TGIF | Late January.

Happy Friday, my friends! We had a few bumps this week – a sick pup and stormy weather* – and the last 18 hours have been OK. I’m still a bit sleep-deprived and this is the happiest smile I saw today Thank you for all your comments about my OLW; I’ve loved reading what y’all shared about yours (and about all the other stuff. I’m hoping to find a way to be better about sharing my stuff, too). TGIF is still one of my favorite ways to wrap up the week and this week is gonna be a ride! Thinking about … Continue reading TGIF | Late January.

Choose | January 2021.

Choose made the short list of OLWs for this year at Thanksgiving, when I read Diana Butler Bass’ prayer and post about Choosing Gratitude (I even blogged about it). but I resisted. because I’d already done that word … way back in 2014. and then … as any of y’all who do this whole OLW thing know, the word kept showing up. I started thinking about how the choices I make every single minute shape the life I’m living today and the lives of more than just me for tomorrow … and how even having choices is a privilege that … Continue reading Choose | January 2021.

TGIF | Post-Inauguration.

Happy Friday, friends! I’m still enjoying a post-inauguration high … what with the Bernie memes, the fashion (women and jewel tones are back!), and a pervading desire for decency … well… it’s been a week! I shared some of Wednesday’s pomp & circumstance (and happy tears) with my girls on Zoom … it was so much fun (and that ball of yarn off to the left … is still a ball of yarn!)…and that’s just another way to say this week got away from me in a most delightful way. and also, wow, I’m so grateful I was able to … Continue reading TGIF | Post-Inauguration.

Reading Better in 2021.

Hello friends and Happy Tuesday … and what I hope is going to be the downhill side of a holding-my-breath time*. Sharing about books and reading seems appropriate for today because books and reading have been the most pleasant distraction of these past days since Sara left**.  I should say books and reading and THINKING about books and reading! honestly, I overthought how I wanted to approach this year a LOT. and I’m going to spare y’all the craziness that was that thought process and simply share where I’ve ended up. Anyway 🙂 Anne Bogel shared a “new approach” to … Continue reading Reading Better in 2021.

Looking Back | December.

When I shared last month’s Looking Back post (on December 17) I commented that November already seemed like years ago. I’m getting this month’s review posted a little sooner and still … I guess December really was “last year” 🙂 I continued the weekly diptych on Tuesdays; it’s a fun way to tell a story. Also, I’m surprised that none of the daily photos explicitly show the total chaos that was our house for the first two weeks when the painting happened, or the third week when we cleaned up and put everything back together. But I can see a … Continue reading Looking Back | December.

TGIF | Hello January.

Hello friends and Hello January. Like all of you, I’m feeling a bit gob-smacked* by everything that’s happened this week. Both yesterday and today, I noted in my journal that I was grateful to have time to just sit. I planned for the year to get off to a slow start so I could make the most of Sara’s weeks with us. Truly, my typically not-so-full calendar has been practically empty … and it’s been a blessing. as has Sara’s presence. and for sure the post that I’m writing today is not the post I envisioned just last Friday as … Continue reading TGIF | Hello January.

New Year Weekending.

Happy sigh. This last weekend looked a lot like the one before. except without the worry of Sara traveling. We spent New Years Eve at home, with bananagrams, a nice dinner, a little Broadchurch, and in-bed-before-midnight. It can be fun to stay up to greet the year, but I prefer to do it the next morning, in my PJs, with a cup of coffee and my journal. We had a lazy New Years Day (ahem, and this part of the “we” was lazier than most … from my front row at the kitchen counter) full of football, reading, more games, … Continue reading New Year Weekending.