December Weekending.

I feel so fortunate that this December weekend really doesn’t look much different than it might’ve in a different year. We were home. I knitted and caught up on the Modern Mrs. Darcy class I missed when the painting happened.

That simply perfect white pot is this year’s amaryllis (which my mom delivered to me at our cookie swap on Friday).

I took this photo yesterday and that little shoot is already noticeably a little taller.

Marc puttered. and made snacks.

We watched some college football. and a holiday movie (Marc tells me it was called Last Christmas) that I mostly slept through. We also watched the end of the latest season of GBBS and it was a surprise, and a surprisingly good season.

The sky put on some amazing sunset shows. This is from last night.

I got completely distracted by another Ankestrick design … backlist from spring, 2018. This is Noten (Ravelry link).

I love the colorwork motif and those increases just above the bust highpoint. I don’t love the stripes but that’s an easy change. …and I think this might be my next sweater!

In new news, Katie and her family brought home a puppy. He’s a chocolate lab named George. They’re all smitten. and I’m looking forward to meeting him on Friday.

I lit the fourth candle on the Advent wreath yesterday morning and remembered to take a photo this morning.All of the reflections this week ask about “seeing God’s light”. On this longest night, I’m especially grateful to have seen light in so many places. even some surprising ones.

Have you found light in a surprising place lately?

Wishing you a peaceful and light-filled week!

16 thoughts on “December Weekending.

  1. That puppy is absolutely adorable! No wonder they are smitten. Love the new sweater pattern as well, and think it will look good on you. I’m happy to see the Winter Solstice come and go—we need all the light we can find right now!

  2. George is SO cute! How exciting and fun for the boys! And that sweater is very MARY. I think you should go for it with the stripes, too.

  3. My daughter thanks you for sharing the puppy pictures! I told her about him and she’s been asking me ever since if you’ve shared a photo. We are in love with George, too!

    Love the flower pot — it looks like a cabled hat flipped upside down!

  4. What a cute puppy, they are sure to have fun with him! I love your amaryllis pot!
    This Advent has such a different feeling this year for me and I’ve been finding light in quiet and often overlooked places. Wishing you the best, Mary!

  5. The flower pot is perfect for you! I do like that sweater (including the stripes) – it’s the first time I’ve thought to myself ‘Ooh, I wonder if I could knit that!’ (The sensible answer being ‘no way’!). Glad your skies are so prettily lit; I’ve been very glad to see the solistice this year.

  6. A white pot that looks like knitting is indeed perfect! And an Amaryllis planted in it is even more perfect. George looks like a sweet dog. Hope they survive the puppy years! LOL If I remember correctly, Sara arrives tomorrow! Enjoy her visit and the holidays. Merry Christmas Mary!

  7. Awww, George looks like he fits right in as ‘one of the boys’ on the family!! Adorable. I LOVE that sweater. I love stripes, but I can certainly see it solid with just the color work. I like the blue so much that I can also see it as a striped sweater, stripes all the way to the neckline. Which would make it a two for one pattern! Sounds like a perfect weekend.

  8. What a weekend! Thank you for sharing all of these pictures 🙂

    That puppy is so cute! It looks like he’s going to fit in perfectly. I can’t wait to see your flowers bloom!

    Your writing is always grounding and for some reason, I let out a sigh of relief when I read your posts. I can’t quite explain it, but thank you!

  9. oh dah puppy!!! sweetness 🙂 We are doing a veggie/snackie tray for Christmas eve since it’s just the two of us, I’m looking forward to different!! Wishing a very very Merry Christmas!!

  10. I was introduced to Last Christmas this year and loved it. That sweater is great too, but I agree – it would be better without the stripes. George is adorable! I’m a litle bit jealous. 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

  11. That puppy looks so sweet and very loved. How wonderful for all of you. Light shines through the beautiful music this time of year. What a great holiday sweater. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day.

  12. Love the sweater and look forward to seeing what color combinations you pick. Then there’s George, how could you not just want to pet him, and hug him and squeeze him . . .

  13. My sis & her family in Peru just brought home a Golden Retriever puppy… ohmygosh, is there anything cuter than a puppy????

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