Is anyone still marking the days of COVID? I noted days 245 and 246 this weekend. I remember walking with Marc in late April and talking about how things would be better by June, July at the latest. We had no idea.

Back in April and May I documented a lot of things. small joys, daily to-do’s, me-mades. and those lists made a difference in the way I saw things. looking for things to be grateful for and things to accomplish, well, it helped.

Fast forward six-ish months it all still feels weird.

AND I’m enjoying knitting with my sister after hitting a LOT of balls (trying to fix my serve). taking an awkward photo, enjoying the veterans’ flags at the lake, Saturday night snacks (pimento cheese thanks to the Masters), finished, and … maybe?! finished in a different context.

Weekends are still weekends, and we honor them the best we know how.

Cheers to a new week!

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  1. Love catching up with you and your activities! I am loving the cardigan pattern you’re are finishing too. Beautiful. What yarn did you use Mere?
    Thank you for being so good at keeping your followers nicely up to date!

    (In Seattle)

  2. I just started writing down Covid numbers for the state each day… The spike in NH is quite alarming, especially given how tiny our state is.

    I love pimento cheese and haven’t had it in a very long time… I had a hankering for it a few months ago and looked for it in the grocery stores up here and it’s close to $10 a tub, which I thought was outrageous!

    Your photo doesn’t look awkward at all – I can’t wait to see more cardigan details. And you’re right – everything is still so weird. But we’re all clinging to normalcy as best we can, right?!

  3. Weekends are definitely still weekends! Although Dale calls Wednesday a mini weekend since there’s no in-person school! We certainly had no idea back in March that we’d still be in the thick of this now, it’s discouraging but I have hope.

  4. I remember thinking way back in April that this would surely be over by Thanksgiving and then entertaining thoughts about how wonderful that would be. Oh, well, we carry on, and I count myself lucky to be well and able to carry on. Your weather looks delightfully sunny in those photos!

  5. I don’t remember if I ever kept track of the days; time seemed so irrelevant back at the beginning. And things are definitely still weird, though it also feels normal for weekends to be more or less the same as weekdays. I think when we do finally put the pandemic behind us, it’s going to feel very weird to go places and see people again! I regularly have dreams where I’m in a public setting and panic because I don’t have a mask on — I’m very much looking forward to not having those anymore!

  6. When the pandemic first started, Tom and I made some predictions about dates when we thought things would be “on” again . . . and we were wrong for EVERY SINGLE ONE. By months. (So tedious.) Oh, well. Ever onward, ever forward.

    (And a little bird tells me it’s your birthday today??? Hope you enjoy a wonderful day!) XO

  7. I’m not at all surprised about how long this pandemic is lasting. Recalling my epidemiology classes from years ago, I predicted that we would be dealing with this for the next 2-3 years and if we all adhered to the public health guidelines maybe we could get it under control sometime in 2021. It is a shame that this pandemic has been made into a political issue instead of basing our policy on science.
    Hope you have a good week, Mary!

  8. HBD Mary! I like that cardigan too. I did start a journal back in the spring but have let it go by. Thinking of starting back at it. Must be day 248 today. Glad to hear the tennis is going well…my piano teacher told me yesterday I was getting it…who knew! There are some bright spots in this whole ordeal.

  9. In the beginning of this pandemic, I really couldn’t see how we would work our way out of it quickly. I was hoping to be traveling by late Spring but now I wonder if that is realistic. My sister and husband live in Omaha – about an hours drive and boy is it nice to be able to see her now and then. Enjoy your sis. And I’m all for honoring weekends.

  10. Have not been counting the days but on of the fencers told me that the 17th was the year “anniversary” of the first reporting of the virus [in China]. Nothing I want to celebrate for sure! Weekends still seem like the day to catch up on things. Am thankful the weather has been conducive to continue cycling. Have’t done this much in a very very long time.

  11. Oh, I see from the comments that it might be your birthday? If so, wishing you a wonderful day with lots of happy moments in it :). What an impressive path of flags … We don’t have anywhere like the same attachment to flags here as you do in the US, so we’d never see anything like this. Looks as if it’s warmer there than here – we’re into socks and boots, hats and coats, gloves and a scarf now! I think it will be next sumer at least before there’s anything like a return to ‘normal’ – and we’re not going to have an old normal here to go back to because when we are finally cut loose from the EU on the 31 December, our troubles will only be just beginning.

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