TGIF | Late January.

Happy Friday, my friends! We had a few bumps this week – a sick pup and stormy weather* – and the last 18 hours have been OK. I’m still a bit sleep-deprived and this is the happiest smile I saw today

Thank you for all your comments about my OLW; I’ve loved reading what y’all shared about yours (and about all the other stuff. I’m hoping to find a way to be better about sharing my stuff, too).

TGIF is still one of my favorite ways to wrap up the week and this week is gonna be a ride!

Thinking about … (stay with me on this)…

I’m sure y’all have seen the memes about how it started/how it’s going. Here is mine for today

and yes those are my feet on the chair and yes BOTH those books migrated from my “reading table” to my “DESK!” in the course of my small group discussion this morning. and yes, I did clear a bit of space (I’m typing this post on that laptop) and I did light the candle. I turned on the lamp. and poured a bit of bourbon into a glass to sit on that coaster. I’m sure I just get way inside my head Too Much. and still. I see photos like this and I am grateful that I document things. stories matter. My pastor shared these words in a recent devotion

As you live into your to-do lists and hopes for 2021, make sure that paying attention to the overtures of grace tucked into the ordinariness of life is somewhere on your list. No matter what else happens to you, these extraordinary moments of love and kindness also happen to you. Pay attention to them and for at least a moment, be overwhelmed with joy.

(feeling a little scattered, a little tired, and very much wanting to pay attention. and to be overwhelmed by joy.)

Grateful for our bubble. Charlie & Sam are sleeping over Saturday night!

Inspired by gosh! all too many of you!! to 1) participate in the 100 day project; and 2) choose a STITCHING project!!! sigh. I succumbed to both. 

Finished! finally. This is Great Love** … and I do GREATLY love it! This is really the perfect sweater for where I live. It works as a nice layer inside because we keep our house a little chilly and outside, when it’s 40-ish degrees, well…

Today was a gorgeous blue-skies day, and we had “fun” with the photos.

except for that sun!

Marc has way more patience than I do. obvisouly.

Happy Weekend y’all! let’s make it the best one we can!

*Holly had tummy troubles (which led to a visit to the vet and – ugh! – pills I have to force down her throat – thankfully we’re almost halfway through them) and some winter thunderstorms/tornadoes blew through. Of course NONE of this happens during daylight. The combination of 2am wake-ups and stress/worry has made me even more grateful I haven’t had to worry (much?!) about the news. or a real job 😉

**to be posted on Ravelry … soon!!

19 thoughts on “TGIF | Late January.

  1. Your cross stitch colors are beautiful and that desk scene is oh so lovely and makes me want to just sit and look at all the details. Our pastor recently talked about all the interruptions and wondered if we could shift from being annoyed with the interruptions to noticing what those interruptions bring into our lives. Something more to think about. Hope you get a good sleep tonight so you have all the energy for that sleepover!

  2. Your stitching project! Oh my goodness! It’s making me want to pull out my own cross stitch project, ha. Cross stitching a flower a day sounds heavenly!

    I just bought Wintering after I heard the author’s On Being interview last weekend – it sounds like an amazing book. And your sweater!! It looks great on you. Nice work 🙂 And there is SO MUCH to love about the picture of your desk.

    Thanks for sharing the quote from your pastor. I stopped to read it three times. I’d also like to be overwhelmed with joy instead of being just overwhelmed, ha. There’s so much that I WANT to do and so much that I NEED to do and it’s hard to be okay with the balance I have to strike. Oh well – that’s how it goes!

    Also – I love what Juliann wrote just above me: Our pastor recently talked about all the interruptions and wondered if we could shift from being annoyed with the interruptions to noticing what those interruptions bring into our lives. — I’ve been trying to make a similar shift for a while now and it’s hard but SO helpful when it’s successful. Like when washing dishes and I get distracted by the kids – I try to shift it by thinking that the dishes are the distraction and my children are never the distraction. And of course – I’m not even 50% successful with that shift — yet I keep trying!

    Enjoy your weekend, Mary!

  3. I’m glad Holly is feeling better! And truer words were never spoken that those emergencies never happen during daylight. Jackie keeps talking about sleeping over at Nana’s but when push comes to shove he backs out every time. Have fun with Charlie and Sam!

