Sometimes Monday.

…is the perfect day to test out a new bottle of nail polish 🙂

I had planned to wear this newest shade – OMG – from Olive and June’s winter collection last week, but the package arrived after I’d done my manicure. bonus points that the shade matches my current read, too!

Wishing y’all a good week. and finding plenty of things – big and little – to celebrate!


12 thoughts on “Sometimes Monday.

  1. Looks great, Mary! 🙂 Now that gardening season has (pretty much) come to an end, maybe I’ll try a home-manicure, too. (And I’m reading same book right now.) XO

  2. I finished The Vanishing Half on Friday night! Outstanding storytelling, period. And add to the fact that Brit Bennett is, what, 30 years old?! Wow. Now I need to go back and read The Mothers. Have your read it?

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