Catching Up.

Hello friends. Is anyone else in denial that it could possibly be Thanksgiving this week?! You’d think after THIRTY SEVEN years of having a birthday, an anniversary, AND Thanksgiving typically all falling in an 8-10 day window, I’d be better at it. Throw in a three-set tennis match, getting ready to have our house painted, and … well … you have last week. I am totally going to be color coding these pages (thanks Katie!) next year so I can see at a glance how my time aligns with my priorities.

Sadly, we lost that three-set match (which I didn’t even know I’d be playing until Thursday morning) – thankfully not because of my serves!! I did double fault twice in two different games, and it wasn’t a big deal. Whew. now that I have that match under my belt, I’m feeling a lot more confident. (funny how little it takes…)

Anyway. having a birthday and an anniversary in the same week means a big bouquet. Spring and summer are lovely, and still, I love the fall colors best!

and how about a few of my favorite eats and drinks?!The Starbucks was a birthday treat (a plain latte … delicious!) and then we had a Thursday night toast to our 37th anniversary. popcorn (in our new enamel cast iron … a Costco “Le Creuset” … so far we’ve only used it for popcorn and already I’m a fan!) and snacks!  … yep, this week always yells “Bring on the Holidays” in its OUT LOUD voice 🙂

I enjoyed two solo outings to the lake – a walk on Saturday and a run on Sunday. The camellias, oaks, and clouds are in their best November form.(the sun helped!)

I went into the week knowing I needed to make major progress on “my” areas to prep for the painters. closet cleaned. craft room, too. I do still have a million trips to make to empty the spaces … at least now it’s all stuff that will be going back into those spaces. The craft room part actually inspired me to want to start sewing again (well, maybe in January!); also, I loved pulling out ALL the yarn and thinking about what I’d be knitting. I did sort a few pieces of fabric and a good bit of yarn into the donate pile (and some even into the trash). I’m looking forward to pulling it all back out and making plans!After the cleaning. After the bazillion trips to the basement (storage during painting) and the trunk of my car (donating). What I kept out to knit. two sweater quantities and four pairs of socks. I fully expect to be settled back in before Christmas. #options.

Whew! Here’s to another week. a different Thanksgiving for sure. and I hope it’s a good one for all of us.

and just for fun – does anything about my “kept out to knit” basket surprise you? what would YOU want to knit first?



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  1. My SiL got me a Le Creuset dutch oven a couple of years ago and it is my absolute favorite kitchen thing. I was so amazed that I could finally make a roux successfully because the the flour didn’t get stuck along the side. I haven’t used it for popcorn, but good to know!

    And I’m with Juliann and vote for socks. It sounds like you definitely want a project that you can put down, pick up, and move easily ( but maybe you’re able to do that with a sweater, too)!

  2. That’s one week of your calendar!? My month isn’t that packed (lucky you!). I’m going against the grain and saying that LettLopi could be just the thing to take your mind off the painters!

  3. I think you know how much I love these notebook shots!! Thanks for sharing yours 🙂

    Those flowers are gorgeous – I hope they last a LONG time! And your week was full of goodies – happy birthday (again) AND anniversary!! Your snack plates always make me so hungry.

  4. I think your schedule is busier than mine, even when I’m working full time and doing all sorts of other things! I see a lot of sock yarn in that basket, and I’m excited to see the socks that you knit with it!

  5. It’s always good to be “forced” to clear through our “craft areas” now and again, isn’t it? The things we find . . . 😉 I guess I’m sort of surprised to see Lettlopi in your “left out to knit” basket, actually. I can’t imagine much call for wearing something knit in Lettlopi in your corner of the world . . . so I’m really eager to hear about your plans for it! My mom used to celebrate her birthday and anniversary in the same week, so I understand all the excitement around that particular combination of auspicious days! What a lovely bouquet, Mary! I hope it lasts for days and days! XO

  6. I can use my Le Creuset for popcorn? I had no idea! Great job clearing out and cleaning up, Mary. Will you be staying at your house while the painters are there? Or vacating?

  7. Popcorn! Brilliant. I have a couple one is a Food Network brand and two “real” ones I’ve received as gifts. They all work equally well and the FN one gets the most use. Good luck with all the activity Mary and I vote for the portable socks as well but…am also interested in what your leti lopi will bring (as I scratch my neck thinking about wearing my one lopi sweater). 🙂

  8. Yikes! Your planner makes my head spin – lol. You are one busy lady (and I thought my work was busy!!). I, too, vote for socks…but that should be no surprise.

  9. My mom’s birthday & anniversary, along with the anniversary of their first date, were on the SAME DAY!! I’m exhausted just looking at your calendar.

  10. My parents got engaged on my mother’s birthday, married six months later on my father’s birthday, and I was born on their 1st anniversary & my father’s 24th birthday! Birthdays & anniversaries always went together in our house! Happy Thanksgiving, Mary!

  11. Your calendar pages are amazing! Mine are nearly empty, but that’s not a sign that I’m not busy—just not with commitments that involve others. Happy belated anniversary!

  12. Good heavens… your calendar just gave me a panic attack! LOL

    I am wishing you a calm Thanksgiving with an abundance of knitting time! XO

  13. I miss flowers! (can’t have them because of the cat who eats them, grr). I love your workspace and your organization skills. I have all of my yarn in my bedroom closet mostly organized.

  14. I am wondering about the yarn underneath the gray Lettlopi. What will you make with it? I usually toss my stash in January – after the holidays. It makes sense to do it now though with the painting on the horizon. Happy Celebrations for all you are celebrating!

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