TGIF | Late November.

from yesterday’s morning walk

I first titled this post “TGIF | Almost December” and then changed my mind. I love November and as weird and unsettling (and downright anxiety producing … before it seemed to turn a corner. vaccines! certified election results!) as it’s been this year, I really don’t want to skip by these last few days. After all, next week I can say “Hello December”. So … here’s to one last Friday in November. With colorful leaves still on the trees, a smidge of green still showing in the grass, and temperatures in the “do we need to turn the heat on?” range 🙂

Thinking about … my One Little Word. and mostly trying to decide if I’m “done” with this year’s word enough to think about another one. In all these years, I’ve never repeated a word; and even the year I thought I wouldn’t choose one, I did. It gets to be a lot of words! and yet. I can’t imagine my life without any of them (well, except maybe for 2016’s nourish … good choice, poorly timed).

Grateful for … our bubble. and yesterday.Sam came to Thanksgiving as a Pirate (which is maybe the most accurate Thanksgiving costume ever). Charlie made everyone I am thankful for pages to color/fill-in before dinner. I sat down in my chair (the top photo is the view from that special seat) and colored in/filled out mine in no time. 

(also a nice glass of red wine … I ran out of room!)

Inspired by … two new books to think about Advent a little more broadly. and a little differently.I’ll be working through Shadow & Light in my morning time and my small group is reading Light of the World.

(Can’t wait to) Finish … Dissent (ha! not even ON Ravelry!). I’m finally knitting the sleeves. and I think it’s going to fit! I bound off the body last night – after changing into my PJs and that try-on wasn’t nearly as encouraging as this one (you know, with a bra!) I made a bunch of tweaks to the pattern – converting a steeked cardigan to a pullover (the designer has shared an awesome guide for that), adjusting for a different row gauge, and knitting between two sizes. I think it’s all gonna work and now I can’t wait to finish! … and figure out what I’ll be knitting next.

Wishing everyone the best weekend available!

15 thoughts on “TGIF | Late November.

  1. Thanks for the link to Amy Jill Levine’s book. Our interfaith book group read two of her books and enjoyed her video series on the parables. I’m off to check it out.

  2. Your sweater does look lovely! I got Tsh Oxenrider’s book earlier this month and could not wait until Sunday so I read the introduction pages this week. This month seems to be ending in a much calmer way which is a very good thing.

  3. I love that you had such a cute pirate at Thanksgiving dinner, and your Dissent is beautiful! (Your “You May Also Like” is recommending the posts you did concocting cocktails based on my liquor cabinet, and I had forgotten how good they were! I have cranberry-pineapple juice in my refrigerator and am off to add some vodka and coconut rum. Thanks!)

  4. Beautiful knit Mary! So happy to read about your Thanksgiving. It was just me and my girls and husband. We loved it!

  5. Love your Dissent. You are very inspiring. I need more hours in the day. Thank you for inspiring me.

  6. I’m so glad you had a beautiful Thanksgiving with your family, the photos really capture the day. And your sweater!! I love it!

  7. Looks like your Thanksgiving dinner was lovely and special (I mean, how many Thanksgivings have a pirate?). Your Dissent pullover is looking fabulous, and now I really want to start spinning that fleece so I can do the handspun version I was thinking about.

  8. Absolutely LOVE your Dissent. Groaning, though, at the recent opportunity to wear it…(RC of Brooklyn v. Cuomo. UGH.) But on to better things….I love the template Charlie made for everyone! There’s a boy after my own heart… And I’ll be eager to hear your thoughts on Tsh Oxereider’s latest. Such good stuff to wrap up a beautiful month!

  9. Sam! Love the pirate. We had a storm trooper one year. 🙂 Your sweater is amazing Mary – could be one of my most favorites ever.

  10. Hurrah for pirates and family! I’m so pleased you all got to meet up and share a meal and fun together … Your top is lovely – looks like a snowflake sitting gently on your shoulders. Great to know that you are all breathing a bit easier in the US – here in the UK we are about to be hit by the sledgehammer of Brexit, and are bracing ourselves rather than relaxing, alas.

  11. How wonderful to have a pirate for Thanksgiving dinner. Your Thanksgiving table looks lovely and inviting. I am with you I still have to put away my few touches of fall/Thanksgiving decor. Autumn is my favorite season and it never lasts long enough – even this year. The sweater is wonderful. What a lot of modifications you made. I had to smile at the trying on over pj’s. I’ve tried that too with similiar thoughts. Hello December.

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