TGIF | Hello January.

Hello friends and Hello January. Like all of you, I’m feeling a bit gob-smacked* by everything that’s happened this week. Both yesterday and today, I noted in my journal that I was grateful to have time to just sit. I planned for the year to get off to a slow start so I could make the most of Sara’s weeks with us. Truly, my typically not-so-full calendar has been practically empty … and it’s been a blessing. as has Sara’s presence. and for sure the post that I’m writing today is not the post I envisioned just last Friday as I journaled plans for January.

Thinking about … 2021. a new OLW. intentions. dreams and aspirations. and maybe even a 21 for ’21 list. also thinking I need to get going or “my” 2021 is only going to be 11 months long.

Grateful for … everyone who helped turn out the vote in this week’s Senate run-off. In my best world, I thought we could send one Democrat to Washington. The reality that we’re sending TWO has still not sunk in.

Inspired by (again) … the lovely art and words from Morgan Harper Nichols

shared January 7, 2021 on Instagram (source here)

I am not convinced that “unity” is a matter of setting our differences aside. I think unity is a matter of bringing the raw ingredients of our differences to the kitchen table. And at that kitchen table, we will look at all of our ingredients, and we will realize, it’s actually pretty difficult, messy, time-consuming, and energy-consuming trying to make all of this work together.

Fun … Sara’s here til the 13th (yep, sadly, they’re gonna let her fly back to England … as long as she has a negative COVID test), and two of my favorite ladies – Katie on the 27th and my sister on the 30th – celebrate birthdays. We have yet to talk birthday plans, but these last few years have taught me there WILL be plans and we WILL celebrate!

and of course on January 20, we’ll have one huge party as a country … sadly, much divided.

Wishing you things to celebrate this month!

*true Southern-speak, and happy to be PROUD of my Georgia roots and residence … and voting record!

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  1. There are no words for the whole situation in DC, so I’m just going to concentrate on the fact that GA has elected two Democrats, that you can enjoy Sara’s company for a few more days, and there are only 12 more days until the 20th!

  2. “Gob-smacked” is in use over here too :). Such an uncertain time (again) – hoping we can all navigate quiety and without incident until the 20th. I love the picture and the wise words – before we can celebrate difference, we have to acknowledge it, and that is often a slow and painful time of recognition. I remember your saying that you thought there’d likely be one Democrat elected, so two – and the implications of that – is amazing. And sad that events overshadowed it. So delighted that you’ve been enjoying happy times with Sara and that there are things to look forward to in the family!

  3. So glad you have a few more days with Sara – ENJOY!! So looking forward to 1/20 though I don’t think/believe things will turn around on that date. But, we should have a tad bit more comfort. This week has been a week for sure. All I will say is AMEN to GA!!!

  4. Yes to celebrating Georgia’s amazing contribution and to wonderful time spent with those we love. And now I think I need to get back to sweater knitting and help my brain shift focus.

  5. Thank you for this post, Mary. I felt like I couldn’t talk about this on Thursday or Friday but somehow not talking about it feels wrong, too. I’m still not certain what I’m going to say on Monday but I will be blogging because it’s part of who I am and that matters. I’m glad Sara is still with you!

  6. While I’m still devastated by what happened on Wednesday, I am so buoyed by what happened in your fine state on Tuesday! When you think about it, it’s a bit upsetting to realize just how much voter suppression has affected the South’s representation, but the fact that it was overcome twice in the past few months gives me hope for the future.

  7. I woke up to the wonderful news in Georgia, but by the afternoon everything had been tempered by the awful insurrection in DC. Praying for peace and calm between now and the 20th. Thank goodness for family and friends to sustain us through all these difficult times! Safe travels to Sara!

  8. What a comfort it must be to have your daughter home for this extended visit. Enjoy every minute. The bright spot in the week – probably the only one is the Georgia run-off election. I thought of you as I watched for election results. I love love the artwork and the message that goes with it. That’s the hope for our future.

  9. enjoy your last days with your daughter, and may she get home safely!! January did start off with a big bang, I’m ready for some boring news days.

  10. Thanks for an uplifting post in these disturbing days, Mary. I’m glad Sara is still with you . . . any chance she’ll be able to return to the U.S. soon??? And “gob-smacked”? We say that up north, too. XO

  11. Enjoy the last few days of Sara’s visit. Sadly, I am not at all suprised by what has happened, and expected it to happen much sooner. My hope and faith remains in a higher power that extemeists won’t be able to shake.

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