FO Friday | Jingle.

Happy Friday my friends! and this one is especially happy for me because I finished a sweater … and it’s chilly-wet enough today to wear it!This is Jingle (Ravelry link), a new-ish design from Isabell Kraemer, knit with Harrisville Designs Shetland. It’s my first time using the Shetland and it’s awesome for colorwork. It’s also awesome for sweaters because it spit-splices beautifully (seriously, weaving in ends took about five minutes and that’s only because I stopped and started the contrast colors a few times). I wrote on Ravelry that I love everything about this sweater, and that’s true … because with … Continue reading FO Friday | Jingle.

Choose | February 2021.

I am still very much in the early stages of this year’s OLW … the time when I pay close attention to where it shows up and how I use the word in my own thoughts, speech, and writing. Choose/Choice aren’t quite as prevalent as AND; and wow! they are still all over the place! Last month I talked about recognizing how many choices I have and that they are mine to make. This month’s lesson is about the choices I make in my thoughts. Last February, I gave up complaining about the president for Lent. From my journal, dated … Continue reading Choose | February 2021.

TGIF | Still February.

Yep, still February. for a short month, it sure seems L-O-N-G doesn’t it?! Thinking about … Texas. and taking action with prayers and money. I listened to Pantsuit Politics podcast this morning and the first segment is excellent for trying to understand how we got here … and what we might do to take a different path. We do need government; it might not always be the best way to solve a problem, and sometimes it’s the only way. Grateful for … Holly seems to be feeling better. again. We were back at the vet on Saturday morning after two … Continue reading TGIF | Still February.

Staying Warm.

Same as y’all, it’s cold here today. Unlike many of y’all, though, this “Georgia cold” is not single or minus degrees. and thankfully, it didn’t come with snow. My standing Tuesday morning tennis match was cancelled yesterday morning; I’ve only ventured outside for about 15 minutes – two times, in my Uggs, to walk Holly. We’ve spent the rest of the day in this spacewith me alternating between the chair (for knitting and/or reading) and the desk (for getting some ToDo’s done). I finished two books yesterday, and two more today. and just a bit ago finished binding off the … Continue reading Staying Warm.

TGIF | Chilly, Gray, Wet, February.

Hello my friends and happy Friday! It is a chilly, gray, wet day here in Georgia. and I am trying hard not to let the weather color my mood. A little TGIF is just what I need! Thinking about … yet another devotion our pastor, Beverly, shared this week. She talked about a conference she attended – virtually – the week before: Much I heard at this conference pushed back against that feeling that things are not as they should be. To be clear, NO ONE said that this virus and pandemic are good or are God’s will or “should … Continue reading TGIF | Chilly, Gray, Wet, February.


Today’s blog post is brought to you by an overflowing email inbox and 64 degrees. The inbox is the thing I’m avoiding and the temperature is the thing that’s making me think about warmer weather knits. Today’s mail brought the four additional balls of pink Lindy Chain I ordered to knit a spring-y JiJi. and instead of simply adding those balls to the other three and then getting on with the email, I decided to pull all the spring/summer sweater quantities off the shelves and … make some plans. Of course sharing those plans with y’all is a rather clever … Continue reading Procrasti-queuing.

TGIF | Early February.

Most months I love to use this first Friday to welcome in the month … and right now, I find myself thinking more one day at a time. Here’s what TGIF looks like right now, on February 5. Thinking about … spring/summer makes. Georgia, y’all! It’s 47 degrees, sunny, and very windy today. I saw a daffodil maybe getting close to popping open on our morning walk. and all the shades of gray in my closet, well. I ordered some pink yarn from Knitpicks to knit a spring-y JiJi. and I’m working up the courage to call Lakes Makerie to chat … Continue reading TGIF | Early February.

Reading Better | January 2021.

Still playing around with how I’m going to share what I’m reading this year. (and honestly, based on how that photo above came together, I expect it might be a several months-long work in progress.) I added ten books to my Read shelf last month. That top shelf shows my three (3!!!) 5-star books – and the next two shelves show the remaining seven books, all 4-stars. In terms of the reading intentions I set for this year, I had slightly more mixed results: Connection – 7 Growth – 4 Diversity – 4 Delight – 10 Most of the books ticked … Continue reading Reading Better | January 2021.

Looking Back | January.

I know January felt like a very long month for most of y’all. Here, though, Sara didn’t fly back to England until the 13th. The first half of the month felt like “late-December”, so only the last half of the month was January. I’m pretty sure the secret to January is that it needs to be just two weeks long!I’ve been taking these daily photos pretty much forever; and still, every single month when I compile them into a single view, I am awed – and often delighted – by the story they tell. I see books and knitting (of … Continue reading Looking Back | January.

Saving My Life Right Now | Winter 2021.

When Anne (Modern Mrs. Darcy) alerted us last week that today was the annual day to share about what’s saving us right now, I started drafting my list. I shared my first “saving my life” list here way back in April 2019 (with a shoutout to Barbara Brown Taylor, Jen Hatmaker, and Sarah & Beth from Pantsuit Politics – whew!). The thing I love most about this kind of list is that it captures right now. I’m good about Looking Back. and Looking Forward by saying Hello. and sometimes, simply pausing to name the things that matter today, or in … Continue reading Saving My Life Right Now | Winter 2021.