). TBD how this/I grow with the prompt.

A Happy List (things read, listened to, watched, and made): I just updated my book journal for January (y’all I read ten books. and THREE of them were five stars) so I’m going to save the reading for a separate post (tomorrow?!). What I listened to is a lot of books and a little podcasts (and none of them of them new) and … watched – Ted Lasso. also, The Repair Shop. made … five socks and a sweaterSara said she’d love to have some mis-matched socks. I knit up the leftovers from socks I knit for my mom last year. That pair on the right is for a friend in place of a prayer shawl. She texted me a photo of her feet in the socks and I am sure the prayers were well-placed. and hopefully soon, answered.

I’m really intrigued by these new monthly prompts. I’d love to know where you found life giving energy this past month. or maybe where you found happiness with a new “watch”? (Marc and I watch a LOT … all shares welcome 😉 )

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  1. What a fun lookback! You’re right – Januarys would be much better if they were only 2 weeks long!

    We watched The Dig on Netflix this weekend and Matthew and I both LOVED it — and we usually have different reactions to movies. Have you seen it yet?

  2. Enjoying your month in review post. I recently received my copy of The Next Right Thing Guided Journal and looking forward to spending time with it this week. The amount you read and knit always amazes me. Love your socks!

  3. Love those mismatched socks! I’m getting ready to start a pair of legwarmers/compression sleeves for M. for when she has growing pains and plan to use some sock yarn scraps. (She says she doesn’t care what they look like, but I figured I might as well pick pretty scraps!). I think those scraps are actually energizing me a lot lately. First there were the charity hats, now I’m knitting a baby sweater using them. Thinking about projects using a variety of yarns is such a fun new approach!

    Is Miss Holly feeling better?

  4. I never considered mismatched socks, but that certainly solves second sock syndrome! You’ve really been on a roll with socks and they all look wonderful and will be keeping lots of feet warm and cozy. I second Katie’s enthusiastic rec for The Dig, and I have also enjoyed Blown Away on Netflix. It’s a competitive glass-blowing show which is more entertaining than it sounds. There are two seasons, and even though one of the participants was slightly irritating to me, I enjoyed seeing all of the creativity. Castles in the Sky and Windtalkers on Amazon were also decent movies to watch while knitting.

  5. I always enjoy your photo collages Mary – they always make me smile – so happy and fun things. Love those mis-matched socks – cheerful and they make me laugh. Happy February. Soon it will only be a month till the first day of Spring!!!

  6. Ted Lasso – so good, right!? We are now watching Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and it’s good but cheese-y. I love all your socks – I wonder if Hannah might like mismatched socks, too.

  7. Very nice way to look back, Mary. 🙂
    We watch a lot, too . . . but for the life of me, I can’t recall any of it at the moment. (Loved Ted Lasso. I remember that one very well.) Lately, we’ve been watching a lot of series on HBO; liked The Undoing there. We just watched Crip Camp on Netflix (very good). Blown Away (already mentioned a few times) is also fun. Peaky Blinders . . . if you like post WWI gangster-y stuff (featuring actors with incredible cheekbones and very strong jawlines; also a lot of blood). We’re always looking for recommendations, too. . .

  8. We’re currently 5 episodes in to Peaky Blinders and it’s good! There is the whole “what did he say?” thing because of the accents but heck…rewind! 🙂 Mismatched socks…briliant!

  9. I know better than to think I will ever take up knitting, but I’m pretty sure I could knit and listen to a book at the same time. It would certainly up my reading! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well with card making, so I rarely listen to books unless I’m walking alone—which I’m rarely doing, and for which, I am truly grateful! Looking forward to tomorrow’s post!

  10. What splendid socks! My DD has insisted on wearing non-matching socks since she was fifteen (and that’s twenty years ago now) and I notice her own little one now insists on doing the same :). Yours are such pretty colours. We don’t get Ted Lasso here but I’ve heard very good reports of it – and The Repair Shop is a favourite here too. I recently starting watching, from the start, the wonderful Michael Kitchen in Foyle’s War (set in the early 1940s), and I think there are about seven series so that should take me through to Spring :).

  11. Some new watches included the Vahalla Murders-an Icelandic police procedural. Hinterland- a Welsh police procedural, and most recently Scarlett and the Duke. A Victorian female detective in London. Notice a pattern?! I really miss not getting to cycle outside, and hope the weather starts to cooperate soon.

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