New Year Weekending.

Happy sigh. This last weekend looked a lot like the one before. except without the worry of Sara traveling.

We spent New Years Eve at home, with bananagrams, a nice dinner, a little Broadchurch, and in-bed-before-midnight. It can be fun to stay up to greet the year, but I prefer to do it the next morning, in my PJs, with a cup of coffee and my journal. We had a lazy New Years Day (ahem, and this part of the “we” was lazier than most … from my front row at the kitchen counter) full of football, reading, more games, and more Broadchurch.

and then it was the weekend! On Saturday, Sara and I played a very fun round robin with Katie and Karen. and on Sunday, we went to Katie’s for games and dinner. Sara and I introduced Katie to bananagrams last week and she’s embraced it! The kiddo version looks kid-like, but y’all – it’s hard to make words with so few letters! I had a lot more fun playing with Sam and just making cool patterns with the tiles. He’ll be making real words soon, though, I’m sure. He also loves chess. and dressing up like Darth Vader. Neither he nor his brother are too into smiling for the camera these days 😉

Also, Holly found her favorite Christmastide spot.

This week, we’re planning more Broadchurch (we are now in season 3), tennis, and bananagrams … and Sara and I are going to conquer the learning curve on our new phones.Gotta hand it to Apple – they’ve really nailed the Express process. We ordered them yesterday morning; Sara’s phone was ready for pickup yesterday afternoon, and I got mine today.

In between all that, I’m trying to catch up with y’all and this month’s bookclub and just-for-fun books. and I might even finish a pair of socks!

I hope 2021 is off to a positive start for you, as well!


13 thoughts on “New Year Weekending.

  1. Sounds like the best kind of busy, Mary! Enjoy!
    (I liked the first season of Broadchurch a lot — but wasn’t big on the second. How’s the third????)

  2. new phones! fun!
    I am just finishing season one of Homeland and have season two in transit from the library – kind of intense!

  3. Lovely to read your happy mix of relaxation, happy family times and general pottering about :). Oh, my grandsons have gone through the ‘let’s sabotage every photo’ stage too – until I showed them some of my scrapbook pages and explained why I scrapped and how they might like looking at photos and stories of themselves when they are older and have forgotton lots. Since then, they’ve been as good as gold, and even asked me to take the odd photo!

  4. I can only imagine that the joy of a quiet holiday at home was increased so much by having Sara there with you! (Though Holly seems totally nonplussed by it all!)

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that 2021 is your year of socks!

  5. I predict that you will be “up to speed” quickly with the new phones! I really appreciate the new things that this latest iPhone can do!

    What a fun weekend (I loved Broadchurch!) If you have time, you might enjoy Hinterland next!

  6. It looks like you are enjoying Sara’s visit immensely! I’m quite envious that you have a child that will cook for you. Ryan has cooked when I used to visit him Before Covid and he has promised that he will do it again (someday)!

  7. What fun! So busy Mary – but looks like you are dealing with the business just fine (especially when you can sit and knit with a glass of wine while others cook!!). We have banagrams but have never played!!

  8. This all sounds perfectly lovely and just right for the days after Christmas. Dale and I both got new iPhones last week. We ordered and had them delivered within a matter of hours. It was so simple!

  9. I remember having the Bananagram tiles out last Christmas season and Junah made “words,” which we hilariously tried to pronounce!! So fun. What a great weekend with your family!!

  10. Loved Broadchurch-wish they’d do another season, love that Scottish brough of David Tennent.

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