  4. Oh, poor, sweet Holly. I’m glad she’s feeling better (and clearly being under the weather did nothing to dimish her cuteness). Your sweater is amazing! It looks like the perfect thing to curl up with on a stormy, cold day. I just bought this new pattern: because my current favorite cozy sweater is starting to get a bit ragged.

  5. I’m glad Holly is feeling better (but sorry to hear about the pill-forcing), and that sweater is gorgeous! My grandmother always said that things look worse at night, and I’m sure that is true for storms and tornadoes. You can console yourself that at least you’re not getting 8-12″ of snow on Monday like we are supposed to!

  6. What great advice from your pastor! I’m so glad you shared it. I need that reminder about 5,000 times a day!

  7. Your sweater is beautiful and looks very cozy too!
    I hope Holly is feeling better, it is always so hard when a dog is sick, they can’t tell you what is wrong and just look at you as if you can make things all better.
    I like your cross stitch project, it looks like fun!

  8. So happy to hear Holly is okay! (I should have jumped straight to the end.) What a perfect sweater length—and those pockets! Just right. That vet BB book is on my nightstand as we speak. And Wintering! On my hold list. Since we get most of our snow in March, perhaps it will still resonate by the time I’m up 🙂 Can’t wait to see that Orange project! Enjoy the moments.

  9. OMGosh, that sweat is perfect for you! And , you hair is getting so long!!! So beautiful.
    I am working hard on reframing long held annoyances and thoughts. Odd how one gets stuck in one thought pattern and shifting the ‘frame’ presents a whole new world.

  10. Good to catch up with you again Mary. Sorry Holly was a little sick and hopefully she is well on her way to recovery now (and the pills are finished!!). LOVE the quote from your pastor and LOVE your sweater – turned out great. I’m excited to see your embroidery – looks like a very pretty project! As Bonny said, the storm is on its way – our forecast is for 7-14″. We are supposed to go to C&M’s for dinner tonight (Sunday) and hopefully we can!

  11. I LUV the sweater AND your (natural) hair color – what a combo! Good to read Holly’s going to be OK, even if she doesn’t like the meds. Looking forward to your crossstitching 100 days project! Looks like great fun!

  12. Poor Holly! I’m glad she’s feeling better now, but it is so worrisome to have a sick pet. (And scary storms, too.) I love your new cardigan. It’s just wonderful, Mary — and a perfect “winter coat” for you. I hope you enjoyed a grand time with the little boys. XO

  13. poor Holly and poor you!! I beg the vet for liquid meds… I love the desk shot and the activity there. Your sweater turned out beautiful and I always love your photo shoots.

  14. Such a splendid coatigan, and your montage is full of sun and fun :). That shimmery silver is perfect with your hair. I’m sorry it was tinged with anxiety about Holly, though, and hope she’s on the mend. Envying you just a little having the grandchildren over – we’re into the fourth month of not seeing our Littlest One and it was July 2020 when we last saw our grandsons. I read Wintering before Christmas; some bits of it I really enjoyed, but on the whole I was left a little underwhelmed. I think I wanted more detail and examples of ‘how to’ … But it might just hit the right spot for you.

  15. So happy to see Holly is on the mend! Your sweater is absolutely perfect and the stitching project…if I only knew how…that is GORGEOUS!

  16. Oh, poor Holly! I hope she is much better and forcing the pills has paid off! I have to push the pills down Mylo’s throat so I totally understand the frustration. (He is very accommodating, but still…) The sweater is AMAZING! As is your hair. I have to say I am envious of your curls. But, back to the sweater–it’s truly a perfect sweater for your weather and it looks cozy and comfortable. I hope the sleepover was extra fun and not too exhausting!

  17. I am behind on blogs – again. Your sweater is lovely. I imagine it works well for winter in your area. Truer words were never spoken than – the weather events and illnesses always happen at night. Enjoy your stitching. You have chosen a beautiful palette and project.

  18. There is something almost hypnotic about cross-stitching. I have 3 projects going that are slow going, but starting my day with a bit of time on them helps me ease into the day.

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