My Year of Books and Knitting.

Yes, this is the fourth post in four days from me 🙂 with one last look back at 2020 … today, for books and knitting. First, the books. My 2020 reading totals were about the same as last year. I had a few more books and a few less average pages because I counted three short ones that I read with Charlie (The Dragons of Blueland trilogy) and Sally Rooney’s Mr. Salary (a brief 33 pages). The quality of what I read, based on my star ratings, was way up, though. I was a lot better about choosing books I’d … Continue reading My Year of Books and Knitting.

Year in Review | 2020.

Once again, I’m borrowing Vicki’s idea (Thank you, Vicki!) for an end of year post. The idea is to share the first line (or two) of the first blog post of each month and a favorite photo from that month’s posts. The words and photos are most likely not related. January I am easing gently into this new year … slowly wrapping my head around the “twenties” being something right now instead of the “roaring twenties” of my grandparents’ generation and thankful the calendar isn’t quite ramped up to full speed – that happens next week and I think I’ll be ready! … Continue reading Year in Review | 2020.

And | December 2020.

Today is the last Tuesday of December, which means it’s the day to share our OLW thoughts. This was the 14th year I’ve picked a word, and I keep wondering if/when the magic will wear off. Y’all, it hasn’t yet … and at this point, I’m thinking it probably never will. Thanks to these monthly check-ins, I’ve captured ten snapshots of this year’s journey. what a time capsule! As I prepare to make space for another word in 2021, I want to use this post to look back at those posts. January 14 – I welcomed the word knowing the … Continue reading And | December 2020.

Christmas Weekending.

Hello friends and happy Last Monday of 2020! My Christmas weekend began in the very early hours of Wednesday (the photo on the left was taken – and shared with Sara – at 12:04am), as I followed Sara on her journey from Bristol to Paddington, to Heathrow, to the Delta lounge, and finally … on the plane bound for Atlanta. By the time her flight took off (just before 8:30 am our time), that sock was nearly finished (and I’d ordered yarn to knit that sweater I crushed on last week). Wednesday passed in a flurry of last minute laundry, … Continue reading Christmas Weekending.

December Weekending.

I feel so fortunate that this December weekend really doesn’t look much different than it might’ve in a different year. We were home. I knitted and caught up on the Modern Mrs. Darcy class I missed when the painting happened. That simply perfect white pot is this year’s amaryllis (which my mom delivered to me at our cookie swap on Friday). I took this photo yesterday and that little shoot is already noticeably a little taller. Marc puttered. and made snacks. We watched some college football. and a holiday movie (Marc tells me it was called Last Christmas) that I … Continue reading December Weekending.

TGIF | the Last One Before Christmas.

The sun is shining. Alexa is playing some of my favorite holiday music. I’m sitting at my desk, wearing real clothes (jeans and a sweater!) – and make-up! – and slippers 😉 Holly is nearby. There’s some experimenting with cocktails in my near future. and I am completely amazed that it will be Christmas a week from today. Thinking about … a new cocktail to celebrate the season. I baked my favorite Orange Spice cookies* yesterday and had the inspired idea to make a simple syrup with the leftover orange sugar. I guesstimated that I had somewhere between 1/4-1/3 cup … Continue reading TGIF | the Last One Before Christmas.

Looking Back | November.

Hello friends and happy Thursday! I finally managed to compile my looking back collage and wow, is it just me, or does November already seem like ages ago?! Seeing all the photo together, I’m struck – yet again! – by all the blue! Inspired by Emily P. Freeman, I started taking a Tuesday self-portrait/diptych – one photo looking down and one looking up – both photos from the same place. Thankful for my three times (at least) daily walks with Holly so my photos aren’t of the floors and ceilings in my house. I’m going to try to continue those … Continue reading Looking Back | November.

A Shoutout to Sara.

Something very cool happened on Friday. Sara’s friend Rachael Horovitz had an article published in Rolling Stone.  The “young creator” referenced in the title is … Sara! Even for folks who know nothing about Homeland, the article is a fun glimpse into a world I’m guessing most of my readers know little about. Of course, I’m one of Sara’s biggest fans, and not at all unbiased 😉 so when I get to read things like Auburn-haired with arresting blue eyes, she resembles a grown-up Angela Chase, the complicated teenager Danes played in her breakout show, My So-Called Life. Yet, her … Continue reading A Shoutout to Sara.

Following Up.

Thank y’all so much for your kind words and encouragement about our Painting Project. I have a few answers and follow-ups to share today. First, y’all were not the only ones to notice Dissent, drying on the floor. It’s now safely folded up in my closet, awaiting a day I put on “real clothes” (I think the last time I did that was Thanksgiving?) for a modeled shot. Bonny asked about “before” and I do have a pretty recent photo of the play roomfrom just after I packed up all the yarn and fabric. When we put the room back … Continue reading Following Up.

Sometimes Mondays.

look like progress! The top photo is my Play Room (fka “Craft Room” … I think Play sounds a lot more fun, don’t you?) and the pink markups show next steps: 1. hanging five coat racks on a very blank wall and then hanging skeins of yarn; 2. putting my stash of sweater quantities on the top two shelves of the bookcase. also, do you spy that blocked Dissent and three socks on the mats? yay!!! The bottom two photos are my study. All that needs to be done in here (yes, I am back in here, sitting at the … Continue reading Sometimes Mondays.