Christmas Weekending.

Hello friends and happy Last Monday of 2020!

My Christmas weekend began in the very early hours of Wednesday (the photo on the left was taken – and shared with Sara – at 12:04am), as I followed Sara on her journey from Bristol to Paddington, to Heathrow, to the Delta lounge, and finally … on the plane bound for Atlanta. By the time her flight took off (just before 8:30 am our time), that sock was nearly finished (and I’d ordered yarn to knit that sweater I crushed on last week).

Wednesday passed in a flurry of last minute laundry, cleaning, … and napping … and we welcomed Sara with big hugs just after 6pm. whew.

Christmas Eve we cooked, Sara baked, we decorated the tree, we made a delicious steak dinner … and went to bed early. We needed all our energy for Christmas Day. We spent the afternoon at Katie’s, with cocktails, little boys, another delicious dinner

and GEORGE! Rob is His Person. but we are all smitten.

seriously. smitten!

George is already bigger than Holly. also a LOT more solid… I don’t think we’ll be holding him like this much longer 😉

We also got everyone outside for photos. I really wanted one of whole family for our holiday card. Katie’s neighbor was kind enough to pop across the street to take photos with my phone

and hers. I might have a bit of new-phone-envy – this is her iPhone 12 Pro Max

The rest of the weekend looked like this.

Sara and I are seriously hooked on Bananagrams (I can’t believe neither of us have ever played – it’s so much fun!) … and my Great Love is finally looking like a sweater.

Not pictured are FaceTimes with my sister and mom, COLD morning walks (Christmas morning was feels like 12 degrees … I wore two coats), champagne cocktails, rewatching the latest Great British Bake Off (Sara hadn’t seen it), and the simple joy of welcoming Sara into our bubble. I expect the next two weeks will look a lot like that, too. except we’ll have to find something new to watch on TV.

Any suggestions for what to watch? Sara’s seen mixed reviews about Bridgerton, but it was top-of-list for me.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a final OLW update, and then I have plans to be back for the rest of the week sharing more wrap-ups for 2020. Best intentions and all that. Here’s to making the best of the last few days of a year that has been … A Year.

xo – M.

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  1. Glad you all had a nice Holiday Weekend! I have heard that Bridgerton is very good (from several very reliable knitter friends!) (also, that pup is adorable!!)

  2. A completed sock, George, wonderful food, and the family all together with Sara – this is THE BEST! I’m not much help for what to watch as I’ve been re-watching bits and pieces of things – Grace & Frankie, Elementary, Broadchurch, The Crown, The Queen’s Gambit, and I may try Bridgerton. Enjoy your time together with Sara!

  3. What a Merry Christmas!! Such fun photos…happy family…and it looks like Katie has your beautiful smile! Enjoy the next few weeks. And maybe some warmer walks?!

  4. So delighted that Sara made it home safely and that you were able to enjoy time with family in person. (And not a little envious!). Such happy smiling faces – something to hold on to. Over here, we are enjoying gentle dips into The Repair Shop (the Christmas edition was very moving) and Escape To The Chateau, but mostly walking and sorting out photos/hard disk storage – and finding new podcasts! Great to see your knitting projects proceding apace. Sending warmest good wishes for happy days together.

  5. How wonderful to see you all together, your heart must be overflowing with joy! I’ve heard great things about Bridgerton. I don’t know if you all are Star Wars fans but The Mandalorian is great if you are.

  6. All day on Wednesday I was thinking of you and hoping Sara made it there safely, but I didn’t want to bug you by asking, so I’m very glad to hear that her trip went off without a hitch and that you’re now enjoying her in your bubble. Christmas looks like it was completely lovely. M and I loved the most recent season of GBBS and also have watched an episode of the special holiday challenge where they bring back past contestants for a onetime challenge. I am planning to start Bridgerton soon, maybe later today. I just finished watching Dash & Lily, which was completely delightful if you need something fairly lighthearted.

  7. Bridgerton! Naughty, naughty fun. 🙂 I’m on Episode 7 of 8 and that was two days of watching. Glad you’ve all had a terrific Christmas and here’s to the next two weeks! xo

  8. How wonderful Sara was able to make it over the sea and into your bubble! Your Christmas looks lovely! That puppy looks so sweet (although I’m sure he has his moments). Smith and I laughed our way through the first episode of Bridgerton. We like that sort of silliness in a year of too much seriousness. Happy New Year, Mary!

  9. What a wonderful holiday weekend! I am so glad you and your family were together. That puppy is darling. The little boys are going to have so much fun with him. Can I ask what is the name of that red sweater you are wearing – so pretty.

  10. George is gonna be a big un-I think I had Sophie for 8 weeks and I couldn’t hold her anymore. Bridgerton is GREAT, I watched the whole first [only so far] season. It’s a bit of Pride and Prejudice with a modern twist, but certainly not historically accurate on many points, but still very fun. Happy New Year!!!

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